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Happy Easter Quilt

Needed a quick piece to make for a giveaway at the guild for this Thursday so I found this pattern in a magazine (can't remember which one right now).  Anyway, now that I see the picture, I should have put some type of backing behind the white part of the rabbits, but too late now. 

Guild tomorrow night.  Tonight I sewed about 200 1/2 square triangles together (red and white for The Great Little Quilt Sale quilt) and yes, it's another quilt NOT on my resolution list.  My One Block Wonder is sitting here all pinned and ready to go - just not in the mood to get into it I guess.  Maybe this weekend except I'm taking a class from the Linda Schmidt - where we get to play with all kind of unusual and fun things.  Until then...

I'm going to be a real Grandma!

And not to a puppy baby!  My lovely step-daughter and son-in-law called me today at work and gave me the exciting news.  She's 10 1/2 weeks along and will be having a baby in mid-late October.  I screamed out loud in the office and I know that everyone knew then the news.  On the way home from work, I couldn't stop smiling.   With these two beautiful people, I will have the most adorable little grandbaby (I don't care if its a girl or a boy). 

16 different blocks done

Here are my blocks for my friendship groups 2010 challenge  - part 1.  All 16 of them are done.  Whew.  Now all I have to do is work on my ATC cards for guild this Thursday and some type of gift to give away for the mystery.  What I'm really doing actually is stalling on quilting my one block wonder--not sure what to do on the inside - have the outside borders decided and the bottom part decided.

Look at what I got in the mail today.

I may not have been inspired at Asilomar by my teacher, but I was very inspired by my friend's teacher Don Linn.  He uses these types of book for quilting designs and  they can also be used for applique designs.  So exciting and so many possibilities.  I already found some koi fish that I can use for my one block wonder quilt.
I have been working hard on my Material Girls friendship group blocks.  I have 8 of 17 done.  Can't really show them because some of them read the blog and I kind of want them to be a little surprised.  Maybe I'll try to show a little of them when I have them all done.  We are exchanging in June (challenge part #1) and then we have until December to get our blocks into a quilt (challenge part #2).  Each of us gave our wish list like size, colors and some designs (like Sunbonnet Sue).   And we have to sign our names on each block so it's kind of a signature block exchange.  I've requested blocks in ocean colors.  (greens, blues, ...) 

My Step Grandpuppy

I just found out today that I am a step grandmother to a bull dog puppy.  His name is Beast.  I hear he is the perfect puppy who hates to go outside but loves to cuddle and sleep.  Sounds perfect.  I can't wait to meet him.

I figured since all my friends are bragging about all their grandchildren, I would too.

Scrappy Japanese Quilt and Loose Threads

This is the finished quilt project from Roberta Hortons class from a couple months ago.  I had to get a couple more Japanese Yakata fabrics to finish the border.  It's not my favorite quilt, but it will do.  It's a small lap sized piece, quilted simply with straight line stitching.

Last night was my art group, Loose Threads, meeting.  We are working through the Fearless Design book and last nights meeting was all about borders.  Several of us didn't get to do the project, but two members did.  I did bring quilts, like the one above, where I had to make border decisions.
Here's Adena's pieces -

And Grace did the project too.  Here are her 4 pieces.

The books says they were to be quilted too, but we're all pretty much working women or have been traveling lately, therefore not alot of participation this time.  I thought it would be fun, but with Asilomar last week and all the other projects I have started already, I just didn't have the time.  
I have finished …

My view when I get up in the morning

from our hotel room at the Asilomar Conference Center while attending the Empty Spools Seminar.
Do you feel sorry for me?  It is gorgeous here - cold and breezy - a little rain - but it's not stopping us from having fun. 

My friend Anna is taking Don Linn's machine quilting class.  She is LOVING IT!  And you should see what she has done.  She has a blog - linked on my right here - Anna the Artist Within.  Give her a week or so to show you her stuff.

My other friend Debbie (also has a blog on the right -crazy debbie- and she's taking Ruth McDowel and is also loving her class.  She's doing a picture of her 16 year old dog Squirt and so far what she has done is amazing. 

I'm taking Elly Sienkewitz (spelling) applique.  I hate to say this because she is the sweetest, nicest lady, but I'm not really thinking it was worth the money to come see her.  She is giving us a lot of history about Balitmore Album quilts (her specialty) but she's not actually demonstrating …

Look what I won at Guild tonight!

Just a quickie to brag about the haul I won at guild tonight.  Our guild has a little raffle each month to help earn additional money for speakers.  Kristin Eilers, a member, dyed these fabrics and donated them for our raffle.  I'm a lucky girl!  And Kristin is an awesome fabric dyer.  Thanks Kristin. 
I leave Sunday for a week at Asilomar--sooooo excited.  I'll report when I get back.