Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery

For the last two years I have been following everyone who's done Bonnie Hunter's mystery and decided this year I was going to do it.  So she put clue one up last Friday and was able to finally start piecing yesterday.  I have 94 of 192 of these 4-patches done.
If you are interested in participating or follow, here's a link to her blog - click on the Easy Street tab or heck, look around - she has so much information on her website and blog.  Her new book String Fling is fantastic too.

I will be visiting my folks this weekend so I won't be getting a lot of sewing done and also I have a meeting Tuesday night and our guild Christmas party on Thursday so I'll have another busy week.  I'll be able to catch up on the weekend though.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another finish.

I gave my mother-in-law this redwork kit and some white fabric and she got busy. About a week or so ago she brought me all the squares because I told her I'd put it together for her. With the help of my friend Janice who helped me piece at Party Party Party last week, I got the top done by Thanksgiving.

I finished quilting it last night and the binding this morning. I had just practiced the swirl in the sashing thru the November Free Motion Quilting challenge. It was the perfect design for this piece.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cutting up my scrap basket into the 5, 3.5 and 2 inch squares for Scrap Therapy. The first picture was taken on Friday afternoon. The second one just minutes ago.


My neck and back are aching but I have one more quilt to start machine quilting. So I better get busy.

Thanks for looking.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Challenge. - November

Sara Vedeler was the teacher this month. She taught us how to do spirals in a row. I think I did okay. At the end (row on left near bottom) I didn't do the little line up before going down to the next spiral and I think I like that better.

I have two more quilts pinned. One is a small redwork piece I put together for my mother-in-law and the second is a guild charity quilt that just needed quilting.

Thanks for looking.


Christmas Decorations are up

And my back is sore from carrying the boxes from the storage shed in the back of our property to the house and then back again. I had to do a little adjusting. I had to take the leaf out of the table, remove 2 chairs to make my main tree fit in the dining room.

But this is what is in its normal spot. These boxes have been here for a few months.

And the angel tree that is usually in my dining room next to the hutch is now in my sewing room. (Had to remove a chair here too.)

And this is my view from my cutting table.

I left about 6 boxes unpacked. I didn't take any dishes out, any of the big wooden pieces, my village and my snow globe collection. I'm not having any company this year so I didn't think I needed to do it all.

Thanks for looking.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Finish --Finally

I call this Basement Blankie
My sister Brenda redecorated her basement and sent me some of her extra fabric to make a quilt for her. Her fabric is the multi-color floral fabric and the green I used in the binding. I've wanted to make a chevron quilt for a while and the pieces of fabric she sent me this was the perfect pattern. It's not a bed quilt but a good sized lap quilt for her couch. I hope she likes it.

I get a four day weekend for Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we go to my in-laws for dinner and my hubby's uncle Bill will also be there. It will be a quiet day. I'll also get my Christmas decoration boxes out and ready for Friday when I plan to holiday up the house.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for looking.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Half Square Triangle Challenge and Party (Photo Heavy)

So many ways to use Half-Square Triangles.  Earlier this year we each exchanged 20 HST to each other (13 of us participating so 260 HST to make) and we said they had to be scrappy.  We had until our Christmas party (today) to get at least the top done.  Here's what we got.

Debbie Van Fossen's (she's still machine quilting)

My quilt.

Diane Mithcell - she make her own and didn't participate in the exchange

Kathy Morrison (She's going to combine with last years'
 hexagon's blocks in the borders.)

Pam Larsen - she really had to pay attention tot he color of
the HST's.

Rita Buchler - she made two pillows with the leftover blocks

Maxine Kroeber - she hand stitched all the flower blocks

Elaine Berry - she said she might add more

Janice Minyard - completed - quilting circles around with feather
around the border.

Deolinda Rhoads - was just looking for something to
use her panel piece.
My friend Anna finished her quilt but she decided to spend time in Vegas with her hubby.  :) (hope she wins big).  Here's her quilt.  She posted it on her blog so I'm assuming it's okay to use the picture here.

Besides Anna, we missed Barbara Brown, Sue Shaleen, Debbie Van Fossen, Sheila Ockey and Adena Joseph today.  They all had good reasons for not being there but we still missed them.  

And this year instead of making a gift for everyone (because making 17 of something got tough) we decided that if you wanted to, to make a 12" square piece that represents yourself to exchange with someone else who participated.  We put our names in a dish and drew names and that's who's mini-quilt you got.  You only got in the drawing if you made a quilt.  
Jane got Lynn-Marie Nelson's little quilt.

Carol Chadwick got mine.

Kathy Morrison got Carol Chadwick's quilt.

I got Pam Larsen's quilt and Pam got Deolinda Rhoad's quilt.

Deolinda got Janice Minyard's quilt.

And Lynn-Marie got Debbie Van Fossen's quilt.
So to make it even more fun, we had a little show and tell from some of the ladies of stuff they have finished lately.  Here's a few of the pieces.
When finished, this will be the Common Threads 2013 Opportunity quilt.
I just finished machine quilting it this week.  Diane will be adding
the binding.

