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A quickie table runner

Well, not so quick if you consider that I did the actual machine embroidery in March.  But I did finish this table runner this past week.

This machine embroidery was done in sections and then each section sewn together matching the 'thread' that unites all the gingerbread men.  This was a pattern by Jana Davidson  through Turnberry Lane patterns called Ginger Garland.  Their sample was burgundy and brown scrappy but I found this gingerbread fabric and thought it was adorable and perfect for this.

I'm working on my Halloween Machine Embroidery blocks now.  Designing as I go.  Should prove to be interesting.

Thanks for looking.

Sister Outdoor Quilt Show

You would think that I would have taken a lot of pictures of the actual show, but I didn't.  On July 2, me and 6 friends headed out from central California and headed to the Portland area.  We stayed there for 2 days and did a little shop hopping in that area and actually looks for a couple barn quilts.

 Of course we visited the Fabric Depot and a few other shops and one of the smallest and most charming quilt stores ever.

On July 4th we headed to Sisters (stopping at Craft Warehouse on the way) and to an AirBNB house right in Sisters.  Once we settled in, we headed to town to look around.  What a charming city.  So many cute shops.

The next couple days we spent checking out all the quilt stores in the area (there are like 8 of them) and we did the garden tour, and the Black Butte resort had a little quilt show.  And we ate.

 And then there was the actual quilt show.  We got there early.  Well my friend Janice got there at 6 am because she wanted to see the show go up.  Then …

Pre-Sisters Oregon Trip finishes

I would have posted these before I left on my trip to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, but my computer took a dive (15 month old Toshiba Satellite - the keyboard stopped working).  I took it to Best Buy to repair - which they couldn't and the warranty expired of course so they game me a wireless keyboard to use.  So much for a convenient laptop to take on trips.

Anyway, here is what I finished before I left on July 2nd.

So on July 2nd, 6 friends and I headed to Sisters Oregon to for the 2017 Sister's Outdoor Show.  Pictures and my thoughts on the show will be the next post hopefully this coming week.

Any recommendations for a laptop?  I can't use a Mac as many of the programs I use are not compatible.

Thanks for looking.