Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Graduation Gift and a Mystery Revealed

My nephew graduates from high school this year.  I decided to let him pick a pattern and colors and I think he did great.  This is his quilt.

Simple straight line quilting.

Saw a tutorial on Pinterest how to make the label in the binding.
This is a pattern from Connecting Threads called Move Over.  I added one extra set of colors to make it a bit wider and also made it a little longer.  Wanted it to fit his dorm bed.  I also used a great wool flannel for the back.  A pretty simple pattern as long as you keep your strips in order.

I also finished our guilds mystery quilt.  It's not due until August so I'm ahead of the game here too.  I found some fabrics in my stash for the front and back!  Love when that happens.  The fabrics were actually from a kit that I got from a friendship group member that passed away a few years ago.  I realized I wouldn't make her pattern so de-constructed her kit.

Only one of these was on my 2017 Goal list of quilts I wanted to finish this year.  The Mystery Quilt was #11.   So 5 of the 15 are done.  Woo Hoo!

Also when my mom passed away my sisters and I went through all her needlework stuff.  She crochet and knitted and cross stitch (and card/scrapping, and...okay - she was crafty) and she had this tulip table runner started.  I decided to finish the bunch of florals she started and stop there.  I made a pillow with it.  Just in time for my spring decorating.

This past weekend was the local quilt show, Best of the Valley.  I entered two quilts and ended up getting a third place ribbon on one.  (The friendship group challenge - stack 'n whack quilt)  Amazingly I didn't take any pictures.  I got there just a couple hours before the show closed and had to docent the last two hours, and of course I had to do some shopping.  It's a great show, so if you are ever in the central valley of California in April, please make a point to come to the show.  I always love to read what the judges say too.  Some things I agree with.  One of the comments was that I should have quilted more in the applique of the Coxcomb quilt.  I had thought about that when quilting it but that was my design choice to not quilt more in it.  Judging is subjective and I understand that and don't get too worked up over their choice of winners.

Thanks for looking.  I have a lot of little projects to work on.  Well, the Quilt Show block of the month is a biggie - that should take a while with a lot of curved flying geese paper piecing blocks.

Friday, April 7, 2017


I spent the last week in Arizona to meet my new and only Great Niece.  I took my dad as he wanted to hold his great granddaughter.  My sisters and my brother also went so it was kind of a mini reunion.  Here's she is.  She is such a good baby.
I got to babysit her for an hour and what fun it was.

I had never been to Arizona so I got to see some great things.  We spent a couple hours on Lake Saguero.  Saguero is the type of cactus all around the lake.

So stinkin' cute.

There was some fishing.  This is my brother-in-law (aka Grandpa now)

My nephew Garrett with my dad.  Garrett is another nephew, the brother of the baby's dad.  
 We also took a trip to Sedona.

And to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  Who knew cacti could be so beautiful.

Me and my two sister.  
And we got to visit some old friends.

A friend of ours from high school and church in San Jose.

And a great neighbor from San Jose -one of my moms best friends.
Another reason for the trip was to hand deliver the wedding quilt (posted picture on 3/5/17) and the I spy quilt (posted 2/12/17) for my sister to keep for when her granddaughter visits.  Also to bring a knitted afghan that my mom made for her future grandchildren.  (Made before she passed away.)  

We rented an AirBNB house so it was perfect for us to entertain and stay together.  It was a great trip and I so enjoy spending time with my sisters and family.  

Sorry - no quilts to post although I did finish my nephews graduation quilt yesterday when we got home.  I just haven't taken pictures yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I did go to two quilt stores while gone.  I got a couple 1/2 yard pieces of fabric - but nothing to write home about.  The stores were okay - just nothing that absolutely needed.  

Thanks for looking.