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Next Year at this Time

I hope to be in Houston or on my way at least because next year I'm going.  (Can't do the market thing but definitely the show.)
Thursday night I finished the latest Whisper Quilt (which I can't show) and yesterday I requilted the first one - I painted on the first one and it was absolutely horrible.  I took pictures and sometime next year, you will all see them.  So far I love each and every quilt I've made for this challenge.

This is what I've been working on today.  I started this quilt started at the spring retreat in Cambria where I got all the bottom of the baskets done and at the last retreat I finished cutting out all the parts and started ironing them on.  A couple Friday's ago I finished ironing all the pieces on so today I started the button hole stitching.  It's tedious but this will be a beautiful summer quilt.  It's a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  Of course I'm making it bigger than the pattern calls for so instead of 12 blocks I …

I'm Embroidering Again and Loose Threads meets again

Made 5 "in the hoop" phone holders - one for my mom, one for each of my sisters, one for a girl at work and one for my sister-in-law.  I also made 6 labels.  2 are shown here, 3 I can't show because they are for my Whisper Challenge quilts and one was still stitching when I took the picture.  I got Bernina embroidery software version 6 at the PIQF show and was afraid to load it in case it caused me problems.  I had problems all week copying stuff from my old laptop to the new so I was really afraid to load a big program like that.  It has so much to it that I believe I will need to take classes on how to use it all.  I couldn't figure out how to even delete part of a design.  But I adjusted and made it work.

On Wednesday, the Loose Thread ladies came to my house.  It wasn't a "whisper challenge transfer" month, but we did have some birthday gifts for Janice.

Since a few of the ladies have missed previous months, we had some other gifts to give.

So that…

A Whole Lot of Cuteness

In the form of my grandson and quilt show loot!

First, my grandson's first birthday was today.  Guess what the theme was?
My step-daughter and her mom did a great job - there was cookie monster stuff all over the place.  Kids with blue fingers and mouths all over too.  The photos in the back were done by their friend who is a professional photographer.  He also did their wedding photos.  I hope to be ordering some of those soon.

She made a big cookie monster cake for Jack to eat.  He was not all that impressed.  He looked at it, he looked away and wanted away - maybe it was all the people standing around him and singing.  Here's a picture and a little video.

And then great-grandpa cleaned and put a new mane on this wonderful horse.  He made this for Kelly on Christmas right after her first birthday (She's 27 now).  Now it belongs to Jack.  And Jack liked it although he will need to be supervised as he is still a little unstable.
And here's a picture of Jack with his Gra…

Fall Finish and I did a binding tutorial

The pattern for this quilt is from Fig Tree & Co. and the pattern is called Jelly Girl.  It was pretty easy but due to either my seams being inaccurate or I measured from the outside of the jelly roll strips and they measured from the inside (you know the pinked edges), the triangles around each hexagon were too small.  Luckily I had enough of the light to cut more.
So what does one do with the incorrectly cut triangles, well I added the pieced border (that is not originally on the pattern).  Also luckily I bought some matching solid 5" strips when I bought the jelly roll.
Here's a close up of how I quilted it.

And at guild last week a few ladies asked me how I finish off my bindings so I thought I would try my hand at a tutorial.  It's not a video, not ready to do that plus I usually sew in my pajama's and you don't want to see that.  Click on the tab above to check it out.

Will be having a busy weekend.  Friday night is Party Party Party at the local quilt …

Kings Art Center Show

Tonight was the Open House for the Common Threads Quilt Guild's "A Stitch In Time" show at the Kings Art Center.  I have 4 pieces in this show.  And....yep - I sold my Dresden Plate quilt already.  And a friend of mine, Carol bought another friends quilt (Diane Mitchell's).  

If you're in the area, check the show out.  The info on the Kings Ar Center can be found here.  Superior Ice Cream is only 2 blocks down (within walking distance and there is a quilt store probably about a 1/4 mile from the center as well.)

I Spy With My Little Eye

The I Spy quilt I have made for my grandson for Christmas and it also fits the Material Girls' challenge to make a quilt using a hexagon is finished!
Thanks to all my friends who contributed fabrics for the blocks.  I hope he and his mom will love this.  I quilted a little note on the bottom with his name and love from his Oma.

I did a lot of house cleaning this weekend and even got my Halloween decorations out.  Here's a couple little vignettes.  My table...
A shelf in my quilt room...
and a corner of my sewing room....
I have one more quilt pinned and ready to go except I feel like working on Janice's birthday quilt--she wants something - anything just not bigger than 11 x 14.  So, I have a few ideas knocking around my head and I may get one idea on fabric.  
Thanks for looking and have a great week.  Guild on Thursday and I have a few for show and tell this month.