Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Quilts

Here's pictures of the quilts and/or projects I finished in 2010.  I know these are all the quilts, but I'm not sure if I got all the little crafty things I finished on here.  Sometimes I foget to take pictures.  Or they were part of a bigger quilt like the pieces I did for the Loose Threads ribbon quilts.  I only finished 13 of the 25 quilts on my resolution list for 2010.  However, one of the quilts on the list has 12 different mini quilts and there are 2 of those finished.  Then I have the top of one other finished and I hope to get that quilted or at least started this weekend.  Tomorrow I work on the new years resolution list!

When you see them all together you can really see I don't have a particular style of quilting.  I'm game to try anything and any color.
Tomorrow comes the "NEW LIST OF RESOLUTION QUILTS".  Today it's all about putting Christmas decor away.  Which I'm stalling because I dread going back and forth to the storage shed to get the boxes and then back and forth to put them back.
Thanks for looking.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Ornament Exchange and other gifts

Every year my family exchanges home-made ornaments for Christmas.  It's so fun each year to see what we all come up with.    Here are the ornaments I made this year for everyone. Of course I also make them for my nephews and niece (except I didn't get a picture of my nieces ornament yet.)  I did all mine with counted cross-stitch except for the Santa - my embroidery machine did that. 

And this is what I received in return.  I'm showing the ornament my husband gave me this year.  He actually has been giving me these collectible ornaments for the last 6 years. 
You can click on the pictures to get a closer look and use your browsers back button to return to this page.

And other crafty items received and made are here.
The buffalo watercolor was done my mother-in-law for my husband.  It was from a picture he took on his big adventure earlier this year.  She has always been artistic but usually with oil paints and at 82 decided she wanted to try something new and started taking watercolor lessons this year.  Amazing isn't it?  My niece Claire painted the rose watercolor in January 2010 (by the way she's only 7 years old).  The name on the sewing machine, the flower pins and the towels I showed earlier are gifts I made for others and were shown on previous posts.  The scarfs don't show the white fuzzy on the bottom but my mom made those for me to give to friends (I bought the supplies.)  I (my machine) embroidered these napkins for my mother-in-law and the jewelry wasn't made by any one I know, but the necklace was purchased by my husband on his travels earlier this year and he bought the ring and earrings locally. 

I had a wonderful holiday and still have one more celebration with my step-daughter and her family - just not sure when that will be.  I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends.

Now - back to quilting - just can't figure out where to start. 

Thanks for looking. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Some gifts received (and sneaking in one I'm giving)

Okay maybe I'm not sneaking it in because I'm going to start the blog with it.  My step-daughter asked me to make her husband and my grandson matching hooded towels because her hubby Chad just thinks they are so cool.  She even found a blog with directions on how to make them.  (Thanks  So I made these.  I know Kelly checks my blog occassionally but I don't think Chad does so it's safe to share this.

Chad's is made with a bath sheet and Jack's is made with a regular sized towel.  I hope they'll like them.

Now being part of  two very talented friendship groups, I have been getting some wonderful gifts.  Here are just a few of the handmade items.  This is just a tip of the iceburg of the wonderful gifts I've received - not all of them.

Anna Koelewyn belongs to both the groups I'm in and for one she made us these cute magnetic pin holders.  They are just clay saucers she's painted and glued strong magnets on the bottom.   The second item were these painted and mod podged boxes.  I love organizational things and when I got home I saw that the box would be perfect to hold the fabric/fiber postcards I've been making and receiving.

Sara made this great bookmark with this quote on the back.  "Think where glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.  W. B. Yeats."  She also got us some embellishment supplies (buttons and butterflies and we're wondering if she has some plans for us to use them), and this cool stone with Glass Eye on the back.

Barbara Sawyer made these wonderful pins with fabric, wire and beads.  (I get so amazed how they can even think of making something so pretty.)

Now here is where my sisters have to close their eyes.  Janice made these adorable ornaments and I think this is what I'll make for my family next year.

