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Soccer Quilt

Here's the finished quilt I made for my nephew's soccer team auction. I finished the label last night and need to soak it and then dry it and apply it and then make sure it gets to my sister. This is from the book Happy Hour Quilts. It was sooooo easy and didn't take long to make at all and made a nice sized quilt with just 20 blocks. I stippled it since the fabric was busy enough and the backing material is soccer balls. Also working on my ATC's for guild. The theme this month is music - could be about your favorite song, instrument or whatever. I chose the whatever. I'll post when they are done. They are cut and glued - just need to stitch everything down and do a little painting/writing on them. My sister also asked for a GPS cover since her last one was stolen right out of the car (with the GPS of course). Thanks for looking.

Paint Chip Challenge

One of my friendship groups, Material Girls, has a challenge each year that we decide on in January (or thereabouts) and then we reveal them at our Christmas party. So that gives us all a good amount of time to finish them. However, most of us wait until the last minute. I did not this year. The challenge this year was a paint chip challenge. I picked up all these paint chip color packs, numbered them and we drew names and numbers so each of us got chips with colors we may not have chosen for ourselves, hence the challenge. The rules are to use at least 5 colors of the chip (some had only 5, some had more) and they have to use as close to the colors on the chip, they can add one additional color (I used a green) and to throw in a little glitz, they must use beads somewhere on the quilt. The above picture shows a hint of mine (can't reveal the whole thing in case any of them check the blog.) But I've been working so hard on this for a few weeks I just had to show someone at lea…

Bride to Be

My stepdaughter is getting married in about 2 months and had her first fitting for her wedding dress. I didn't actualy see it in real life - but she sent me pictures but wants to make sure my husband doesn't see it. She's a beauty and so is the dress. Can't wait to see her coming down the aisle or whatever you walk down on a beach wedding.
As far as a quilting update, I have been busy machine quilting my Material Girl paint chip challenge and am almost done with that. Unfortunately I won't be able to share it with you all until we reveal in December.

Thrifty Quilt and a digital layout

By thrifty, I mean my mom found this quilt top along with a whole lot of quilt blocks, some good, some not so good, for $5. So finally I found the perfect backing fabric on sale and then simply quilted around the "seeds". I was going to quilt in the background, but there wasn't enough room to do something nice. It's super long - 66" by 92" So mom, get ready to have a new quilt when I see you next.

I've also completed a scrapbook page for my younger sister. Sometimes she needs a little help getting caught up so I get some pictures of her to scrap. My folks were recently visiting them up in the Seattle area and they went geo caching at the Kabuto Gardens and these are just the flower pictures they took.

And we have been battling ants at home in the kitchen. I scrubbed the place on Sunday and still they come. So my husband got some strong stuff and we'll see how it works. Now I have one more quilt pinned but I can't show it until December since …