Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ATC's and appreciation of a boring life

This months ATC challenge was round and round - we had to use circles on the card. I decided to play with my paintsticks by making a circle template from freezer paper and a circle punch and just started stenciling. Tonight I tightly quilted around each circle, painted the edges instead of sewing. On one of them I rubbed some paint after I quilted. Kind of outer space looking.

I've also been working on another Scrap Therapy quilt - I have 1/2 the blocks done. I don't like to show pictures until the quilts are finished.

This week I have been very thankful for a very boring life. The people I work with have had a lot of drama in their life - drama I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Two of them are dealing with abuse - one friend very seriously injured. It's a sad situation. I wish I had a magic wand to help but all I can do is pray for them. What happened not only affects them directly but the whole family. Due to their privacy I won't say more.

But to end my post on a higher note, here's a picture of my sweet little puppy girl Duchess in a basket in my sewing room.


sew4real said...

I like the ATC card in the lower left corner- is that the outerspace one?
I had fun coming over tonight...shoulda gotten there earlier so we could talk more...
I know what you mean about the boring life....sometimes it is just nice.
Duchess is cute!

Stitch-n-quilt said...

Thanks for responding to my post. To answer back, if you go to my profile, you'll see that you can e-mail me. It's something that you can add to your profile if you want. It's been helpful in responding to posts. I just might want to try the Asian Salsa sometime. I really like it, if I want to try curves.

disa said...

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