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Loose Threads - Design Board Challenge Quilts - Round 4

Tonight was Loose Threads.  Our group keeps getting smaller and smaller due to people moving and such.  However, those of us who are left, met tonight with a guest and previous member, Deolinda Rhoads.  It was great to see her again.

I had Adena Joseph's board and on it she had an apple core, with a swatch of solid green and some green frond leaves.  However, my creative side of the brain was over loaded and I ended up doing something a bit traditional.
It is a Lori Holt's pattern.

Karen Taber couldn't make it but she did email a picture of her almost finished project.  She had Barbara Sawyers board.

Thanks for looking.


Been busy.  Got some more guild boutique items made.  Here are the latest.

I need to tag all the items because I have to deliver them to the boutique chair person on Tuesday since I won't be around on the day they are due.  
I also am caught up on all my block of the month/weeks.

These are the Marcus Brothers block of the weeks (weeks 5, 6 & 7).
Fat Quarter Shops Block of the Month. Pat Sloan's Globetrotting Block of the Month.
Also, finished my Loose Threads quilt based on Adena's board.  More on that when I have all the pictures from our exchange this coming Tuesday.  
This past week was the Tulare County Fair.  This year only 27 quilts were entered so my chances of getting a ribbon were pretty good.  And I did, I got 2 blue ribbons and a red ribbon.  So excited about that.  I entered my Halloween Solstice Quilt, my Best of the Valley Challenge and the Fat Quarter Shops 2013 Block of the Month quilt.
I leave in less than one week on a grand adventure to New England …