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Cool Pismo Beach here I come!

While a lot of you are enjoying the fall weather, we in the central valley and southern California have been having a heat wave.  It was hot and humid today and we don't usually have humidity here so we're doubly miserable.  But, I am leaving for the coast tomorrow afternoon for a retreat with friends.  Jealous because some of them are already there.  My bags are packed almost, I still have to make brownies but dread turning the oven on.  So, I am NOT bring my computer this time but I have my iphone so I can still keep in touch with all my blog friends.  I'll take pictures of all the projects I finish this weekend and report back.

Keep cool my friends.

Block of the Month finished

Two months ago I won the Common Threads Quilt guilds Block of the Month blocks.  I got about 30 of them and since I wanted a bigger quilt (they are 6" finished blocks) I had to make about 50 additional blocks.  And it still wasn't big enough so I had to make a lot of borders.   The check fabric kind of makes me dizzy but I still really like it. 
I just quilted the square to follow the pattern on the inside, and x'd the outside border and hearts in the solid read border.

We gave our friend Sara her ribbons for her birthday on Tuesday.  I took pictures of everyone's section there on my iphone, however I haven't download those yet.  But here are my ribbon and my friend Janice's ribbon.  Her's is the paintstick leaves ribbon on the left and mine is the celtic one on the right.
I have been scrapbooking with paper the last two nights and getting into it and enjoying it.  It goes alot slower than digital scrapping but playing with paper and glue has been fun. 


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I'm thinking over that rainbow you would find a quilt like this. It's rather big - about 80 x 90.  And easy and it got rid of a lot of my strips.  I have (or had) a 15" x 14" x 7" box full, I mean full, of strips.  I sorted them by color and just starting adding strips to foundation papers.  I did  keep one 1 1/2" white strip down the middle of each square.  You would think a quilt this big would have emptied my strip box, but it's still half full and I still have a hat box filled with light strips.  I quilted it easily with a spirally square in each big block with variegated thread.  I didn't mark and I didn't worry if the lines were too straight.  I'm not going to enter this for any awards and it will be used on my bed at some point with dogs sleeping all over it so I didn't want to spend a lot of time quilting it.  Since I'm not religious about prewashing my fabrics, I'm hoping none of them run.  I'll throw a couple of colo…

Scrapping but not with fabric

I have been a bad scrapbooker and now that I've finally gone on a trip worth scrapping, I have been working on a layout or so a day.  This is what I have done so far. 

Here's a picture of my parents and their five grandchildren.  (template by Katie Pertiet -Designer Digital)
This is Claire and Drew on the plane to Boston.  I was fortunate enough to be able to travel with them and their folks.  (plane swirl also by Katie Pertiet - Designer Digital)

The first day there we went to the Springfield Museum who had "The Art of Brick" exhibit.  Way cool - all those things are built with Legos.  (Template by Queen of Quirk - Two Peas in a Bucket)
  And my sweet niece.  (Paper from 2 peas, alpha by Kate Teague at 2 Peas, circle element from J. Crowly -not sure from where)

And 2 Sundays ago, I attended my step-daughters co-ed baby shower.  Here is her and her husband and my grandson Jack (still in the belly).
I think she looks fantastic!  She's happy because she has no stretch m…

Lots of Labor this Weekend

But no finished quilts.  I did do a lot of embroidery.  I made 5 labels and two other things for some other projects (to be done at a later date). 

I also pinned 3 quilts (2 charity quilts) and the other my strip quilt I started in Cambria a few months ago.  I also finished the top of the block of the month quilt that I won 2 guild meetings ago.  I would have pinned that too but I don't know what I'm going to do for the back and I don't have enough pins. 

I also took a class sponsored by our guild taught by Terry Waldron.  She taught her scavenger hunt quilting class which was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit.  It was more of a design class so no sewing was done but I do have my top ready to be sewn down.  I had no idea what I was going to do with the found objects and she gave us ways to get started and create.  I might tweak it some more.  I searched blogs and got inspired and got ideas for other things to do with it. We'll see. 

I thought alot about what I&#…