Last but not least for tonight...the art group I'm in is called Loose Threads and when Grace was in Long Beach this summer she saw these great pins and picked them all up to give for gifts.  I think she got them at the Pin Peddler.  (It says Loose Threads on the top.)

No quilting lately.  I did put together the remaining 256 half-square blocks to make a center of a quilt.  I've been looking through some books to find a great finish for these blocks.  It's pretty scrappy.  It's all the colors of the ocean waters (blues, aquas, greens).  Also have the Christmas pine burr top almost finished  ordered some fabric on line that I thought would work for the border but sadly didn't even come close - so will have to continue looking.  I hate having unfinished tops like this.  I'm itching to quilt something.

Well, it's late, I should proof this (but it doesn't mean there won't be typos above anyway).  Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Great Reveal

The Material Girls Friendship Group met today for our Christmas party and the big reveal.  In spring we exchanged signature blocks and we had until today to make a quilt with them.  We were missing 4 of our group for various reasons and they were all missed.  I hope to see their quilts soon though. Since this is my blog - my quilt is first. Mine is a wall hanging that will hang above our bed in the Cambria house.   I'm showing the pictures of the blocks when we got them and the finished products.
These neutrals were Adena Joseph's.  She not only made this quilt with neutrals, she made us each ATC cards and she made herself a tote bag to carry her quilt around.  She plans on doing an applique around the border when she finds the time. 

Anna wanted orange and pink - love how she added the turquoise.  Gives the blocks a whole new look.  

Carol Chadwick wanted oriental fans and she twisted them in her setting which gives it a very untraditional fan setting, which I love.

Debbie Van Fossen who couldn't make it but made sure we saw her quilt, made this beauty.  In case you can read the top it says "I'm a real witch if I don't get to stitch".  She designed the witch herself and had to add two blocks to make the setting work.

Deolinda used some great sashing fabrics and with the variety of values set these off beautifully.

Diane received 6" fall blocks and made a table runner (the big block she will use on the back).  The fabric in the middle is from a panel she received (from me) is all about friendships.  

Elaine Berry was one of 4 who chose Sunbonnet Sues as her blocks.  She set hers off in a muted pink and because she asked for all different sizes (6, 9 or 12") her setting was a real challenge.

Janice also received Sunbonnet Sues and she also had the same setting issues.  Both did a great job working with different sizes.

Kathy Morrison also asked for Halloween blocks.  I love her big cat in the middle - so cute and sets off the 6" blocks so well.  (the finished picture is 2 pictures kind of merged together poorly - sorry).
Rita asked for black, white and red blocks and made this very sophisticated lap quilt.

Here's a group shop of those who were there.  Pam and Lynne who were there didn't get their tops done but they did bring show and tell of other quilts they've been working on as did a few others.  However this post is long enough.  

Tomorrow I plan on finishing my cross stitch ornaments (2 more to go--woo hoo) and then I can work on Chad and Jack's gift.  Also have been going through my old magazines (2007 and 2008's) and will be giving those away after I'm done scanning the quilts I like from them.  I hate to tear pages out so I scan and give the magazines away.

Thanks again to my Material Girl friends for another great challenge.  Next years challenge is to use a hexigon in a quilt or make a hexigon quilt.  Any size any color, no other rules. 

Thanks for looking. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Postcards and Puppies

We had a nice quiet Thanksgiving with just my in-laws, got my house decorated for the holidays, and started working on some Christmas gifts (which of course I can't show).  I can show these postcards for the guild show and tell.  Sorry about the photo - taken with cell phone - don't know why it's sideways.  Anyway I quilted with metallic thread on velvet and used crystals to decorate.  I'll try to take better photos with real camera.

So on to the puppy part, my husband told me this morning he was going to the local flea market to go look for a bike (he plays with them, puts engines on them, etc.) but instead of coming home with a bike he came home with this little girl.

