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Texas Was Great

I took a long trip in early November to the great state of Texas.  The first part of my trip was to visit my sister who just moved to New Braunfels.  She took me all over that part of Texas.  We went to San Antonio, Austin, and all points in between.  I had great barbecue at the Salt Lick.

Also went to a Cracker Barrel (not that impressed this time) and she took me to a Buc-ee's gas station.  WOW!
We took a tour of the Alamo.  No pictures taken but learned a lot about Texas history there.

San Jose Mission

We went to Austin to have dinner with my nephew but before we saw him we took a tour of the State Capital Building.  I highly recommend this tour.  Learned a whole lot more about Texas and the people from Texas.

She took me around New Braunfels.  We went to some outdoor market I think in a town called Wimberly.  We had a relaxing great visit.  She was sick with a cold for most the trip so I appreciate her getting up daily to schlep me around.

We then left for Sugar Land to visit …

Houston is just around the corner, but before...

I was able to finish my Material Girl's 2018 Challenge Quilt.  Our challenge this year was to exchange flying geese blocks (about 10 of us participated) and we had to make something using the blocks.  Here is what I came up with.  It was from a picture I saw on Pinterest. 

Pictures are kind of dark.  I had my portable design wall up in my bedroom which is dark.  Anyway, I decided to add the checked border to add more interest and to get rid of more scraps.  I had a shoe box full of 2" squares.  It barely used any of them.  The box still seems full.  I use the pellon gridded stabilizer to make that border.  It may take longer to do, but it's pretty accurate and all the seams match.  Luckily I had some extra flying geese for my quilt (because I didn't like the first batch I made - not as accurate so didn't want to give to friends) so I used some of that batch.  Then one of the ladies reversed the light/dark of her geese so couldn't use those.  (I will find somet…

National Jelly Roll Day

A quick post - a few friends and I got together at our beach house in Cambria this past weekend to celebrate National Jelly Roll Day.  We started the day with a cinnamon roll breakfast casserole.  For lunch we had tortilla roll ups, we had an actual vanilla jelly roll with raspberry jam and for dinner we had lasagna roll ups.  It was a 'roll' kind of day!

I didn't take pictures of any of the food, but I did take pictures of the jelly roll rugs 4 of the 7 of us made. 
 Here are the the balls in the making. 
And here are the rugs.  Mine is the first one which I did with Christmas fabric. 

As always, we girls had a good time retreating at the beach house.  The house could actually be anywhere because we never leave.  What we do enjoy is the cooler weather.  It's still in the 90's at home so the cool weather was a pleasure.  Plus time spent with friends is always a good thing. 

Before I left I did finish a couple more things for the guild's boutique.

I then proceed…

Fat Quarter Shop 2018 Designer Mystery and my own Mystery

Remember two posts ago when I showed all those pinned, but unquilted quilts, well I finally finished the last one.(Actually, finished it about 2 weeks ago—although it still doesn’t have a label.)Anyway, this was the Fat Quarter Shop’s 2018 Designer Mystery quilt.I quilted it heavily – but I like what I did.Samplers are always interesting to quilt.

And months ago, I finished my two guild mystery quilts.  As I was the creator and chair for the committee I felt like I had to make the quilt in both sizes. 

Here’s my small quilt.  I used all fabric from my stash.

And this is the big version.  I’d love to say it was all from my stash, but I had to order some coordinating fabrics to make it work.   The guild mystery was a success.  Here is a picture of all the quilts the members got done. I’ve also been working on more boutique items.  Here are two more kids reading pillows. 

I also made an adult version.My friend who is an avid reader requested it.She will be getting this as a birthday gi…