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Christmas Ornaments and gifts

Another Christmas has come and gone and overall it was a wonderful holiday. 

First though, my siblings and I always exchange handmade ornaments each year.  This year I made these for everyone.

These were actually started last January 1st.  Finished them sometime before December of this year. 

These are the ornaments I received.

Here are a few other projects that I worked on as gifts.

On the 23rd of December, my stepdaughter's family and my husband's family all came to my dad's house to celebrate our Christmas.  Since they moved out of state we will take any time we can to visit with the grandkids.  Meeting at my dad's house is centrally located and much better than meeting at a noisy restaurant.    Here are my grandkids.
They were so fun.  I'm glad my dad and my brother and his family had an opportunity to meet my son-in-law and see these kids. 

And on Christmas morning, my dad and I headed to my brother's house to open presents and eat breakfast. 
I had to wo…

Bonnie Hunter On Ringo Lake Mystery Update and some other fun stuff

I am almost caught up on the Bonnie Hunter On Ringo Lake.  Currently working on Clue 4.  I have about 1/8 of the amount needed done - but everything is cut for it so I'm ahead there and these pieces are coming together quickly.  Link to the link up is here

It's been fun looking on her blog to see all the different colors people are using.

I also finished this weekend block #7 of my Block of the Year project.  It's all hand applique and I don't work on it a lot.  Just when I go to sewing days with friends.

Here are the 7 finished blocks.  It's a 3P Baltimore Christmas pattern.

I also took a guild class in November by Becky Lamb McDaniel.  She was a wonderful speaker and a good teacher and if your guild is looking for a teacher, contact her.  Our class was to make a cushion.  Our meeting place only has the cold hard folding chairs so we figured a class on making cushions we can take each month would be great.  This is my cushion.  I did hand quilt using the big stitc…

Bonnie Hunter-Quiltville 2017 Mystery begins

Just a quickie to show that I've started the 2017 Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) annual mystery -this year called On Ringo Lake.  I'm sticking to her colors - they look calm and should be very pretty (as most of her quilts are).  Anyway, the link to the link up page is here to see how pretty everyone's blocks are turning out.  It's always fun to see the different colors people use and even those who use the same colors, how different it can all look.

Here are my fabrics.  I've added and taken away some of the fabrics since I took this photo.

And here are the parts of the 1st clue which was to make a few of these 9-patches.  I know she was taking it easy on us.

That's it.  I am working on other projects while working on this too.  I have all the fabrics cut to work on the October and November Quilt show block of the month.  I also finished all the parts of a cushion from a guild class last month.  Just have to put them together, it involves a zipper and piping so I&…

A Christmas Gift is done and some Butterflies.

I finished another one of these what I call 'Dr. Bags' but in fact is called the Boxy Tote.  I about gave up when I made one for myself a few months ago.  But this time I did okay. 

I even made a pouch for the inside.  I just love this fabric.  So much so that I also bought it with a black background to make something for myself some day. 

Two weeks ago, my husband and I took a day trip to the coast.  We specifically went to see the Monarch butterfly grove.  We've always heard about it but never got there during the right time of the year.  They are just now starting to gather at this grove (which they do every year) in San Luis Obispo.  The picture was taken through a telescope as you just can't really see it with your naked eye.  And apparently they just started and that by the end of the month this grove will be covered with these clusters.

Here's a video of them all clustered.  Again, taken through a telescope.
 Thanks for looking.

Guild Boutique - Whew!

We had another great boutique this year.  We expanded from last year and good thing we did.  Here is a picture of the boutique before the crowds. 

We opened the doors at 9 am with a line of ladies waiting to get in.  By noon, we looked like a lot of the stuff was gone.  We kept moving things around to make it look fuller.  In addition to all the runners, placemats, baby quilts and all kinds of wonderful items, we had over 30 consignment quilts for sell.  I sold 2.  Yeah!  That will give me a little extra Christmas cash.  
Here are some of the other items that I donated to the boutique.  

The only thing that I got back from this bunch was the little Halloween table topper.  Most of the gifty bags I made and had shown in my previous post didn't sell.  Some years you can't make enough of something, you just never know year to year.  
Thanks for looking.  That's all I have to show.  I had spent most of the last month making items for the boutique.  I also finished all my Chris…

More Guild Boutique items and some family pics

I've been busy getting things made for my local guild's annual boutique.  This is our main fundraiser so we can have awesome teachers and to provide fabric and supplies for our charity quilts.

I went on a retreat two weekends ago so I got a lot of tops done.  I've been quilting the items during the week.

August was a busy month.  Had a retreat for three days, then the next weekend I went to my dad's because my sister, her husband and son were visiting.  My dad couldn't make it to Shane's graduation so we had to get a shot of my dad with him in his cap and gown.  My dad felt so bad.  He and my mom never missed a graduation from high school or college for any of the other grands.

I'm keeping busy as you can see with my guild boutique items.  I have more things in mind to make, I just need more time.  This three day weekend was cut short because I had to clean house which included doing a lot of laundry.  With the first load, it just stopped with a tub of w…

Two more finishes and I got a new car!

I finally finished another 2017 goal quilt and then a quickie little baby quilt.

I embroidered these blocks sometime in 2016.  Didn't know what I was going to do with them and finally figured it out.  I didn't quilt a lot on this quilt since it will just be a wall hanging.   Plus I didn't want to quilt in the embroidered parts and thought it would look weird to have it heavily quilting all around and the blocks not quilted.

I can't remember the name of the designer of the machine embroidery.  It's all on my old laptop which I'm too lazy to get and turn on and wait for it to load, etc.

I also finished this little quilt.  It was from one of Fat Quarter's Shops sampler boxes.

I used the little 3.5" blocks they supplied and everything else was from my stash.  Even the back.

And the best news of all was that I bought a new car.  Well, the bank still owns it - I will be making payments.  But my little Nissan was not as dependable as I need for my commut…