Here she is snuggled inside my sweatshirt.  We won't be able to keep her but my husband just couldn't leave her running around the flea market.  Looks like she was dumped there.  He walked around the whole place hoping someone would claim her.  He said he saw 2 little girls holding 2 other puppies so he figured that had to be the case.  Anyway, we bathed her and fed her but are keeping her away from the other dogs in case she has some disease.  She's awfully thin but a good natured little girl.  She won't get huge because she has tiny little paws.  We can't figure out exactly what she is - a little chihuahua or boxer or terrier or a mix of all.  Jeff will take her to the vet tomorrow and find a place where he can place her where she won't be euthenized.

So if you live in the central valley California and want a sweet little girl, let me know.  I'd love to find her a good home.  (I already have 3 dogs which is why I can't keep her.  I like to joke that there is no room in the bed for another dog, which is actually pretty true.)

I have enjoyed looking at everyone's blogs this weekend.  Fun to see all the decorations and Thanksgiving pictures.  Let the Christmas music begin!

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I've Been Busy

See last post for how this obsession started.  They are so pretty. 

I have been having some I-tunes problems tonight and spent way too much time reloading, finding and crap.  For some reason it just said when I tried to open Itunes "Ituneslibrary.itl cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of itunes"  Of course all the googling just confused me.  Sometimes these things just get me riled up.  I got Itunes reloaded and now it's saying my iphone is not being recognized with that itunes so I'm afraid to sync my ipod. 

So I will leave this be and enjoy my 4 day weekend.  Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I plan on sewing on Thursday, decorating my house for Christmas on Friday and sewing some more on Saturday and Sunday.  Since I work for a shopping center, black friday shopping at a mall is the last place I want to be.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christsmas Gift Idea, Art Group Quilts and of course, Jack

First off, my older sister Brenda was in town (well my parents town) so I went up north to spend some time with her.  As usual, she had a great gift idea for friends at Christmas.  Well, not all my friends, the ones who will probably get them already saw mine and oohed and aahhed and kind of hinted they would make a great Christmas gift.  So this year, they all get one.  The other friendship group is getting something else that my older sister is making for me.  Anyway, here is what she showed us this weekend.  She found a tutorial on and her and a friend perfected it and shared it with my sis-in-law, mom and I.
They aren't that hard to make and are so pretty.  She made the black one and gave it to me for my birthday and together we all made a silver one.  So today I was already at Hancocks Fabrics to buy some synthetic fabrics to make more.  Black, gold, silver and white. 

While she was here we took a little trip further north to visit my step-daughter Kelly and my grandson Jack.  I was just getting over a cold so I wasn't allowed to hold him but everyone else could.  But I did get more pictures.  I can't believe how much he changes in such a short period of time.
My sister Brenda and Jack (sleeping)

My mom and Jack - finally waking up. 

My niece Claire and Jack hungry but not for his binky.

While in Ripon, my sister-in-law Marcy's brother Jeff and his wife Marianne were in town and we had a Texas Hold-em Tournament.  Jeff had the whole thing organized and even gave us newbies lessons earlier in the day.  We had a lot of fun.  I was the first one out so I became the official shuffler.  Great fun.
Marianne Laun, Patrick and my mom

Jeff Laun, Brenda, Marcy and Drew
 And right after I got home from work on Monday, my Loose Threads Art Group met at my house for our November meeting.  We are going through the Fabric Embellishing, The Basics and Beyond book.  This month our technique was bubbles and wrinkles and the inspiration word was Illumination.  Here is a picture of what we all made.
Anna's came out blurry - check her blog out as I'm sure when she's done (she wants to bead on it) she'll have it on her blog.  ( Unfortunately you can only comment on her blog if you look at it thru Internet Explorer.  (I use firefox.)   Karen's piece was her interpretation of the Book of Kells.  I had no idea what it was so I had to look it up on-line.  Since I was hostess, I had to choose a technique for next month (but actually it will be January) and the inspiration word.  I chose photo on fabric and showed them the basics of photoshop and how to play and use filters on photos.  My word is JOY!  It will be exciting to see what everyone does with that. 

