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Marcus Brothers Block of the Week finished

In August, Marcus Fabrics started a sew along which is basically a block of the week program in which some of their fabric designers posted a block and then the final week was the setting.  Here's a link to the description of their sew along

I had several fat quarters and fabrics that fit the civil war theme and wanted to use them up so thought this was a good thing.  I decided to not use a big border - because I don't think it needed it and because I didn't have enough of any fabric that looked good with it.  Hence the black small border with a cheddar crumb catcher to give it a little spark.

I'm sure eventually I'll sell or donate this.  It's kind of manly and sometimes our guild is looking for quilts for men.  It's a lap sized quilt so it should be perfect for someone.

I also finished my FQS blocks.

It's the only BOM I'm doing right now.  I have all the blocks done for my f…

It is Done!

My Farmer's Wife Quilt is finally finished.  Started in June of 2013.  See my first post here.  This is the first quilt that has taken me this long.

I still need to block it.  It's been through the wash 2 times already with oxi clean and color catchers and there is one spot still on the aqua color inner border.  This was the first and only time I will ever make a quilt using paper templates.  It was a lesson in patience.  I spent a lot of time on the blocks so when it came to the border I could have just slapped on a plain border but figured I should spend as much energy into the border as I did to the inside.  It's a simple raw edge applique using the button hole stitch around the applique.  I gridded the background of the border using the checks in the fabric.  Each block is quilted differently.

I love it.  I love the colors and I love that I used aqua for the sashing.

Thanks for looking.

New England in the Fall

Three friends and I just came back last Wednesday from a 10 day trip to New England.  After listening to Nancy Rink's lecture on the Mill Girls 2 years ago at Road to California, this trip was starting to be planned.  It helped that I have a beautiful, wonderful sister and brother-in-law who live right outside of Boston and were kind enough to let us use their house as a base of our day trips.

The start of our trip was a little less smooth than we expected.  Our first flight out of Fresno was to leave at 6:00 for LA with a connection to Boston.  However, the pilot called in sick and it took 4 hours for them to finally find one to fly the plane.  But by that time we missed our connection but luckily the United Airline guy working our gate (bless his heart - he had to deal with some pretty impatient people - one lady in particular was very vocal about her displeasure) well, he put us on an American Airline flight later in the day.  Finally they found a pilot and we got to LA and we…