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Christmas 2012 - Call of Duty-Running with Scissors

I celebrated Christmas with my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, sister, brother-in-law, two nephews and one niece.  Getting gifts for most of these people wasn't that hard but two young teen boys was the hardest thing for me to shop for.  You don't want to just hand them cash or a gift card - you have to make it more exciting.  So this year I created a video game that I figured we could all have fun with.  I actually just created video game covers.  When I gave the boys the packages I explained to them that I wanted to get them a video game that this old girl could play and maybe actually win.

I even made one for the xbox and one for the wii.  I thought it was funny and so did the adults - the boys just looked at me until they opened the boxes and found either a gift card or cash.  (They thought it was funny too I think although they pointed out all the typos which I believe I have corrected.)  We had a lot of fun opening presents on Christmas morning.  My sister Brenda also…

Quelf (the Game)

Oh what fun we had tonight after dinner - we played Quelf.  If you need a fun and entertaining game for family and friends, I would recommend this game.  We all laughed so hard.  You have to do some silly things and answer some questions, or act out some pretty odd things.  It's a blast to play.  Here's a link about the game.  Anyway, I took some video of some of the funnies - the best was my nephew Drew had to slow dance like he was at a prom with the person on his left which would be my other nephew Shane.  Here's the video.  It's shaky because I was laughing so hard.

Here's Marcy giving herself a wedgie.

And Claire training Beverly the dog.

And then I come to my room to update blog with photos and check my emails and I won the November Free Motion Quilting challenge package.  If I'm reading it right, I get a packet of five Aurifil threads, some Machinger quilting gloves, a sew slip mat, a dvd about Precise Machi…

A Little Cuteness for the Day

We had our Christmas with Kelly, Chad and Jack yesterday. This kid is full of energy but a good kid. He's also into Thomas the Tank Engine and assumed every gift we opened was Thomas.

Heres a picture I was able to get with him and me but I only got it when he was in charge of the phone.

Al and Jack played a lot of chase. He kept taking Al's socks and running with them knowing he'd be chased.

Thanks for looking.

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Easy Street Mystery All Caught Up

I'm doing Bonnie Hunters Easy Street Mystery and I have bee behind all four weeks but last night I finally caught up. If you want to play, here's a link to her blog mystery. Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!: Easy Street!

The pink fabric looks really red in this picture but trust me it's true deep pink.

I have been working on other projects but like most of us, they are gifts so we can't post until we give them to our loved ones.

Thanks for looking and have a merry Christmas.

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Build Your Best Log Cabin FREE e-book

I got an email from a gentleman who works for Fons and Porter and asked if I would do a review of an e-book they have.  I of course said I would be happy to.  Not only did I get the free book, so do you!  Here's the link for the download.  Fons and Porter Log Cabin e-book

What you will find when you download the book is the same type of instructions you get from their magazine.  Lots of detailed instructions, photos, tips and also samples of antique quilts related to the patterns and designer profiles.

Each type of log cabin (traditional, courthouse steps and chevron) have detailed explanations of the block, different option for sizes, and different layouts.  (see sample of the traditional block)
You also get the famous Fons and Porters tips and hints to make the blocks and quilts easier, some great quilting designs and ideas, and even some piped binding instructions.

For a free book, you are getting a lot of good information and history on this versatile block.  Now I just need…

Free Motion Quilting Challenge Final Month

I finished the final month of the challenge which was taught by Patsy Thompson. I've watched several of her videos before but had never seen this lesson in mirroring the corners and centers. I only had a small section left on my quilt so I tried to make it look like a border. I hyper quilted too. Hard to tell but there is a dark purple with hyper quilting with a light purple.

Here's the whole quilt finished.

You can't see all the quilting in the black squares but it's all done in neon colors. I learned quite a bit. I've always machine quilted my own quilts but needed to learn some new all over designs and I've learned that you can always learn a new hint or tip and these tutorials didn't disappoint.

In April I learned a new fill by Leah Day--the double stippling which I had never seen before.

In June Cindy taught us to split the area in smaller sections and use different fills.

Although I suck at it, I love Wendy Sheppard's August tutorial of …

On a winning streak

In November Henry Glass Fabrics had a very merry holiday blog hop of which I followed and commented on a few and guess what? I won a gift from one of their designers blogs 'Little Quilts' Here's a link to their blog. And here's the packet of goodies.

Then last night was our guilds Christmas party where we have baskets that are auctioned as well as a live auction of goodies. I put tickets in a few bags and my number was the first that was called and the last so I won two baskets.

The funny thing about this basket is there were three things in it that I had put in the basket I made up for the auction.

This basket was mostly food and I don't remember putting a ticket in it since I can't eat anything in it (I'm on weight Watchers). But it did have two cute Christmas wine glasses in it.

The rack my dad made and three of his wooden trash cans went over well and helped boost the guilds budget a bit. Thanks dad. Everyone wa…