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I am finally in Houston for International Quilt Festival!!!!

We went to the preview of quilts tonight from 8 pm to 10 pm. Took lots of pictures with my camera but only a few with my phone that should be streaming but haven't yet. Not getting emails either so not sure what to do. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I'll go down to the lobby to see if things will go thru.

But I do have a picture to show of my block of the year block 2 that I finished. It's a Christmas Baltimore album.

Thanks for looking.

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October's Free Motion Quilting Challenge

This months teacher for the Sew Cal Gal's Free Motion Challenge is Teri Lucas.  She wanted us to use different threads and needles.  Since I a using only neon threads on this quilt, my choices were limited.   I used some Madiera thread, and from Superior Threads some of the Brytes, New Brytes, Natures Color and some Rainbow Threads and I just bought some Connecting Threads spools and wanted to try those too.  they are pretty thick and I bought them to use when I raw edge applique with the buttonhole stitch.  Plus the prices are great.  It quilted nicely and if you really want your threads to show, this is the thread to use.

On a personal quilting note, I finished machine quilted the HST quilt and have the binding on - with 3 more sides to hand sew down and a label.  I will work more on the binding after I post this blog and watch part two of the Ken Follet's World Without End series on Reelz.  Loved the books.  Love Ken Follet's books.

Anyway, thanks for looking.

I love Pinterest

Made these for some friends. I couldn't find all red tic tac's for the vampire vitamins so these cherry passion ones will have to do.

So easy. I'd give you the link but I printed the tags as soon as I saw them and forgot to pin them  Thanks Janice for finding the pin/link.

I've been busy machine quilting all weekend but haven't finished anything.

Thanks for looking.

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Something's finished and Loose Threads

Last weekend I went to Pacific International Quilt Show. While there I picked up two patterns from Quilts in the Attic. One is an ornament pattern and the other a pumpkin wall hanging. The ornament pack came with fabric but the pumpkin fabric all came from my scrap therapy boxes. Yea!!!

I did buy the accessories kit that included the raffia, buttons and letters. I like both projects.

Tonight the Loose Threads girls met to show our "Dog Days of Summer" Challenge quilts. My quilt is pretty literal. I'm calling this one RockStar Walter.

Next is Sara's. She has three panels of windows in her living room and on hot days she looks at the hot summer days from her air conditioned house so her quilt reflects that view. Her machine quilting is of ceiling fans.

Janice, our coastal member, has a beautiful beach scene.

Karen's isn't quilted and she hasn't done her thread thing, but this will be a spectacular wolf--something to do with Norse Mythology and our …

Guild Boutique and Jack and...

Our Guild had its first boutique yesterday and we were very happy about how it worked out. We received a lot of community support as well as quilter's support and our members came through with all kinds of donated items. Quilters are one of the most generous groups of people. This was a fundraiser for our guild instead of our great little quilt sale on the Fourth of July which is held outside on July 4th. I have to say this beats sitting outside in 100 degree weather any day!

I also brought 9 quilts to sell in the consignment area and 4 of them sold. That made me pretty happy as I will be heading to Houston for the quilt festival in a few weeks.

My step-daughter sent me these cute photos of them and Jack. Thought I would share.

I think jack is so handsome but I am a little biased.

I was in bed reading the other night and heard some snoring. I looked over and saw this. Look closely. It's a dark picture but Duchess had her head on the pillow and was looking so cute.

I als…

Comment Verification

I'm sorry to say that I had to turn it back on.  I was getting too many weird emails and comments with some weird and bad links that I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.  So sorry for any inconvenience.  I hope it won't stop you from commenting.

Los Osos Mini Retreat

We have been busy beavers in Los Osos. A dear friend has recently retired to a great little house in Los Osos and invited 3 of us to come test her studio called After Math Studio (as she was a math teacher). We are having fun and of course are laughing a lot and eating well (healthy foods too except for her award winning apple pie).

I was the first person to finish something. I got Jacks Christmas rag quilt done except for cutting the fringe.

The next person to finish something was Debbie. She made two of these Mary englebreight Crazy Eight toppers.

She then whipped this rich black and cream topper together.

Not to be outdone, Elaine finished this elegant Christmas topper.

Janice has been working on her Loose Threads Dog Days of Summer quilt. She's been madly machine quilting it and I'm sure shell have that done before we go to bed tonight.

I started machine quilting the guild's opportunity quilt. I got the straight line stitching done and started the free motion.…

A Couple More Boutique Items

The president of the guild said we needed more aprons for the boutique and said Christmas ones would be best. I cut out three but only got two done before tonight's guild meeting. I'll get the other one done before the boutique. If not, well.....I've made enough so I won't feel bad.

I spent this past weekend up north visiting my folks and helping my sister-in-law with my brother after his hip and knee replacement surgery. However, he had some complications (blood clot) and is still in the hospital. Yesterday's was the first time he was able to sit or stand without having his blood pressure spike or nearly passing out and today he actually walked (with a physical therapist) for about 30 feet.

My niece had fun playing with my iPad. She's changed the backgrounds of my phone too with fun pictures of herself. We had fun coloring mustaches, devils horns or haloes on each other. The picture above is the picture I get behind all my apps.

Then when I got home I go…