Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas and Mysteries

Clue 5 is out for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Allietare  However, I'm still working on Clue 4.  Here is what I have done so far.  That thing called Christmas took up all my time this past week.  My pieces are turning out horribly and I must do the stitch and flip method from this point forward.  The angler rulers are just not working out for me.  Maybe I am one of those people that needs a line to stitch on.  I don't know. I'll make them work.

Every year my siblings and I exchange hand made ornaments.  They all outdid themselves again this year.

My sister Brenda made these.  Don't know how she did it but it's very cool.

And my sister Beverly made this from a glove.  So cute.

Not an ornament, but my brother made this frame for all of us.  He's become quite a great scroll saw-er.  
The picture of  Santa is actually my nephew Drew who interns at Staples Center for the Clippers.
These are the ornaments I made.

One for the 3 siblings and 2 for the oldest nephews.

This one is a card holder that I put together for my youngest nephew. 
And my husband gives me a Doxie collectible ornament each year.  This is the one for 2015.

I also received some lovely gifts.  My sisters have always been so great about stocking stuffers for me and they outdid themselves this year.  I spend the holiday with my dad and my brother and his wife and family.  We had a good time.  Always fun to be with family.

This is my niece horsing around with photo lab - after we watched Sound of Music.

My niece and nephew.  She loves to take selfies.

A little miss-hap with Christmas Eve dinner.  I don't want to embarrass anyone but ask my sister-in-law about this.  Not my story to tell.  :)  Guess what she's getting next year for Christmas.  

Here are some quick gifts that I made that I wasn't able to show before.
Made this for my sis-in-law Marcy.

Made this for Kevin and Lori.
This is the last of the Shabby Fabric Pillow of the Month covers.  
And today we had our Christmas with my step-daughter and her family.  I had a great time with the grands again.

Look what was in the stockings.  

Me and my little princess.

They love to play dress up.

The kinetic sand was fun for the kids and the parents.
Well that's enough for now.  I have some more cutting to do for Clue 4.  (I counted wrong on the corner pieces and I wanted to get at least that clue done this week before I leave for a New Years Eve weekend at the coast.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Allietare Mystery, Part 2 & 3 and some party pictures

I didn't post last week although I did finish my 2nd Clue.  The reason I'll explain later.  But for now - here are my Clues 2 and 3.  If you want more info on this mystery or want to see what other people's clues look like, please check out Bonnie Hunter, of Quiltville's Clue 3 Link up Page.

I belong to a few friendship groups and this weekend the first one I joined and the biggest (16 members I think) had our Christmas party.  This group doesn't meet very often but we all keep in touch.  In the spring we meet to either trade for our challenge quilts or give progress reports and at Christmas, we reveal our challenges.  This past year we exchanged blocks.  Here's a link to the spring meeting where you can see the blocks we exchanged.  And below are some of the quilts (tops) that were made.  This was a slow year, only 5 of of us finished our tops.  But the finished ones are great.
Kathy Morrison wanted Crazy Quilt blocks.  

I asked for Easter blocks.

Carol asked for Crazy quilt blocks too.  She made a window of her blocks and does beautiful hand work.  I wish I took a close up.  

Anna wanted 4th of July blocks.

Deo got some Halloween blocks. 
Here's a group shop.  Back Row from Left to right:  Anna K., Elaine B., Debbie VF, Deolinda R. Carol C. and Diane M (hostess)
Front row - Janice M., Me, Adena J. and Kathy M.

Adena J. is almost finished with her blocks we exchanged in 2010.  Her goal this next year is to finish all her UFO's.  

Today 3 friends and I attended Roger Rocka's Dinner Theater and had a brunch and saw A Christmas Story.  I love the movie and watch it every year but I had never seen the musical play.  I LOVED IT!  Plus it's always fun to spend more time with friends.  Wish I could get more tickets for more friends.

So the reason I didn't post my mystery last week was that I did end up going to Irving Texas for 3 days for work/training.  Me and another bookkeeper from another local center, who I never met before, got to travel together (luckily we got along) and we were the first there Monday and had time to look around the area.  The hotel had a shuttle to Historical Downtown Grapevine - lots of restaurants and gift shops.   While there a friend that used to belong to the Material Girls friendship group and who moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area saw I was in town and met us at the restaurant for a drink.

Beth R. and I in Irving/Grapevine
 Everyone else got there so late they had time to get their room, sleep and start training in the morning.  Quick trip - now I'm ready to use the new program.  When they give me a user name and password.  Fingers crossed it will be next week.

I'm almost ready for Christmas.  I have one more box to mail out.  Hope you are all doing well.

My dogs are keeping warm.
Needle and Guy  (pardon the dust)

Thanks for looking.