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Trip to Wisconsin (and Minnesota) -Picture heavy post

I've flown through Chicago one before and I've actually been to Minneapolis on a business trip but I wasn't able to go anywhere but to the offices and the hotel (and they did take me to the Great Mall of America), so I had truly never been to the midwest before.  My sister and her husband will be there for three years before they retire and move to Texas, so we decided we wanted to take my dad on a trip to his birth town and home before they move away.  So I was my dad's travel companion.  My sister from Seattle came too.  The first day we took it pretty easy.  We went a cheese and sausage market, then to a nice lunch and then took a river/lake cruise.  Here are few pictures from around the restaurant which was right on Lake Michigan.

Here are some pictures from the cruise.  They had to raise I think 6 or 7 draw bridges for us to get to the lake.

On the way home we had to try the famous Leon's Frozen Custard.  (It is as good as they say.)
And of course when we got …