Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Only Block of the Month Block is DONE!

Last year I did so many block of the months, I didn't think I got enough of my own projects done.  So this year I promised myself I would refrain from signing up for any more than just the FQS Designer Mystery.  (I already signed up for next years too that starts in May or June I think.)  I also have all the setting blocks and borders cut and ready to assemble.

Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Quilt -block 11

But that's not all I've been up to.  I finished 3 quilt tops and got 5 quilts pinned. 

One is our guild's mystery quilt that I finished, the 2nd was a very old UFO quilt (the red, white and blue) and I finished the Road 2 California Sew Kind of Wonderful class quilt - Metro Rings.  While I was pinning I marked and pinned my Coxcomb quilt top (that I've had done for over a year) and spray basted a charity quilt.  Whew.  My neck, shoulders, back, etc. were so sore after being on the floor to pin those - but they are done.  Now I just need inspiration to start quilting.  But first, I have to go visit my dad which I plan to do this weekend.  I also need to take my sister-in-law out for a belated birthday lunch and movie.  So no quilting for me this weekend.

Last night I had the Loose Thread Art group ladies over for dinner and the choosing of our second colors for our two color quilt challenge.  My first color was blue-green.  Then last night violet was chosen for my 2nd color.  We can't use any other colors - but we can use anything of those colors - beads, fabric, fibers, paint, thread.  You get the picture..

I also broke down and bought myself a new laptop.  It's Windows 10 so I'm still getting used to it.  I decided to get a Toshiba over a Dell -which is the only computers and laptops I've ever had.  But they were getting such bad reviews.   My sister Brenda send me some vinyl letters for my new baby.

Thank you for looking.  I'll post pictures of the finished quilts as they are completed.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Allietare and Snapshot Quilts are DONE!

I finally finished the Bonnie Hunter 2015 mystery quilt Allietare this weekend.  I actually finished the quilting of this about a week ago, but  I didn't get the binding done until 3/27/16.

I really love the way this turned out.  When she threw in the color gray with the gold and red I wasn't sure it was going to work, but it really does.

And here is my Fat Quarter Shop Snapshot quilt finished this weekend too.  (3/26/16)

I spent way too much time quilting the Allietare that when it came to this one, I was determined not to do too much.  However the fill I chose was pretty time consuming.  But I still like it....and it's done.  There are a few of these blocks that would make adorable little mini quilts for friends.  

I brought these to work today to take pictures but it was so windy.  So the mystery quilt was taken on our conference room table and the Snapshot quilt was hung on my cubicle divider.  I really need to find a good place to take pictures of my quilts. 

I also machine quilted two charity quilts for out guild.  That took me all day yesterday.  

I hope you all had a blessed Easter.  I spent the day quietly.  Started it at church and then came home and sewed.  And cleaned a bit too.  

Thank you for looking.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Loose Threads Art Quilt Groups Stuff Challenge

In December the Art Quilt Group I belong to, Loose Threads, decided to do a 'stuff' challenge.  We were all asked to bring the following:

1 fat quarter of quilting cotton fabric
1 piece of any other type of fabric
something metal

(I can't find the email with the original list so I'm hoping I have that right.  Got a new laptop 2 weeks ago so I lost all my emails.)

We put all the like items in a bigger bag and then we took turns drawing one item from each bag.  We then were challenged to make a quilt using the items we drew.  Below is a picture of the items each of us drew with their finished quilt next to it.

And here is mine.  I can't comment on what everyone was thinking when they created their quilt - we discussed it when we met, but I don't want my words to skew their thoughts.  But I'll let you know what I was thinking.  (But be warned - I'm not a deep thinker.)

I got lucky.  Almost everything I got had a color theme which I liked.  I added some of my own beads, fabric and shells.  The background fabric was fabric I dyed years ago at a Road 2 California class.  I was stumped what to do and tried to weave the cotton fabric but hated  what I did so cut it off (bottom left corner).  Got on Pinterest and was looking at mixed media art and got inspired by how they use different items on a piece.  I like to have a theme so pulled out my shells since the colors were beach-y.  The gold paper leaves I tried to rub on metallic paints as I did the pink earring in the very center. I like it and it may find a place to hang at our house in Cambria.

And since I like my little girl dog's mohawk, here's her full body 'do'.  

My next post should show two finished full sized quilts.  Working on the bindings as we speak.  

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mermaid Tails (and a table runner)

My red-headed granddaughter's favorite Disney Princess is Ariel from Little Mermaid.  Her third birthday theme this year was mermaid, so Oma decided to make her a few mermaid tails for her birthday gifts.
One to play dress up with.
And one to snuggle in.