Deo is making this for a cousin.  (I'd not be able to give it away)

Janice is trying to finish some baby quilts.

Diane is finished quilting this and needs to just rinse the lines off, bind
and block.  The picture does not do this justice.

Another little Diane runner.

Another Diane quilt top that needs to be quilted.

After only 3 one block wonder quilt classes, Diane said this is ready for quilting.  :)

Diane's again.  Another top she needs to quilt.

Maxine is waiting for Diane to quilt her CTQG Mystery quilt top.

Carol Chadwick finished last years hexagon challenge quilt.  

A close up of Carol's quilt - pictures still can't show the details.
We decided to do a Dresden Plate challenge next year.  Any size quilt - any pattern.  The only stipulation--there must be one full plate on the quilt.  Pretty simple?  Stay tuned!

Another great day with my friends.  
Thanks for looking.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Houston Goodies

Home from the Houston International Quilt Show and am glad I took today off to unpack and do a little cleaning. Hopefully a little quilting tonight. Now I'm pumped and ready to finish what I have started so I can start some new stuff.
The Texas teas and fabrics are just things that I bought that were Texas specific.  The teas were delish and since I've been drinking more tea lately than coffee, I thought I'd update my stash.  I only got one quilt related book and it was Bonnie Hunters String Fling book.  The kids book is for my grandson for the 25 days of Christmas books I'm going to do for him.  Saw the cute wool pin cushions and pins and thought they would make great gifts as I did some of the shiny things.  The clips are for the shawls/scarves I got or have already and the misc. stuff is just some stuff I saw that I thought was kind of cool.  Some of the above items are for gifts too - for family and friends and also for a gift basket I'm putting together for the Common Threads Quilt Guilds Christmas party.
The kits at the top were either new ones I had never seen or as in the Shabby Fabrics one, I saw at PIQF and didn't get because I wanted to save my money for Houston.  So instead of getting it in Santa Clara, I found it in Houston and toted it half way across the country.  But it is beautiful.  The kit on the right is all pre-cut Halloween fabrics and even biased piping to use.  The black and white dotted fabric isn't even on the market yet.  It's prepared for dying fabric but I just liked the dotted design.  The blue and white fabric in the bottom left is from the Hungarian quilt exhibit - which was my favorite exhibit at the show.  However you couldn't take pictures of that exhibit.  The pinks on the front right are for a round robin I'm working on and the blue squares and striped fabric, well, I just liked them and they are replica fabrics from 1700 Dutch chintz.  I knew I liked it and when I got home I figured out why - the stripe was a fabric that my sister and mom brought back from Holland for me.  Oh well, you can never have too much fabric, especially a good stripe.  And the array in the bottom picture...can you believe I bought all the fat quarters first and then found the striped fabric above.  Aren't they pretty?  I don't know what I'm going to make with them yet, I'll wait for the right pattern to find me and until then, I'll just pet and look at them.  

I did take a 1/2 day class taught by Cindy Walters.  Below is a picture of what I got done in class as well as the paints that we got as part of the class and some other paints/pens and stabilized fabric that she sold during the class.  

I did take lots of pictures of quilt and hopefully will get a few on blog entries during the next week.  I was surprised at how many exhibits you weren't allowed to take pictures of.  

As a whole, I loved the show.  Our hotel was spectacular and convenient and all the activities we attended were fun.  I think everyone who went with my group loved it.  Will I got to Houston again?  Maybe not for another 10 years or so.  Our next trip we want to plan is Paducah in 2014.  I need to do some research and see about renting a condo for our gang.  Maybe a mini trip to Sisters Oregon next year.  We'll see.  

To Anna Koelewyn, Barbara Brown, Barbara Sawyer, Pam Larsen, Janice Minyard, Kathy Morrison, Elaine Berry, Grace Hoya and her friend Linda, thanks for being such great travel mates.  Sorry I was in a funk one day - but I think the dancing and dinner put me back in a better mood.  To Barbara Brown, Janice and Elaine - thanks for being great bunk mates.  

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hoe Down in Houston

Our last night in Houston and we all signed up for the Hoe Down. Who knew all these old ladies would want to shake their booties after a long day of shopping, but they did. This picture doesn't show a lot of dancers but on some songs the floor was packed.

The band was great and it was a nice end to a wonderful trip.

To grasp the hugeness (is that a word) of the vending part of the show I took a panoramic shot from the second level of the convention center.

Here's a regular shot.

I finished going through the other part of the quilts today and even went through the part I'd seen before. There are some very pretty quilts out there. Again, I took more pictures with my camera not my phone. We did get a group shot of our gang in an area they had set up for photo ops.

From left to right: Graces friend Linda ( no one in my room knows her last name), Anna, Grace, me, Elaine, Janice, Pam, Barbara Sawyer, Kathy, and kneeling on the bottom is Barbara Brown. Yes there were three Barbara's in our group.

The four of us in my room are very quiet tonight. We are all reading or playing on our tablets. I'm worried about how I'm going to fit all my purchases in my suitcase and keep under 50 lbs.

Thanks for looking.