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April Block of the Month Updagte

Finally.  It seems like I haven't finished anything because I haven't posted, but that's not true.  I finished (almost) 14 quilt blocks for my Material Girls Block exchange which is due in June.  All I have left to do is some fancy stitching on 3 Crazy quilt blocks.  (We all put our 'order' in on what kind of block we wanted.)  And then I have to sign each block.  Can't show pictures though.
See this lovely sign.  My sister Brenda cut the vinyl for me months ago, and I finally got around to painting it.  I love it.  Thanks Brenda.

And for Easter weekend I went and visited my dad.  He and my brother and I had a nice quiet Easter dinner.  Brian's family were all down south visiting Marcy's family but Brian couldn't go because of his job.  But my dad did have these blooming that he wanted me to take pictures for him.  He said that he and my mom planted them years ago, but they never bloomed until last year, after my mom passed away.  A friend on face…