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A Baby Quilt Waiting for the Baby

One of our maintenance men is expecting his first son so I thought I'd use some of the fabric I just got from the Fat Quarter Shops Moda Fat Quarter club from January. Perfect fabric for a little boy. Simple piecing and quilting and even machine bound it. Now I just have to wait for the baby to be born so I can make a label. And his brother who also works for us is expecting in a few months and they don't know the sex yet so I can't make a quilt for that baby yet. A boy would be nice since I still have a lot of this fabric left. Thanks for looking. Posted with Blogsy

Road To California

Another great time at Road To California quilt show. The quilts were great as were the vendors ( as you'll see in a minute) but the best part is spending time with friends and meeting new ones. From left to right: Anna (the birthday girl); me, Kathy, Grace, Barbara, Suzie, Anita, Diane and Debbie. This is Judy and Anna. Judy Coates Perez and Anita Grossman Soloman are our new friends. Judy was my teacher here and Anna's teacher in Houston. Anita was Debbie's teacher at Road. We had a wonderful dinner at Rosa's again. He's my lass project. We learned to paint on fabric using Setacolor transparent paints. Judy was a great teacher. And yes, I did some shopping. Here is my 'stuff'. Mostly thread, needles and colored pencils. Notice the bag under it. Pretty cool. Here's the fabric, patterns and rulers I got. We also sat in a lecture by Nancy Rink about the Lowell MA mill girls. Very interesting and informative. Love all the history. Thanks to all th…

Local Quilt Shop Day

Today is the day to celebrate our local quilt shops.  Unfortunately I will be out of town and won't be able to celebrate with the owner and staff at Thimble Towne in Visalia, CA, but I didn't want the day to go by without thanking them for all their hard work, for keeping the store stocked with some great fabrics and threads, and everything else and for just being a fun place to go to anytime.
So, here's to you Jeremy and staff.  I love you all!

3 Finishes

First, I finished quilting my Easy Street Mystery the other day and got the binding sewn down last night while watching the rest of season 3 of Downton Abbey. A friend "had connections" and got it early so we had a marathon watching session last night. Now we have to wait for a whole year for season four. Then about two years ago a boss of mine retired and was also going to move so she cleaned up some of her sewing stuff and gave me a bunch of scraps and some blocks and a quilt that was actually started by her mom. Her mom was hand quilting as she went and had 2 rows done. They are hand appliquéd. She had two down and the rest cut. I just bound the two rows and will keep that one for myself since its also hand quilted and I added borders to the two blocks and machine quilted it and will donate to our guild for their monthly raffle. And for some more cuteness, here's a stray cat we've been feeding. I call her fluffy because she really is compared to all the othe…

Sticks & Stones

Loose Threads met this week to show our Sticks & Stones quilts. We were to use the quote "Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me" theme as inspiration. I went for technique. I wanted to try Texture Magic. Karen went dimensional. She actually used some real sticks and some fabric sticks and fabric stones. Anna pulled out her embroidery machine and embroidered some words that had some great meaning to her and words she wants to look at each day. Grace made her wonderfully colored sticks using her signature purple. Sara's been on a stone streak. She's been hand appliqueing stones to quilts, bowls and more. This is a really long runner she'll use on her table. Barbara Sawyer used another quote about words and how they can be used to build someone up. Janice said she just wasn't inspired to work on the theme so made this for a gift or donation. She brought it to ask for machine quilting suggestions. Another night with some talent…

Easy Street Mystery Top done

And I've been working on the back tonight so I can pin and start quilting it soon.  Will probably just do an all over design since it's quite busy.
This is Bonnie Hunter ( latest mystery quilt.  Where she used purple I used green and where she used green I used pink.  I looked at my stash and tried to use colors that I had a lot of similar tones of the color.  I did have to buy the dark gray (looks black in picture) and the white with black fabrics since I had only black with white fabrics and not white with black.

This was her first mystery that I participated in and I love it.  Her instructions are easy to understand.  Thanks Bonnie Hunter!

Thanks for looking.


Ha!  I didn't make all that many from my list last year so I won't promise to get a lot done on this new list, however, it's nice to have a reference to some of the quilts I do want to make.  I do have more fat quarter and fabric 'kits', but I am afraid to list them all.

In the famous words of Suzie Kistler, another blogger I follow, Quilt By Faith, GOALS ARE GOOD.

Here's what I've been working on - it's a corner of the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.

Thanks for looking.

2012 Review of Quilts

You never know how much you can do in a year until you have to put them together in a picture.
First - here are the quilts that were on my 'Resolution Quilt List" that I actually got finished.

Then quilts that were not on my list but finished this year.

That's all.  I need to think about my "resolution list" and maybe change the name to"quilt kits that I have that I may or may not work on this year".  ha ha
Thanks for looking.