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Killing two birds with one stone.

Cut with no waste.
I like scrap quilts. I like Bonnie Hunter because she makes some great scrap quilts. I like Anita Grossman Solomon because she has some great patterns and methods for making blocks.
I recently read in Bonnie Hunters blog about making leader and ender block pieces which I have done before but I just sewed squares together. She said in her blog in an answer to someone about what size should they cut their scraps, that they find a pattern they want to make and cut the scraps accordingly.
Anyway I've wanted to try this square in a square method of Anita's but all my scraps had been cut into five inch squares and this pattern calls for bigger squares (6") so when I got some new scraps, I got busy cutting them for this block. This pile of block pieces now sits next to my sewing machine and I will sew these as leaders and enders while working on other projects. Just by working on my round robin quilt today I have three completed blocks. They will finish…

Go Dutch quilt

I finished this quilt tonight and I decided to call it Go Dutch for obvious reasons.  It's the Xcentric pattern from Anita Grossman Solomons Rotary Cutting Revolution book.  The inside is made from one striped fabric (the stripe I used in the middle border and binding).

I straight stitched squares in the 'squarish' blocks and feathers in the other blocks.  I also quilted feathers in the border too and squiggly lines in the striped border.

Now I need to work on my Loose Threads challenge, make some more small design boards (a la Bee in my Bonnet's design boards--like these.  I made mine 10" (and I made some for the other's doing the Farmers Wife with me) and I got a request from 2 other friends to make bigger ones for them since they usually do 12" blocks so I'm thinking 16 - 18" squares for them.  So I'll make one for myself too!  They are pretty easy and I use binding that I have already in my strip bins and I get foam core from old poster…

Word Verification

I'm taking it off and trying moderation instead.  Apparently a lot of people have trouble with the word verification.  We'll see.  If I continue to get weird emails I'm afraid the verification will be turned back on.

Farmers Wife -Blocks 1-9

I finally decided to do the Farmers Wife Quilt. At first Adena and I were going to do it together then Jeremy joined since he'd been thinking about it too and he said Becky wanted in, so right now there are 4 of us. This may change i think. We decided to do 9 blocks a month so we can get the top done in a year. We are using templates (freezer paper) which is not as hard as I thought it would be. I decided to do mine using red and whites/creams. And I want to use all shades of tone on tone reds. Here's where these blocks go. My thought right now is to sash in aqua. But in a year I may change my mind. This is what we all got done last Friday. From left to right--Becky, Jeremy, me and Adena. I got my first block of the month from The Fat Quarter Shops designer block program today but since the Loose thread girls met tonight I didn't get to put it together. Had a great night with Loose Thread ladies. We finished reviewing our whisper challenge quilts so we can sell or give…

Pink as Bubblegum

It's a little wrinkly and the binding isn't all the way on in this picture.  It was finished months ago but since it was for our guilds solid challenge, I couldn't show it.  We had the challenge last Thursday.  I really like this, but I really like pink.  I used over 14 different color pink solid fabrics on this.  I kind of made it like the jelly roll race quilts -I cut different lengths, sewed them in one very long strip and started sewing the strip together lengthwise, over and over again until I got to the size I liked. Kind of a modern looking quilt and a modern method of putting it together.  However...this was my inspiration.
This is from a magazine from years ago.  Not even sure I was quilting when I pulled this page from the magazine.  Anyway, it's an antique quilt from the 1920's and it says it was red and pink, and a Brick Wall Variation pattern.

We also revealed the Round Robin quilts.  There were only 3 of us so we did rows and we exchanged 2 times.  …

Leftover Quilt Runners

A month or so ago I made these crazy eight runners - three of them.  When you make them you make a bunch of strip sets and cut the triangles.  There is some waste and since I hate to throw anything away, I saved some of the pieces and I made these 2 little runners (and a hideously ugly pillow cover--not shown) from the leftovers.  I will be donating these to our guild's annual boutique.

I quilted both of these with metallic thread with feathers in the square top and spikey fern like feathers in the long one.

While outside taking these photos, I noticed this pretty little flower on one of our cactus plants.  As many of you know, I do not have a green thumb so any flowers I get are purely accidental.

Last night I got this picture in a text from my step-daughter.  She said Jack told her "I hug baby" and started loving on her.  
Today I am washing everything in the house that the dogs might have touched.  We have a new flea regiment so everything, including the dogs, are ge…