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Loose Threads meeting

My art quilt group, Loose Threads, met tonight.  We were a small group as Sara is up north taking care of her son who needs all the prayers you can spare, Barbara Sawyer's son was in an accident in Fresno so she had to head up there to him (I don't think he was injured - I didn't get any more details) and Grace Hoya was out of town.  So Karen, Anna, Janice and I had a meeting and we had a lot of fun.  First off here are some of the projects that we shared.

 We had some wonderful Dutch Apple Pie and ice cream in honor of today (November 16th) being National Dutch American Heritage Day.

It was my birthday month which meant that the ladies brought me goodies.  I requested strips that represented obscure holiday - well any holiday other than Christmas or Fall.  I said if they chose a really obscure holiday, I only ask that they put the date on the back so I will know when to hang it.  As usual, I was impressed by the talent of these ladies.

So fun.  Sorry you other ladies miss…

A few small finishes

Our guild is having a Christmas potluck and auction on December 1st and everyone is asked to donate a basket or something to donate.  I wanted to create a unique basket and thought of a Basket of Baskets.  Some fabric baskets made by a friend, a basket quilt pattern and fabric to make the quilt, and some candy and an ornament with a quilt basket on it.  I'll keep looking around for some other "baskety" things.  Here's a few of the things that I put together so far.  My friend Diane made some baskets but I don't have them yet.

 I'll take a picture of the basket of baskets before we give it away.

Until then I'm working on my own basket quilt and must get started on my homework for the Vintage Moments class.  And Christmas gifts.  Need to 1. figure out what I want to make and 2. make it.  Now that it's finally getting cooler and fall like I'm starting to get more into the spirit.   I did finish my latest Whisper Challenge quilt and shipped it off to …