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Whoo Hoo!

I didn't get any quilting done this weekend.  You would think that would make me sad, however, I was at a better place.  I was fortunate enough to go to a Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar this weekend in Rocklin, California.  Went with a few new friends from the guild.  Fun to get to know these ladies better.

The seminar was so much fun - you learn and laugh so much.  The other speakers were Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman.  If you ever get a chance to go to one, I would highly recommend it.   Here are a few pictures.

Ricky gave us all permission to rip fabric.  And to show us that it's much faster than cutting strips, he gave a demonstration / race.  He asked for volunteers and one of my friends Janice was chosen to tear and she won the race.  Here she is getting a little tutorial from Ricky and then her at work.

She got to keep the strips and she shared them with the rest of her friends.

And while there, we ran into some other people we knew.
I did not get pictures of the ladies…

Part 1 of the Material Girls Challenge

Our friendship group of 17 wonderful talented ladies exchanged our signature blocks.  The challenge was to make the blocks we each chose, sign our names and exchange them today.  Part 2 of the challenge is to put these blocks into a quilt.  I'll start with my blocks.
I asked for 6" finished blocks using ocean colors (blue, greens) .
Lynn asked for black and white blocks.  (this was the first picture off my camera and I thought I set my camera up for black and white and thought all the pictures were going to be black and white.  Duh!)
Carol wanted fan blocks using oriental fabrics with black center and white outside circle.
Kathy Morrison wanted Halloween blocks.
Maxine wanted Christmas blocks.
Barbara B also wanted Halloween blocks.
Anna chose blocks using bright orange and hot pink.  We could use any other color except black.
Pam wanted Sunbonnet Sues.
Janice also wanted Sunbonnet Sues (she's a teacher so a lot of these have books or apples).
Sheila also wanted Sunbonnet Sues usi…

I need help with a stencil

I copied this stencil at Cindy Needhams Vintage Linens class 2 years ago at Road to California.  Most of it has disappeared, I was able to save the flowers but I have no idea how the middle went.  If you have seen this stencil anywhere or have it in your stash, can you please tell me how to connect these flowers to the center.  I have googled tulip quilting stencil and went about 20 pages with no luck.  So I thought I'd ask the pros. 


Another Quickie

This is another donation for the Common Threads Quilt Guilds Great Little Quilt Sale.  This was made from a wholecloth stencil that I bought years ago and never used.

I just have one more border to put on my nephews basketball fabric quilt.  It will be huge when done 81 x 99 which is just what he wanted - he is very tall (I think about 6' already) and the quilt I made for him before probably only goes to his belly button. 

Found out yesterday that my step-daughter is having a boy - so today we emailed back and forth and decided on a focus fabric to use as accents.  We are waiting to get it to find some plaids or checks for the curtains, bumpers, et al for little Jack's room.  Oh ya, they are naming him Jack Richard.  I like Jack.   

Until later...

The Great Reveals

I'm finally able to show some quilts because the guild had their big reveal night - we revealed the mystery and had our challenge quilt competition.

The challenge was we had to make a quilt that represents the 60's.  We were also given a piece of tye-dyed fabric to use.  I searched the web for inspiration and found Milton Glaser's art from Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits album (1966).  (Picture shown after my quilt.)  I didn't want to use Mr. Dylans profile so I used my nieces profile and I added some 60ish stuff (marijuana, peace sign, happy face, flower and the words groovy).  I won a gift certificate (I think I won most outrageous).

I really like it and it's already been sold.  A lady I work with said it will go perfectly in her home.  Here's Milton Glaser's art that inspired this.

I was in charge of the guild's mystery quilt (where clues are given each month) and tonight those who played showed their finished tops.  This was my quilt.
Everyone's ca…

A Finish I Can Show

This is a Scrap-Therapy finish.  The original pattern has scottie dogs but since I'm a Doxie owner, I thought that would be too cruel, so I found a picture of a doxie and enlarged it and made this.  I love it.  Used a lot of 2" scraps and I used all flannel pieces on the back and got rid of some big scraps.
I spent all day yesterday machine quilting it - did it simply.  Straight lines in the checked sashing, scribbling in the beige part, paw prints in the white border and just circling the white circles in the outer border.  Finished the binding tonight.  Named it Foxy Doxie.    Yea me!  More finished projects to show on Friday after Thursday guild meeting.