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So excited - Grandbaby #2

This is a picture that Jeff and I got via text yesterday.

Brother due to arrive around March 1st.  I put my order in for a girl this time.  I will love whatever it is though.

Thanks for looking.

Two for Charity

Finished these two for our guild's charity committee.  The first one was made with blocks from February's Block of the Month that I won.  The second one was a kit with a finished top that just needed quilting and binding.
That's all.  Now I get to play with something I put together at the last retreat and finished 'cutting' at Party Party Party last Friday.  Just needs pinning and quilting.  
Thanks for looking.

Shades of Gray - The Quilt (Not the book)

Another finish.  The top was completed at the retreat in Cambria a few weeks ago.  I pinned it last weekend at my folks and spent the rest of the week quilting an all over feather design all around the quilt.
Two more pinned quilts to work on this week.
Thanks for looking.

Free Motion Quilting Challenge and More Cuteness

First business.  I finally took some time to work on the July Free Motion Quilting Challenge.   This month's challenge was taught by Angela Walters.  She showed us another way to break up spaces.  I decided to keep my insides all the same 

I need to remember that circles are time consuming but I love the look.  

And as promised on the last post, here's a picture of me and Jack.  My mom, my niece Claire and I went to visit Kelly and Jack (Chad was working).  We also wanted to see her chickens, her garden and her chicken coop.  All so wonderful but the best part was seeing how much Jack is growing. He's talking a lot - I don't always know what he's saying, he is a giggler which I love.  No sound is sweeter than a child's laugh.  Anyway, we got one good picture of us.  He's a wiggler and wants to RUN!  And be chased.  And did I say he likes to laugh?  Check out the video I posted on the post before of him making animal noises.
Thanks for looking.  I have anot…

Jack makes animal noises.MOV

My niece took this video of Jack last weekend when she, my mom and I went north to visit Kelly and Jack.  Claire took some really cute videos.

American Quilter's Society Blog of the Week

Can't believe it!  I was chosen as AQS's blog of the week.  What an honor.  Wish I had another finished quilt to post.  I have 3 pinned and ready to quilt - maybe by the end of the week.  Thank's AQS.

Blizzard in Blue or Finally the Blue and White Quilt is DONE

A few years ago I decided I needed a blue and white Christmas quilt for my guest bedroom which is painted, blue and white.  Go figure, right?  So at Road 2 California a few years ago and ever since then, I have been collecting blue and white fabrics with silver metallics on it.
 This is the final quilt that I made with all those fabrics.  It's a pattern I found in Quilters World December 2008 and was designed by Karla Schulz.  Her quilt had grey where I had some of the light blue and gray in the sashing. I had to use the valued fabrics where I could because I only had so much of each color.  I have absolutely no medium/light blue's left and I had to squeeze in some dark blue that has no metallic silver in it.  (Gasp!)  But I bet you wouldn't find it.  I used some silver metallic thread in some of the areas.
Whew!  It took over 3 hours to machine quilt each block and there are 9 blocks.  The piecing is pretty good except in the square in the square blocks in the sashing. …

Whisper Challenge Quilts (photo heavy post)

If you like art quilts, you'll like this post.

After 14 months, the Loose Threads art group had our Whisper Challenge reveal.  We invited friends and guild members to see what we've been working on.  There are 7 of us--Anna Koelewyn, Grace Hoya, Sara Kelly, Karen Taber, Janice Minyard, Barbara Sawyer and myself.  We each started with a photo that we picked and made a quilt using that photo as inspiration.  We then passed on to the next person pass on their  quilt to the next person on the list. That person was to use that quilt as inspiration and then give the quilt back to the maker and the quilt they made to the next person on the list.  They had to use that quilt for inspiration, and so on.  So we had no idea what came before the quilt that we received.  It's interesting to see how the quilts morphed.  So below I'll show the inspiration picture and then the whole thread of quilts from that picture in a row and then each quilt separately.

Anna's Thread

My Thread