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First Time Fair Entry

I've entered quilts in the local quilt show but I've never entered a quilt in a local fair--but because of pressure from a guild member, I will be entering the above quilt in the Kings County Fair. This is another Scrap Therapy quilt--one of my favorites so far. I love the bright colors and even though I used over 1,000 2 inch square in the border alone, I still have boxes of scraps. How can that be?

Here's a close up of the quilting. I custom quilted it as well on my home machine.

Got the okay from my mother-in-law for a retreat at the beach house in July. Always a good time.


Anonymous said…
Yeah, that is a knock-out! And I felt major pressure too to enter in the fair! Somehow I got sucked in to docenting Friday night, too. Not sure I like that. Not sure I like that one bit. :-P
Bethany said…
Wow. Love the quilt. You have more patience than I do with 2 inch squares.

I've put lots of quilts in my local fair and one in my state. It's not nearly as scary as you think and people love to admire them. You'll have lots of fun. If you get a ribbon, it's a bonus! If you go expecting a ribbon, you'll hate it. If you go for the enjoyment, you'll have a blast.
Cats and Quilts said…

I was at Houston Market last year and sat in on one of Scrap Therapy schoolhouse classes and saw this quilt there.
Sadly our shop didn't sign on with ST so when I make it, I will have to examine the block & figure it out. Still, that won't take too long.

Yours is fabulous!