Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Road 2 California Quilt Show

I came, I saw, I shopped and I am pooped!

We (me, Debbie VF, Kathy M and Pam L) left early Thursday morning and stopped at several quilt stores on our way south to Ontario.  Our first stop was Candy's Quilt store in Northridge.  We love this store.  Tons of fabrics - all different styles.

The next few stores we never visited before so it was a real treat.  The first was Quilt' 'n Things in Montrose.  What a cute little downtown and store.  We found a great candy store that had the most beautiful looking French macaroons so we bought a dozen and gave them to our friend Anna who we were having dinner with that night and it happened to be her birthday.  We also had a nice lunch at the Montrose Cafe (which has a GREAT bakery).  The next shop was New Moon Textiles in Pasadena.  Loved that store - had a lot of Kona cotton colors and some other great fabrics and deals.  The next was the Calico House in Placentia which we liked too and then we were going to go to Quilters Cocoon in Riverside but our phones and GPS couldn't find it so we headed up to Upland's The Quilt Loft before heading to our hotel.  Got to our Hotel at about 4 and they said our reservations were cancelled. We made these reservations last year, I called last week to confirm and now they say it was cancelled at the Call Center.  Not happy people.  We were tired and just wanted to rest before dinner.  Anyway, they found us another hotel, it was a little further away but they made sure we would have the same amenities that their hotel had.  So it all worked out - it was just inconvenient and a little scary when you don't know where you're going to stay.

So with the show today and all the shopping yesterday, my loot is as follows.  I did have a list and found everything (and more) on the list except for one thing.
For my in-laws Orange Cove Reunion - a little table runner this year.

Won a High Street jelly roll at Christmas - here's some coordinating fabrics.

A pattern I've admired for a while, some fall fabric to go with some I got a few months ago,
some creams/white for my nephews and his wife's neutral quilt, some hexie papers, some panda and kitty
fabric for 2 young girls who are learning to sew through girls scouts.

Had to get some So Fine threads, some Aurifil, and some rulers.  The hex 'n more and some Loc-Bloc rulers.
Also a 10 pack of rotary blades

A Sandra Dallas book, some Cherrywoods, some purples and some more neutrals, and
some strawberry fabrics for my grand-daughter and a few patterns.

And I promised myself I would get one kit.  So after going through the show 2 times, I chose this
one from Nancy Rinks' booth.  
The show was good but that was a lot of driving in 2 days.  Luckily we got there and back without incident.

As far as the show, next year it seems the convention center bought all the rooms around the center for the show and if you want to stay at any of them next year, you had to go through them.  So we went to reserve our room for next year and the rooms at the Ayres were booked so we are going to stay at the same hotel we stayed at this year - it's cheaper and the Convention Center is not in control of their booking.

Tomorrow I sew!  I need to start my Best of the Valley Challenge.  Now that I have all the supplies I need, I have no excuse not to.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Block of the Month Queen

Don't know why I do this to myself but I am currently working on 4 block of the month programs and one block of the year program (and still working on Celtic Soltice Mystery).  First BOM I've been participating in is Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Block of the month program using Fig Tree Avalon fabrics.  Here's the latest block #7.
The next one I'm doing is a fall one with some friends.  We are using the Shabby Quilts pattern from their Christmas BOM that I finished last year.  And instead of the poinsettia's in the middle we each got the new cornucopia pattern that they are selling.  They also have it all as a BOM on their site, but since most of us had the blocks all we needed was the center and we all had our own fall fabrics to use so we decided to do our own.  Should be fun to see how different they will all look.  Here are the 1st 2 blocks.  (We plan on doing 2 blocks a month so we can have it done by fall. Mine will be a little more scrappy - will use the same background fabric in them all.

