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Coxcomb Quilt is Done (and a little Cambria retreat). Oh and I saw Kaffe Fasset

At Road to California 2015 I took Anita Shacklefords Coxcomb class.  This weekend I put the binding on my quilt.  She gifts you a little history of the coxcomb blocks and gives you  stencils to design your own.  This is my version.

I spent a lot of time contemplating my quilting.  Well actually it hung in my closet for almost a year.  I was afraid I would ruin it when I quilted it.  I did pin it about 4 weeks ago after I marked it and for the first time ever I had a problem with some of my safety pins rusting.  The older pins.  We turned our swamp cooler on a couple weeks ago and there you go  Most of the spots are in the back, but there are two in the front.  I have been given a few ideas on how to remove the stains.  Wish me luck.  
Me and two friends went to Cambria this weekend for a mini retreat.  It seems I didn't get a lot done but I did.  I got the binding on the Coxcomb quilt, I also made over 580 half-square triangles using the triangle on a roll papers.  It took several…

Goodbye Dear Walter

We had to put our oldest dog Walter to sleep today.  He had been sick for a while and the last couple days wouldn't eat and whatever he did eat he pooped and puked out.  He was ready.

We got Walter and his sister Duchess about 6 months after I lost my shadow dog Sparky.  Kelly and Jeff first came home with Duchess and she was so sad by herself they went back and got her brother Walter.  It's a good thing they did because Duchess was pretty much blind.  Vet said about 20% sight and she needed her seeing eye dog Walter.  Duchess passed away about 2 years ago.  Walter had been sad since.  He was always overweight because he loved food.  All the time.  He knew exactly what time to get up for breakfast, he would bark at snack times and he would bark for dinner.  He lived a good life even though he only had one eye for most of it.  (That was due to a golf ball accident in 2004.)

RIP Walter.  We loved you so much.  I know you knew it.  You loved us too.

Metro Rings - finished

The fourth of the five quilts I pinned a few weeks ago is done!  This one is very spring-y.

This quilt was started this year at Road 2 CA quilt show where I took the Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Rings class.  Helen Robinson was the instructor.  She is one of the 3 sisters who are Sew Kind of Wonderful.    
I quilted it very traditionally with feathers.  It felt like it took forever but actually only a week. 
One more quilt to quilt before I can piece again.  This next one will take some time.  It's marked but it will need a lot of fill stitches.  
Thanks for looking.   

Guild Mystery Quilt finished

Our guild has an annual mystery quilt where we get clues each month and at the end of each guild year, we all reveal our quilts.  We got the final clue in April and I was able to get my quilt top done since I tried to keep up each month.  It's a dark quilt - darker than I like but I love the border fabric.

Here's a closer look at the quilt.  I spent a lot of time quilting it and you can hardly see it.

We don't actually reveal until August, but I couldn't wait to share.  Everyone has all the clues so it really won't be a mystery to anyone anymore.  And I'm sure not too many of our guild members follow my blog.  The one's that do I know didn't do the mystery this year.

I was also able to quilt a charity quilt for the guild.  I normally grab a kit each month and practice quilting on it before I start my own quilting.  It's a win-win.

Sometimes the lady in charge of the committee will have one spray basted for me.  But this time I had to do it myself.

Oldie But Goody Done

I think this might be one of my oldest fabric pack/kit and pattern in my stash.  Maybe.  Not sure.  But the pattern from this one came from American Patchwork & Quilting June 2005.  The pattern is called "Oh My Stars" designed by Alex Anderson and Elizabeth Scott.  The fabric is Timeless Treasure Artisan.  Not sure how old it is but I've had it for a long time.

Tried to get a picture of the feather's in the stars.  Just can't see it.  But it is there.

I finished this quilting about a week ago, but just finished the binding today.  It's a lap sized quilt which I will probably sell or donate to our guild's boutique.

Thanks for looking.