Anyway, tonight it's all about getting ready for another busy week.  We have a guild board meeting on Wednesday night, a late night quilting party (Cut Throat Quilters) at the quilt shop on Friday Night and all day Saturday and Sunday our guild's stacation type of retreat.  (we sew all day at Country Manor but get to go home to our own bed each night).

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Improve an Already Completed Quilt (and I turned 50)

First off, I finished this quilt a few months ago for my grandson.  This picture shows it unfinished, but he got it finished before he was born. 

But there was something missing and I just couldn't put my finger on it. 

And then I got this picture and realized that it needed this to improve the quilt. 
Kelly said Jack loves his quilt.

And last Saturday I had my 50th birthday and had a party at my house.  I had a great time and was so happy so many of my family and friends could join me in celebrating this milestone.  I have a good life and am very thankful for all I have.  My youngest sister couldn't be there but she sent this box of 50 leaf items.  Since I was "leaf"ing my 40's behind.  

It was like a treasure chest full of leaf goodness.  (leaf cookies she bought and she made some too, a cookie cutter, a frame, a magnet, a necklace and earrings, chocolate bar shaped like a leave, a notebook, kitchen towels, a candle holder and candle, all individually wrapped in a a box.)  In the background of the picture you can see a pile of fall fabrics.  My Material Girls Friendship group ladies got together and put a basket of 1 yard pieces of fall fabrics (they each donated one yard) knowing how much I love fall and fall fabrics.  I will make a leaf quilt with those fabrics.  (Next year though.)  I also received other very nice gifts which surprised me since I put no gifts on the invitation.

It took me two days to recover from the party.  I think I had one too many margaritta's.  It could have been the shots of tequila though.  Not sure.  :)

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Scrap Therapy finsihed and I finally met my grandson

Won't be a lot of quilting going on here this week.  I'm having a big birthday party this coming weekend and I need to get busy cleaning and cooking.  But I wanted to get this Scrap Therapy project done before and I finally finished it last night.  I will probably be donating to our guilds charity quilt program.
It's made with a lot of the scraps I cut from my grandson's baby quilt.  Maybe I'll keep it and give it to him for his 1st birthday.  Speaking of my grandson, I got my husband to drive to Livermore yesterday so we could meet him.  He was not happy - 6 hours of driving for a one hour visit.  He wouldn't even hold him.  Said he was too small.  I was pretty nervous myself.  And since I was holding him the whole time, I was unable to get more pictures.

Happy Halloween everyone.  We don't have street lights so we never get any trick or treaters here so I don't get to see all those fun Halloween costumes.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Testing Smilebox

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The quality of the photos is poor but that's my fault.  I wanted to see if this worked.  These are pictures of some of the quilts I showed during my trunk show earlier this month at our quilt guild.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Finished Quilt and a Fauz Hawk!

I didn't start this one this weekend.  I started this in Pismo Beach a few weeks ago, but had to pick up more aqua fabric at Pacific International to do the applique pieces.  It's from a kit from Cherrywood Fabrics called  Endless Horizon.  Can't remember if I bought it last year at Pacific International or Road 2 California.  Oh and this is a quilt from my Resolution List!  Yea!  One more down. 
Now I have some scrap therapy blocks to finish and the guild's block of the month blocks.  I also need to make a few fiber postcards for guild.

 And because this picture made me smile, I'm going to share it with you all.  My new grandson Jack got his first sponge bath at home today and Kelly styled his hair and took a picture for me.  I love his little smile and she said that's the face he makes when he's pooping.  I still think it's adorable.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall is in the House

Remember those beautiful Fall fabrics I bought at Pacific International last weekend?  Well I whipped up this table runner this week.   While I was quilting the last leaf of the piece I noticed that there is a mistake.  I would have to have undone alot of quilting to fix it and thought, I didn't notice it until this point and hope no one else will notice it either.  Fall is my favorite season and Fall colors are my favorites. 