Then a friend on Facebook (Marianne Sonneman -Hansen who I also went to High School with) and another local friend (thanks Karen O'Connor) got me on Pat Sloans Globetrotting block of the month.  Figured I had some fabric around here I could use so pulled some red/white/blue fabrics and made the big center block - Washington DC.  
The final BOM is the Farmer's Wife.  I'm about 2 months behind again.  I have my all night sew tomorrow night so I hope to get some blocks at least cut out and kitted so I can whip them up after work during the week.  

Also have my applique block of the year.  Haven't touched it in months.  

I also have some Christmas quilt blocks done and already laid out-they just need to put together.  It won't have a border so once that's done I can pin and quilt that.  I'll do that tomorrow night first before I work on Farmers Wife blocks.

Still plugging away at the Celtic Solstice Mystery.  I have all my block A's together and 2 of the 3 rows of B blocks together.  They are horribly pieced and I dread showing this to the long arm quilter I'm bringing it to.  

Today would have been my mother's 76th birthday.  I was a teary this morning and then my sister said my dad bought some roses and tulip in her honor today which made me cry.  And she said he was crying when she was on the phone with him.  I called him on my lunch (because I knew I would cry and would need time to get myself together) but he wasn't home.  Can we consider her new birthday as October 6th since that's when she started her new life in heaven with Jesus?  

Thanks for looking.    

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Ornaments and 2014 Quilt Resolutions (Picture heavy)

Each year my sibling and I exchange hand made ornaments.  I also make them for the older nephews since they don't get toys or cash anymore.  I couldn't decide on just one type of ornament to make this year so everyone got a different one.  Here is what I made.
For Brenda and Gene

Bev & Eric

Garrett got one of these.  I kept the other.

Brian & Marcy

Kurt & Liz
And from my talented family...
The front of the ornament from Brenda

The back - Grandma Cookie is what the grandkids called my mom.  

From Beverly

My Brother Brian and his mighty scroll saw. 
 And each year my husband gets me the annual Danbury Mint Doxie ornament.  This year he put Duchess' dog tags on it as this was the year she passed away.  I have one from several years ago with Sparky's tag on it too.  Always makes me cry when I pull it out.
It was a tough year.  Started out good with the birth of my sweet Granddaughter.  Here she is at Christmas helping open presents.  Yes, she's gonna be a red head!  
And to keep it fair - here's little Jack (in the box)!  

And this year my mother passed away on October 6 from Multiple Myeloma.  She was diagnosed about 3 years ago and starting this April, she started going down hill fairly fast.  She dropped a lot of weight and from there she couldn't walk or do anything really.  The last month of her life we had to put her in Bethaney Homes who took great care of her.  Christmas was different this year without her since she always made home made ravioli's for Christmas eve dinner and home made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  My younger sister and her family came down from Seattle and my brother and his family stayed in town.  And this year my oldest nephew and his wife came too.  We were super excited about that because the only time we had been around her was their wedding 3.5 years ago.  I think my dad really appreciated that they came. My dad and little sister did make ravioli's and my dad made cinnamon rolls.  So we are trying to keep some of the traditions my mother started alive.  And our adopted (my being neighbors and good people to my parents for many years in San Jose) came for Christmas Eve dinner.  They are the one's I made the neutral quilt for.  Let's put it this way - tears were shed when they opened it.  

My sister Brenda made some photo props for us to play with and we got my dad to 'pose' for a picture. 
So on to resolutions.  Last year I finished 6 quilts on my resolutions list, started 2 more and took one off the list that I know I will never finish.  I actually took the pieces apart .  But if you know from this post I did finish 45 quilts (small art quilts to large quilts) and some other craft items like pouches, crib bumpers and little girl dresses and ornaments) so I do not feel so bad about only finishing 6.  It's kind of like an annual guideline.  Maybe because I have so many project boxes that if I don't write them down, I'll forget.  I could add a lot more if I add all my fabric collections but the list is too long.  My stash cabinets are overflowing.  
I have updated my list on the right.  I may or may not add more as the year goes on.  I'm really am afraid to check my cabinets and start writing them down.  Yikes!  

May 2014 bring peace and joy to you.  Thanks for looking!