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Ruffled Scarf

This wasn't even on my list of things to do this weekend but I just couldn't resist --wanted to try it.  I didn't have enough material but you would never know it.  It's about 3 inches too short.  I can live with that.  This is a spring scarf and I got the pattern from Bernina's website its created by Ashley Johnston.  Mine will go so pretty with a pink shirt.

Now - on to my boring blocks.  I have 60 more to make.

Thanks for looking.

I did some shopping!!! Oh my!

First, I want to thank all of you again who commented on my last post.  I will look at the comments from others about my "talent of finishing quilts" as only positive and I hope I will be just as cautious about my comments about others as well.

So, I did a little retail therapy this week.  I have seen all these cute Lil' Twister quilts and decided I needed to make one too.   So off to Fat Quarter Shop to purchase the tool and the 5" solids.  It's not like I don't have a lot of 5" squares, but I decided I wanted only true solid colors for my first try.  I will use a black border as well.  Here's my purchase,
I also bought about 7 yards of kona white as well.

I also bought 3 books from Amazon.  I used to go to Scrap Therapy at the LQS but it has changed ownership and the new owner isn't continuing the program.  I contacted the owner of 'Scrap-Therapy" and she said she was having a book for Scrap Therapy out in March so I have been patient…

Two finishes -and I feel guilty

Here are my finished quilts and I'll explain the guilty part later.

The first quilt is from Judy Sisneros 9 Patch Pizzazz on point class I took 2 Saturdays ago.  I had the top done except for the border at the class and just added the borders and cut out some of the focus fabric to applique for that extra "pizzazz".  As I was quilting, I noticed that I had 2 blocks switched.  I won't tell you and you probably won't be able to see it since it's kind of a busy quilt.  The close up shows you the free motion quilting I did in the border too.  I used Valdani's variegated thread and I love the color variations but I have to say it's not the easiest thread to use - it took a while to get the tension/needle/bobbin thread combination right. 

This second quilt are the circles I had to cut out for this quilt scroll down to see it.  This  little baby will be donated to my guild's charity quilt program.  Was super fast and easy to make and used all leftover…

Big Ditches

My husband and I just came home from a whirlwind trip to the Grand Canyon.  I had never been and we saw this AAA deal where you start in Williams, AZ, and take a train to the Grand Canyon for the day, then back to Williams for another night, and then home the next day (today).  On our way home we stopped at the Hoover Dam to see the new bridge.  So - saw two big holes in the ground - one man made and one God made.  Both were pretty awesome to see.
The train ride was slow - 63 miles and it took 2.5 hours.  They tried to entertain you with musicians and we even had a train robbery on the way back.  It was fun to see that because we had 2 young boys on our train and they made it more fun.  The Marshall kept trying to hit on the 4 girls who sat ahead of us - was pretty funny to see the old fart flirt.  I have to say the musician we had on the way back also told some very funny jokes.  He was a Native American Indian and his music was great too, but his jokes were funnier and he told them w…

It is well with my soul!

This past Tuesday was the Loose Threads meeting and I didn't have my project finished.  I did show them what I had started, and I finally finished it today.  The technique was to use dimmensional flowers and the inspiration word was soul or sole or any other way you want to use the word.  I used soul and found this quote that was just perfect. 

I took a class from Judy Sisneros (of 9 Patch Pizazz fame)that was sponsored by our guild yesterday.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from her I would recommend it.  My original idea was to use my tiger eyes I painted 2 years ago but she said it wouldn't work with the "on point" we were going to work on that day.  She was right - but I figured I could sneak it in.  Instead I ended up buying a kit from her.  I finished the top last night and got the back ready today as well as the binding and label.  I just have to pin it.  I plan on doing just a basic all over design so the quilting shouldn't take long.  It's p…

8 Year Old Birthday Party and 4 quilts in the Quilt Show! Yea! Oh and Spamalot.

What a busy week I've had.  I went to visit my folks this weekend - not only was it the Almond Blossom Festival in the big town of Ripon, California (went to the parade) my niece Claire turned 8 and I was the official photographer and am now on the top of her favorite aunt list.  Here's me and Claire.

It was a fun party -each girl got to decorate their own chef's hat, each got an apron with their name on it (and no I didn't make them her Grandma Marcia and her mom did all that work), they made their own lemonade, pizza, decorated their own cake and then had smell and taste tests.  My sis-in-law did a great job with the party.

Then on Tuesday night, my art group met and we revealed our "soul" project.  I didn't get mine finished and I'll show it later when it's done, but here are Karen's (not quite finished either), Anna's, also not quite finished, Sara's, Barbara Sawyers, and I was sure I got picture of Janices (pieces) but they aren…