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The rule: If it's on the ground, it's theirs

Why is it the moment I lay a quilt on the ground to pin or to take pictures, my dog Walter feels the need to sit on it. I finally finished the yet-to-be-named Asian Salsa pattern quilt and the minute I got it to the ground, there he was. Instead of fighting him to get off, I decided I might as well let him be in the photo. The colors in the photo don't really do this justice. The golds are fabrics with gold in it - actually all the fabrics have gold running through it except for the middle black area and the inner border.

Later this afternoon I'm going to Fresno to see the show Wrinkles. They come around every year and a bunch of us quilting girls go to the matinee and then out to dinner. If you're not familiar with Wrinkles, it's a review type show and every actor/singer/dancer involved is 60 years of age or older. I hope I can move like some of those ladies at their age.


Anonymous said…
I think Walter is fabulous in this picture! Really, they add so much joy to it all. I also kinda like the pictures with my toes poking out at the bottom (floor shots in my sewing room).... This is so fun, having a blog! How do I get the Quilter's Blog logo/link hooked up? I keep trying and trying but it's only a blank box!
Stitch-n-quilt said…
This quilt is beautiful. Is it all pieced or is some of it applique? It looks like something I would enjoy doing.