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Entwined - Fiber Art Exhibit

My fiber art friendship group, Loose Threads, will be featured at a local art gallery. Tonight I had to send a picture of one of my quilts for the show and I chose this one.

For the last 7 months our group met once a month and each of us had to take a turn teaching a new technique. With the new technique, we had to make a small quilt. I chose to do a journal with my quilts with "Things I Love". This month was a bleaching technique and obviously I love flowers. The back of each quilt has a scrapbook type page printed on fabric explaining why I love what the front shows. This one says I love flowers but only in quilts because I absolutely can't grow them.


Anonymous said…
Hey, I posted a reply to your comment on my blog about the library... wasn't sure if you'd get my response unless I told you there was one there in the first place!

Had fun tonight at Cut Throat! Aaaarrgghhhh, matey!

I didn't want to leave early because I had been looking forward to sewing all week, but at midnight I just felt like getting in bed and zoning out on quilting books. The other projects I brought to work on required a full tank of gas and I was running on fumes. Who knew that finishing sewing a quilt top and making some BOMS would take all night?! geesh