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Terry Waldron Class Project DONE!

Tried to get a close up so you can see that I actually did some beading on there and there are dimmensional butterflies that I got for a Christmas gift.  Had fun playing with this.  I use my embroidery machine for the Danish looking horse thing and free formed the rest, a la Terry Waldron.  And this is a resolution quilt - so one more off my list.  :)  Check out my friend   Debbie 's blog - she has her class project posted too.  Hers is much prettier and her quilting is out of this world and her's has a real sentimental story.

My husband met with our tax guy today and we are so screwed.  Jeff is still reeling.  We have to make some adjustments this year so we don't get dinged again next year. 

And I usually don't talk much about my work, but I'm being audited this week--it's an internal audit (we hire a company to do this each year) and today was madness getting ready for it.  Still didn't get it all done but they will be at our office for at least the next…

Doxie Love

At Road 2 Californai 2010, I took Joanie Zeier Poole's class, it was all about designing, adapting and marking quilting designs.   I finally finished it.  I don't know what took so long.  I'm calling it Doxie Love.  I used the doxie's design from the fabric in the middle border as an inspiration for the quilting.   As it's Valentine's Day, I pushed to finish this one on Valentine's Day.  Here's the blog entry about the class.  (scroll to middle of page)   Road 2 California 2010

Speaking of Valentine's, it was a quiet one here.  When I got to work my boss Greg had a bunch of kisses and Dove candies all around all our desks.  What a sweetie!  I got him a card and a big Hershey's kiss too. 

My hubby left yesterday for Cambria to spray weeds at the house there so our Valentine's wasn't very romantic.  He did make me breakfast before he left. 

Anyway, I have another finish for the year.  It wasn't on the resolution list but it should hav…

I love quickies!

Bought this pattern and 2 fabric kits at Road to California last month.  They were super easy to put together.  Made me feel like I accomplished something.  They are from The Calico Horse based in Redlands. CA.  The pattern includes mats for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall and 4th of July.  Didn't buy kits for those and now that I've made these 2 the rest can be made with all my scraps.

Started cutting my next project.  It's called Lincoln's Watch and I'm using a fat quarter pack I bought about 2 years ago called Coventry by Jo Morton.  I've had to add some additional fabrics from my stash that aren't part of the "pack" but it will be super scrappy and you won't be able to tell. 

Thanks for looking.

While Everyone is Watching the Super Bowl...

I finished this baby!  It's from our guild class last month (January) called "Look Ma, No Curves" with instructor Deb Karasik.  I love how it turned out.  Still no name for it yet.  As usual, I'll take suggestions since everyone else is so much better at it than I am.  I spent so much time going around each peak with my walking foot and I should have done it all free motion.  I am horrible at straight lines. Oh, I can check off two of my resolution quilts because I used my red and aqua fabrics that I had collected and finished a class project.  YES!

Now, I will work on some mindless little seasonal candle mats.  My hubby is at a Superbowl Party that I had no desire to go to. 

Thanks for looking.

Some Miscellaneous Items

First and foremost - a most recent picture of my grandson.  3 months old and wearing 6 months old clothes.  He's a really chunky monkey. 

Second, about a month ago, I brought my car in to be smogged - because I couldn't renew my registration without a smog this year.  It wouldn't pass and it would cost me about $1,300 just for the new cadalytic converter and more if you include the labor to replace it and the car isn't even worth that much.  (Kelly Blue Book is $2,000).  The part is so expensive because of the California state requirements.:( So I had to buy a new car.  My old car was a Toyota Corolla.  It had 226,000 miles and I had it for 8 years so it did do me good.    So instead of paying for a repair that would take me months to pay off,  I decided just to get a new car.  I looked at the new Corollas, but for the same price and a few more "extras" I ended up getting a Nissan Sentra.  Here's my new baby.

Now it's back to full insurance and car pay…

Loose Threads Meeting

We finally had our January meeting on Monday (was delayed due to fog) and we revealed our "photo" quilts which only 3 of us actually did the project.  Sara did it I guess since she included photos in her piece to Anna below) but she went to go visit her new granddaughter.  Here's what was done.  The fractured piece on the left is Anna's, mine's in the middle (shown on a previous blog post) and the flower is Janices.  She used excel to tile print the flower.  Came out great - she got the directions from the latest Quilt Life magazine.
The project was to use a picture and the inspiration word was Joy.

Then Anna had a birthday and this year we're all making 6" strips for each other but instead of putting them all in one long strip - we're making vertical pieces that we can hang together or separately.  Anna asked for pieces no longer that 44" and with tabs and they had to reflect the maker.  Mine is the leaf piece, 2nd on the right.  I used a fre…