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Norwegian Fabric

Look at the lovely fabric my nephew Shane brought back from Norway for me. I helped him by saving money each month so he could go on this soccer trip. I teased him and told him he would have to get me some fabric if I helped. HE DID IT! And it's so pretty. Now I have to figure out a good project for this. I bet it will go great with the Dutch fabric my mom and sister got me.

Thanks for looking and I apologize for the funky pictures in my previous post. I took them with my new phone and emailed it to myself and cropped. Not sure what I did wrong. Took this picture with my iPad through Instagram.

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More Boutique items

These are made from Material Possessions Studio pattern. I rarely make them as long as the pattern has them. Super easy and super cute if I do say so myself. I need to make some aprons still but I will be gone this weekend so they will have to wait until next week.

Me younger brother had knee and hip replacement yesterday at the ripe age of 49. He's not doing so well and hope hell start to feel better soon. Pain meds aren't working and his blood pressure drops when he tries to stand.

My husbands younger cousin also passed away yesterday of a heart attack. He was about my age and he and my husband were closer when they were younger. They are just having a viewing tomorrow and that's it. That's all he wanted.

Thanks for looking.

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Boutique Baby Quilt

The guilds boutique is in a couple weeks and there were a couple more things I wanted to make for it. One being this little baby quilt which is backed in royal blue minkee fabric. I simply straight line quilted it which was quick and easy.

I spent part of today at a friends house with a couple quilts friends. We call ourselves the Visalia Dames. 4 of the 5 of us now have iPads so we spent some times playing with them and each of us showing something we've learned.

Thanks for looking.

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Test. Got iPad app and did my FMQ challenge

Got an iPad today and downloaded blogsy app to see if I can post from here. So I took picture of the FMQ challenge for this month and took picture with the pad and here it is. I didn't use the teacher's stencil or design since I had this one of my own to try.  Paula Reid was the teacher this month and she showed her fluff and stuff method.

Woo hoo.

Thanks for looking.  Having to edit on my laptop!  I'll figure it out soon.

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Dog Days of Summer (at the Fair?)

My friend Adena and I went to the Tulare County Fair today.  I had two quilts in the show which each won first place blue ribbons.  Very thrilled about that.  I entered the Loose Threads Whisper Challenge Butterfly quilt and the Vintage Moments quilt.  Here's me and Adena on the Ferris Wheel.  I hadn't been on one of these in years.

Here are a few bibs I made for the guilds boutique.  We had a pricing and organizing party on Saturday and we priced over 400 items.  A lot of cute stuff.
Our guild had a button bracelet class two Saturdays ago and this is the bracelet I made.  I bought a kit to make one more.  They aren't that hard which is good to know.  I think they'll make nice gifts.
 The art group Loose Threads is starting a new challenge where someone comes up with a title of a song or a quote or famous line or quote and we are to make a quilt inspired by that.  This theme was Dog Days of Summer - this is what I came up with.  The dog reminds me of my dog Walter.

Stained Glass Scrap Therapy

I finished this Scrap-Therapy  quilt top.  It started with the border fabric - found some background Kona cotton for the inner sashing and found the stripe by a happy accident.  The picture makes it look pinky red - but it's actually a chocolate brown.

 Made these two little Easter wall hangings (pattern from Material Possessions) for the guild's boutique.

And also another pillow which used up the last of the red and white scrap squares and half-squares triangles.  For the boutique.

My goal tomorrow, since I have the day off, is to make at least 8 baby bibs (also for the boutique) and start on my Loose Threads challenge, a quilt using the theme "Dog Days of Summer".  I have an idea and am hoping it will work.  We'll see.  I have until October to get it done.

I spent a few hours at Debbie's house today with Diane and had a quilt pinning party.  Debbie had some quilts that needed to be pinned and since her husband just had knee surgery he couldn't get t…