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Busy, productive weekend

Had my Friday night "party" at the local quilts store. We call ourselves Cutthroat Quilters because we are a full class and we won't allow any new members. (Mostly because of lack of space.) See my friends blog = she explains it so well with a lot of humor. So Friday night I finished hand sewing a sleeve on the back of quilt I'm submitting to the Kings Fair and I machine quilted and bound the Spool quilt here. This is another Scrap Therapy quilt.

And then on Saturday I had to clean house because my in-laws came for dinner - it was my father-in-law's 79th birthday.

Sunday had my husband and I shopping at Lowes for tile. The back of my wood stove (converted to gas) fell down and cracked so I have to remake it. I wanted to get some design to look kind of like a quilt block since this is in my studio, but the stuff I really wanted would have cost me over $100 for just the tile for a 12 square foot area. I would rather spend that kind of money on fabric, so this is what I got. I still have to paint the wood frame which won't be able to get done until next weekend. This full time job really cuts into my craft time.