Well hubby said dinner is ready.  Thanks for looking.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Loose Threads Meeting

On Wednesday, the Loose Threads met to show off our flour paste resists pieces.  The inspiration word this month was grafitti.  I think we all did a great job.  Each of our pieces came out so different - we used different types of paints and I suppose different thicknesses of flour paste. 
We also celebrated Janice's 59th birthday so we each made her 59 inches of  a ribbon for her.  She loves flowers and without discussing it with each other, we all made some  type of flowery piece.

I will be working on a little table runner this weekend with that glorious fall fabric I bought last week.  I'll show it when it's done. 

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Officially a Grandma

Meet Jack Richard Buck.  Is he not the cutest baby ever?!?!  He was born on 10/19/10 at 12:25 a.m. and mom and baby are doing fine.  Kelly said he has a healthy set of lungs.  I hope to meet him in real life in the next few weeks.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pacific International Quilt Show

What a great show.  Was inspired by a lot of quilts, took lots of pictures but not sure which ones were my favorites to share here.  I went with 3 wonderful women who I just adore.  They are the nicest gals and the best travel partners.  We are all sharing a room at Road to California this January and I think all 4 of us are also taking David Taylors class. 

I pretty much stuck to my list of things I wanted to buy.  The only variant was the gorgeous fall fabrics and the civil war pattern.  Not bad.  I couldn't carry anymore anyway--fabric is heavy!
The fabric bundles and the fabric on the bottom left are from Fig Tree for the Vintage Postcards I want to make.  (see the Halloween quilt I showed at the post before this one).  I had some fabrics but after finishing 2 of the 12 I realized I need more variety and they are just adorable.  The solids go with that set too.   I only needed the aqua color of the blue/brown fabric pack but they didn't have any without the rest of the fabrics and since I love their fabrics, I went ahead and bought the whole pack.  The lights to the right of those are for the David Taylor class and the pattern is for some Coventry by Jo Morton fabrics I bought over 2 years ago just waiting for the perfect pattern.  And those fall fabrics I just couldn't resist.  Think I'll make a little table runner with those. 

Anyway, did you go to a show today - what did you get?

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 more finishes from my list

Wow - I can scratch 2 more quilts from my resolution list.  The first one here is the Baltimore Album block I started at Asilimar in March.  I will eventually make more blocks but that is not on my list and I am not ready to start another hand project yet.  But this block is DONE!
The next finish is the 2nd of 12 Fresh Fig Vintage Postcard quilts.  I am using fusible/raw edge applique on these.  I think I will need to purchase more of their (Fresh Fig) fabrics to finish the rest.  Good thing they are usually at Pacific International in Santa Clara which is this weekend.

So me and 3 of my friends will be driving to Santa Clara on Saturday for the Pacific International Quilt Show.  I have a list already of things I need.  See that!  Things I NEED.  I always start off good and then get sidetracked by all the beautiful fabrics and patterns.  I plan on taking lots of pictures of the quilts too.  They always have such a wide variety and great exhibits.

This past weekend I went up north to visit my folks.  On Sunday, instead of going to the movies, my sister-in-law Marcy suggested we (me, her and my niece Claire) go geocaching.  (It's like treasure hunting using a gps.)  The first cache was so cool.  We found it in a mushroom.  The rest were what they call LP's.  Which means light poles (not the records like we thought with the first one).   We found 5 of 8 we went on the hunt for and today my SIL called and said she found one that we couldn't find the other day and she said that 2 of the ones we didn't find were de-activated.  Anyway, it's fun and it gets you outside in the fresh air.

My folks looked great considering they both have some medical issues.  They are learning to take it easy and rest alot.  My mom has been busy crocheting, knitting and other needle work.  She even knitted some scarves for me to give as gifts this year.  I think it was something she could do while they were traveling last month.  My dad is always working on something - usually something outside or in his shop.   

I will report back after PIQS this weekend.
Thanks for looking.