She's a big girl now with a shiny new backpack.
Just for fun I gave my little dog a Mohawk.  One day I'll do it with mousse so it will stay.
Last November I took a class through my guild by Claudia Dallas Gomez and in the class I made two blocks.  Today I took a quilt as you go class by Pat Robertson.  Last night I was looking for something to use for today's class and saw those 2 blocks on my design wall and decided to make a 3rd one and then use those for a quilt as you go runner.
Colors are much prettier (beachy colors) in real life.  I think I need a new camera.  Or just use my cell phone from now on.

I also finished a small quilt from the guilds block of the month blocks I won last month but forgot to take a picture and already donated it to our guild for their charity group.

I also finished a small quilt for the local quilt shows challenge which was 'water'.  Can't show it until after the show in April.

I have two large quilts that are pinned and ready to quilt --but I have my art quilt challenge quilt to complete first.  It's a bag of stuff challenge - kind of.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yellow Tulip

Two weekends ago I took a guild class with Grace Errea of Amazing Quilts by Grace.  She has a unique method for raw edge applique.  My class sample was horrible but only because I didn't bring enough or the right color of fabrics.  I thought I had enough batiks in my stash, but apparently I didn't.  So I learned her technique and went right home and put this flower together.  (It is one of her patterns.)

Over a year ago I bought some Aurifil invisible thread but was afraid to use it.  I have used Superior Threads invisible thread before and it always worked well.  But wanted to try this.  I used the clear with my Easter quilt I showed with my last post and it went well so I thought I'd like to give the dark invisible thread a try.  I LOVED IT.

Had a nice visit this past weekend with my younger sister and her hubby and kid and of course my dad and brother and his wife and youngest daughter.  (It was her 13th B-day.)   Had a good visit, ate too much and shopped too much.  It's fun to see what a good looking kid my sisters' boy is.  He had knee surgery a few months ago and he's doing very well from that too.  He's a soccer player and has to not play for a year which I'm sure is killing him.  And my niece is so cute.  A teenager now.  My brother and his wife will have their hands full with her.

This next weekend I go to Wonder Valley Resort for a quilting retreat.  Really looking forward to that.  Hopefully will get my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Allietare top done and my Snapshots top together.  I'll bring a little bit of handwork just in case I get those done and need something to do.  Ha ha.  I always bring way more things to work on than there is time to do them.  But a girl needs options, right?

I finally felt well enough to visit my mother and father-in-law to see how they are doing.  She's doing remarkably well.  She's getting around, with her walker of course, and her memory is somewhat better.  She doesn't remember much about the time she was in the hospital or rehab, has some recollection but is also mixing it with some dreams she must have had.  Just glad she's home and on the mend.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ready for Easter

Last year my friendship group had a signature block exchange where we got to chose the theme of our blocks.  I've been wanting an Easter quilt for a while so I asked my friends to make me 12" Easter themed blocks.  Once I received the blocks I had to put it together.  I had collected some springy fabrics and created this.

I didn't do much fancy quilting - mostly in the ditch and a little scribbling.  It will be a utilitarian quilt.

I also got two block of the months done tonight.

The Fat Quarter Shops Designer Mystery block

And our guild's block of the month for March.  

I actually won the blocks last month.  I already put all 24 blocks together, slapped a border on it and just need to pin and quilt it and I will donate it to our charity committee.  

I leave tomorrow to go north to visit my dad and my brother and family.  And my little sister and her family are coming for a week.  My niece's birthday is also this weekend so we will have a nice family dinner.  

Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Block 5 of Block of the Year DONE!

Finally.  This block actually took about 16 months to finish.  I don't work on it a lot, obviously, but my goal was to get at least one done a year.  Maybe by the time I retire I'll be able to finish this whole quilt.

Pattern:  Gingerbread House - Baltimore Christmas by Pearl P Pereira

I'm not a great hand applique person, but I learn as I go along.  I'm using the starch turn method and hand appliqueing it down.

I have not been doing much.  I have had that awful cold/cough that is going around.  I'm on week 2 and still not sleeping well because I cough all night.  Doctors just say to ride it out and come back if it's not better in a couple days.  Because I've been sick I haven't been able to visit my mother-in-law but she is home and is doing better.  Jeff said her memory is getting better.  Whew!  We were really worried.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Road to California Quilt show and one little Block of the Month

This past week I was able to attend the Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, California with 2 dear friends and always meet up with other friends while there.  This year I took a class from Helen from Sew Kind of Wonderful - the Quick Curve Ruler people.

Here's what I accomplished in the class.
Pay close attention now.  Here is what my friend Debbie and Kathy finished in class.

