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Vintage Moments is finished at last

Finally.  This was a class I took last year at Thimble Town with Anna Koelewyn as the teacher.  We met once a month for 6 months.  This is the 2nd Vintage Moments quilt I've made.  The first one my husband named "Holy Cucaracha, The Mexican Velvet Art You Buy at a Flea Market".  He hates the colors and fabric, but loves the design and size.  So this one I made 'manly' with batiks and earthy colors.  Then once it was done, I waited until I went to Road to California to buy a wide piece of batik for the back and then I had to find time to pin this bad boy and then to quilt it.  Here's some close ups of the quilting.  I did a lot of 'ferny' background quilting and fern feathers.  I had to hurry to finish it so I could enter it into the Best of the Valley quilt show which the deadline is this Friday.

Glad this one is done.  Now I have to pin my green and white quilt and get that done - my goal is by St. Patrick's Day.  (2013 maybe?)

Thanks for looking…

February's Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Finally got around to completing the February Free Motion Quilting challenge - it was a lesson from Diane Gaudynski thru Sew Cal Gal's FMQ Monthly Challenge.

It was Diane's signature feathers.  I've done feather before so the feather part wasn't too hard for me but I've never done them like she does so it was still quite a challenge.  Used neon pink on this block.  Looking at the pictures, I need to be more consistant with the echoing.

Also worked on machine quilting a guilds charity quilt - did an all over loopy and star design - finished it this morning.

Also putting the finishing touches on my Vintage Moments.  Just have to sew the binding down, make a sleeve and sew that down and then a label.  Next post you will see pictures.  Promise.

Thanks for looking.

Another Whisper Challenge quilt finished

But of course I can't show it.  Not my favorite but not my least favorite quilt either.  Check back in July after we share all our quilts.

I don't have anything else finished but what I do have to share ...  I finally won a blog contest from Quilted Squid.  I won a signed bag from Eleanor Burns and a cute fat quarter of fabric.
Took Sue Rasmussen's machine quilting class (sponsored by the Common Threads Quilt Guild) on Saturday.  Just her lesson on needles was worth the cost of the class.  She helped me perfect my stitches.  Since she is a judge at quilt shows, I will take her word that my machine quilting stitches are too big.  She also gave me some great ideas for the background quilting of the Vintage Moments quilt which I WILL START QUILTING ON THIS WEEK!  She also spoke at our guild on Thursday night and she was very impressive.  And funny.  Here's a picture of her during her lecture.
I also finished my green and white quilt top.  Need to figure out a good backin…