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Nipomo Trunk Show and Cambria Retreat

So last Thursday I did a trunk show at the Nipomo Quilt Guild.  What a nice bunch of ladies and they really made me feel so welcomed.  One lady even gave me some brownies to take to the retreat.  It was great to see my friend Sue and fortunately I had my "groupies" with me so I wasn't among all strangers.  These were ladies who were coming to our house in Cambria for a weekend retreat.  Here's me on the stage and my friends who came with me.
Even though it rained a bit this weekend, we had a wonderful time - probably because we don't get out much.  We went out for dinner one night and went to town one afternoon to do a little shopping.  We all got a lot done and as usual, plenty of laughs, food and fun.  Here are some of the projects we worked on.

Anna was telling us the story they have been having at their new house with mice so while in town, Debbie and I bought this mouse and stuck in near her sewing machine.  We all had a good laugh over that one.

Anyway, besid…

Half Ton Truck to Carry My Sewing "Stuff"

I'm packed and ready for a retreat in Cambria and I'm also the speaker at the Nipomo Quilt Guild (doing a trunk show) and because I have to take not only my retreat stuff (you know, machine, tables, chair, fabrics, threads, rulers, food, etc) I have to take 4 suitcases and 1 plastic tub full of quilts to show so I have to borrow his "new to him" half ton truck to carry it all. He has mentioned this several times to me tonight.

So the last few days when I've had a few extra minutes, I've been finishing this little baby.  It's from the class I took at Road 2 California, the class was Layered Waves by Karen Eckmeier.  I decided to make mine a pillow to keep at the beach house in Cambria.
An the picture below is the reason we went to Livermore on Sunday.  We brought the parts for this shelving unit to the kids.  Jeff and his dad had all the parts and pieces of trim and it was their job to paint and put it together.  I am amazed at how fast they did it  Appare…

The View from a 1 1/2 Year Old Boy

I got to see my grandson this weekend and being the great Oma that I am, I let him play with my camera.  These are some of the pictures he took (with a little help from me).

He's a great little boy and so funny.  He and I were playing in the backyard and he stuck a handful of dirt in him mouth and I ran to him and washed his face off with my hand (and by this time he was trying to spit it out) and he also just thought it was hilarious - I was trying to tell him it was yucky and he kept giggling.  Then he'd do it again and laugh.  After the third time, we came inside.  He's pretty much potty trained during the day Kelly said but that doesn't mean he always makes it into the toilet.  Let's just say they need a little cup guard on his little toilet seat.  He's a happy little boy - but only when he can see him mom or dad in the room.  When Kelly went outside to put his blow up slide away (it started to rain) he sat at the back door with his brother Beast and cried …

Lucky Quilt

I finally finished my green and white quilt and I whipped up two table tops to cover the nightstands as well.  Whew.  I love how this turned out.  The pattern is from a magazine however, this magazine didn't have the magazine name or date it was printed and I copied it a few years ago.  (I only keep magazines for 3 years - after that I go through them all and scan all the quilts and patterns I want to make one day.)  Anyway, here it is.

Now I'm going to spend the rest of the evening making half-square triangles for my Friendship Group's 2012 challenge.  I need 260 by April 22.  I got 86 done yesterday.  If I do a little each day I won't get bored.

Thanks for looking.

March Free Motion Quilting Challenge

While my machine was set up for machine quilting -finished my green and white quilt - just need to hand sew the binding down and do a label) I figured I'd work on the Free Motion Quilting challenge.  I also picked up another charity quilt from guild and figured I could practice on that too.  When I saw the tutorial for this months teacher I realized I had already completed the stars and loops last month.  See here and scroll down .  For information re: the challenge check out Sew Cal Gal's Free Motion Quilting Challenge

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to finally show the green and white quilt.  Yea!!!!

Thanks for looking

Liebster Blog Award

Thanks to Suzanne Kistler from Quilt by Faith blog for giving me the coveted Liebster Blog award.
According to her post, The Liebster Award takes its name from the German word meaning Beloved, Dearest or Favorite.  It's to be given to blogs with less than 200 followers and for someone who inspires you.  

As part of the tradition it is passed along to 5 bloggers that have motivated and inspired.
To accept the award you must:
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you and thank them.
2. Post the award to your blog.
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you appreciate and value.
4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know that they have been offered this award.

Here are 5 bloggers who inspire me.  

Paula from Paula's Pins and Needles - she inspires me because of how much she gets done.  She's a dedicated quilter and donates so much of her time and energy for charity quilts as well as to her family and friends.  

Jodi from Sew Handmade - she inspir…