You notice it?  Someone didn't pay attention to the placement of her blocks or even the name of the pattern/class - Metro Rings.  Easy fix though.  Just have to be more careful when I get around to finishing the quilt which won't be for a while.  I have some other items that need to get finished first.  More on that later.

While at this lovely quilt show I saw many a beautiful quilt for inspiration.  Did I take a picture of any of them?  Well no, I forgot my camera and I didn't want to use all my memory on my phone for the photos.  I hope someone took pictures and posted them on their blogs.  You can see them there.  I've already seen both of the big winners on Facebook.  My friend Debbie (the one with the pink block above) entered a quilt at Road and got an Honorable Mention.  Pretty impressive.

I also did some damage to my pocketbook while there.
Some tools and other stuff that I bought.  The red bag was this years Road To California giveaway if you signed up for classes.

Here are the fabrics I picked up.  And some threads.  
And in one of the towns we stopped at on the way down to the show had a great little kitchen shop so I picked up a new frying pan.  We really needed another one.  I'm calling this my anniversary gift to my husband.  
When trying to find a place to put all my fabrics last night I realized that I will need to find a new method of organization.  I've gotten lazy and I've gotten more fabrics from when I first started this crazy hobby.  So in a week or so I'm going to take a whole weekend to re-organize my stash.  Then I'm going to prioritize the quilts that I have started that need to get finished.  I will not start another quilt until this is done.  (Except for the quilt that I have to start because I signed up for a class at guild.)  This is the only time I have had so many quilts started and unfinished that it's kind of giving me anxiety.

My mother-in-law is still in rehab.  The therapist and doctors will be meeting with my hubby and his dad on Monday or Tuesday to figure out the next step.  Her dementia is getting worse and I'm afraid she won't be able to come home.  We shall see.  Visiting her is always interesting.  What comes out of her mouth is either confusing or funny.  (However don't laugh out loud in front of her - she does not like that.)  I brought her a coloring book and some coloring pencils to see if she'd like to do that since she was an artist.  I don't know if she did anything on it yet.  I also read on a blog this morning and I pinned it but they are fidgit quilts made especially for alzheimer or dementia patients.  It wouldn't hurt since she is always playing with the blankets or her shirt when you talk to her.

Well that's all for now.  I've pinned my Easter quilt.  Once I finish my consignment quilt I've got under the needle I'll start on it.  

Oops, almost forgot.  Before I left for the show, I finished the January Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery block.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Finally - I've finished a couple quilts and another year-end list

The tops have been done for quite a while and they have been pinned since before Thanksgiving.  But I finally finished these 3 quilts.

The first one is my Farm Girl Vintage.  I participated in the Farm Girl Vintage sew along last year through Fat Quarter Shop and decided to use fabrics I already had.  These blocks are made from mostly some older Fig Tree fabric lines.

I also participated in a Twisted Blossom sew along through Sew Kind of Wonderful.  I used some Alison Glass Sun print fabrics I was hoarding.

And last but not least, it's the Christmas quilt.  The one I made for our guilds boutique (that was last October) that a lady requested the year before.  She contacted me before the boutique and I sent her a picture of the top - she said it was too pink and too small.  It covered my king sized bed.  I won't make one bigger. So this one will be on sale at the next boutique for anyone who wants it.

I'm currently machine quilting a quilt for a friend.  It's a blue work embroidery piece and I LOVE IT.  I hope I do her beautiful handwork justice.

I have been coming home late the last week because I stop at the hospital every day to visit my mother-in-law.  Last week Tuesday she fell and broke her hip.  She had surgery Thursday night and was moved to a rehabilitation center today.  She's 86 year old and is not very physically strong and hasn't been for a while.  Her mind has gone poor thing.  I hope this rehab can get her at least up to take care of herself.  My dear father-in-law spends the night with her at the hospital and my husband takes over in the morning so Al can go home and get some much needed rest.  I tried to take a few hours off their schedule this weekend but since I work full time, I just can't help more during the week.  But they seem to have worked it out.

I leave Wednesday morning for my annual trip with some buddies to the Road to California quilt show in Ontario, CA.  We stop at a couple stores on our way down and then two glorious days at the show.  We are all taking a Sew Kind of Wonderful class on Friday.  I have my stuff sort of packed.  At least some stuff is out and ready to be packed.  They luckily supply sewing machines so that is one less thing I need to worry about.

I'll check in when I get back and show you what I got and my class work.

Edited my post to add my list of quilts I want to make.  I updated it for 2016 but this was my final list of 2015.  There were some finishes there.

Thanks for looking.