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What's been happening..

Wish I could report that I've completed a lot of quilts but that would be lying.  I have been busy, actually designing stuff and getting quilt tops pinned.  I don't normally show things in process but I might need to start.

First I finally finished this top (after I got the right ruler it all came together beautifully).
I used the design wall at the local quilt store since I don't have one at home.  The great thing about that is you get a lot of opinions on where to put blocks.  The top is all done and a border added.

The second one is from a class I started a few years ago with Sue Garmen - it's her twirly balls block.  I decided to make mine from all different colors.  I'm working on the last block now but here are the other 8 blocks.
Still not sure how I'm going to set it.  I don't have a lot of the background fabric left and the other colors I just used fat quarters so there isn't a lot of any of those either.  It will come to me what to do.  Thes…