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International Fabrics

This is what I got on my trip to Nassau, Bahama this past week.  We, my husband and I, were there for almost a week for my step-daughters wedding.  I'm glad I can say I saw The Bahamas, but I have no desire to go back.  I did, with the help of my in-laws, find this fabric shop that sells these Bahama Hand Print fabrics.  At $29 per yard for this cotton poplin, these two small pieces were all I could afford.  I think I'll make a nice pillow for Kelly (step-daughter) with these fabrics and I'll embroider their names and wedding date on it as well.  It's perfect because their house colors are aqua and brown. 

It's not that I didn't think The Bahamas weren't beautiful, because it was, but I am not a sunbather and my husband is not a touristy kind of guy so we pretty much didn't do too much except walk around the resort and drink.  It was nice the first 3 days because there were wedding things planned (rehearsal dinner even though there was no rehearsal) and…

Loose Threads and I'm Off

We had our Loose Threads meeting tonight and we played with the color wheel.  Adena, the teacher among us, made little cards to label our blocks.  The blocks above are mine.  When I had them up on the wall, everybody asked me if they were trains.  I said no, it was a design I picked up from a scrapbook page.  However, looking at them all together they do look like a train.  Adena took then and will make a train quilt out of them.  Love that they will be put to use.  I would just have them in the pile of the other blocks from the other projects. 

Here are the rest of the girls blocks. 

Deolinda and Sara actually made complete tops/quilts with their blocks already.  (Deo's on the left, Sara's on the right.)

Adena (original GREAT design), Grace (boomerange blocks)  and Anna's (own circle design) blocks.  (Oh yes, those are wine bottles in each of the shots.  We do imbibe a bit at our meetings.)

And the best news, we leave tomorrow for the balmy, Bahamas for my step-daughters we…

Another finished project

but I can't show a picture because it's the guild's mystery quilt and the rest of the group won't be done until next June.  I spent way too much time quilting it but I like what I did.  That's 3 quilts that I've finished in the last 2 months that I can't show because of challenges and mysteries.  I also finished the project for my Loose Threads friendship group - it's the fiber art group and we're going thru Fearless Design.  We did the color project this month.

However I didn't show last months project for Loose Threads - it was Exercise 4 - Identifying the Value in Color.    These are my blocks.

These are Barbara Sawyers blocks.

Sara Kelly's blocks

Anna Koelewyn's blocks

Adena Joseph's Blocks

Grace Hoya's blocks

We're having fun - but can't wait to start making projects that I will want to do something with.
Going to Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara this Saturday with 4 other girls from my friendship group.   Tue…

So Ready for Fall

A finish that I can share.  This is one of the projects I worked on at our friendship group, Material Girls, retreat at Pismo.  I quilted it and bound it today at the local quilt store Thimble Towne's 6 to 6 sew day. Today I finished the top of another fall bed sized quilt - but won't show that until it's quilted.  But right now I have two good sized quilts pinned and ready to go.  Now I just need inspiration for the quilting design.

This week I also broke a bood vessel in my eye.  I was at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned and when the doc came into check my teeth out he blew air at a tooth and it made me cough - and after he calmed down because my head bucked up and scared the ??? out of him, he said what happened to your eye.  I didn't understand what he meant until I got to the office and everyone kept asking me what was wrong with my eye.  I kind of freaked when I saw it and then went on line to see what it was or if I needed to call my regular doc.  It says it …