Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Not a comic strip reference but Block of the Month, Pillow of the Month, Block of the Week and Guild Block of the Month.  Oh and I finished a baby quilt and finished knitting a pillow.  First the Block of the Months.
The last month of Fat Quarter Shops Designer Mystery BOM

Fat Quarter Shops Snapshots Block of the Month.
Pat Sloan's Vacation Block of the Month
And the Shabby Fabrics Pillow of the Month for May

And Farm Girl Vintage Block of the Week

 And this is our guild's Block of the Month.

And in March I decided I wanted to knit something and learn how to do cables.  I finally finished it two nights ago.
An old intern from my job just had her first baby and I had to make her a baby quilt.  It was a kit I bought at a local quilt store.  It's got a chennille border and minkee on the back.  It was a simple quilt and quick to make but turned out so cute.

I did finish the top of one of the block sets from the Fat Quarter Shops Designer Mystery.  I love how it turned out.  Can't wait to quilt it.  I bought some clearance fabric today for the back.

I also got all the blocks done for our guild's challenge.  I need to put them together which I have all laid out and ready to sew.  I'm liking how it turned out.  Can't wait to get it done too.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nickel Quilt Finished

I took Pat Speth's class in March 2015.  She's the author of all the Nickel quilt books.  If you get a chance to take her class, I recommend it.  I've had the top done for a while - just needed time to machine quilt it.  Finished the binding after a nice mother's day lunch with my hubby and in-laws.  Missed my mom so much today.  Hand stitching the binding down was very good therapy.

This is the second big quilt I've made with this fabric and I still have a lot left.  Here's the first quilt.  It was Pat Sloan's Block of the Month last year called Globetrotting.

I started the Farm Girl Vintage quilt along last week so with that and all my block of the months it looks like I won't be working on too many other projects.  This is the last month for the Fat Quarter Shop's Designer Mystery Block of the Month so I need to work on putting at least one of the quilts together.  Then I have to finish the guilds challenge quilt.  I have all the blocks done and put them out on a design board on Friday so I can put that top together.  And Loose Threads next art project is due in just over a week.  Oh, and I have a baby quilt that I need to put together.  I bought a kit at a local quilt store and it should be fairly easy to put together.

So I need to go.  I have so much to do.  Thanks for looking.

Friday, April 24, 2015

April Block of the Month Updagte

Finally.  It seems like I haven't finished anything because I haven't posted, but that's not true.  I finished (almost) 14 quilt blocks for my Material Girls Block exchange which is due in June.  All I have left to do is some fancy stitching on 3 Crazy quilt blocks.  (We all put our 'order' in on what kind of block we wanted.)  And then I have to sign each block.  Can't show pictures though.
See this lovely sign.  My sister Brenda cut the vinyl for me months ago, and I finally got around to painting it.  I love it.  Thanks Brenda.

And for Easter weekend I went and visited my dad.  He and my brother and I had a nice quiet Easter dinner.  Brian's family were all down south visiting Marcy's family but Brian couldn't go because of his job.  But my dad did have these blooming that he wanted me to take pictures for him.  He said that he and my mom planted them years ago, but they never bloomed until last year, after my mom passed away.  A friend on facebook said, "Well since she is in heaven, now is the time for them to bloom, when she was around , there was no need for them to bloom as she was the bloom in you all's garden."   And according to my dad, they are still blooming.   

I have also started my Common Threads Quilt Guild challenge quilt which I won't be able to show pictures of either.  I hope to get more done on that quilt this weekend.  My Pat Speth Nickel quilt top is done, the back is ready to go - just needs to be pinned and quilted.  Binding is even ready to go.

A few of my friends went to Cambria last weekend for a Handwork only retreat.  It was so relaxed and fun.  I got a little bit done on a lot of projects.  Nothing done so no pictures, but I worked on wool felt, applique and a scrap rug.  We watched lots of movies and enjoyed the cool but sunny weather and the fellowship with friends.
We did sew - this was just a little movie break.  :)
But I did finish these block of the months this week.

First the Fat Quarter Shop's Designer mystery.  This is month 11.  One more month and then I have to put them all together with the finishing kit.
 And this is the latest Pat Sloan Vacation quilt block.
 And Fat Quarter Shop's free Snapshot Quilt block.  My puppy is golden like my sweet little Needle.
 And Shabby Fabrics Pillow of the Month.  3 dimensional flowers made with ribbon and hot glue.  But like last month, I did just safety pin them on so I can take them off when I need to wash the pillow covers.

The art group ladies are coming back to my house on Monday so I have to do some cleaning this weekend.  Barbara Sawyer offered to make snacks so I don't have to worry about that.  Company coming is always a good excuse to clean.

No new grandchildren pictures, or puppy pictures to share.  I'd say my life is boring, but it's not.  I love my life.  I love that I have the time and resources to create the quilts I do.

Oh, I do know something that I haven't shared yet, Our local regional quilt show, Best of the Valley, was a few weekends ago and I got the Chairman's Special Merit Award for my Farmer's Wife quilt.  I was so thrilled.  I also received two Honorable Mentions ribbons.  One for my Christmas BOM and another for the red/cream quilt I finished in January.
It looked great hanging considering I really wasn't able to block it.  I tried to at work on the cubicle.  I pinned it, splashed it with water and hit it with steam and let it dry overnight.  The whole quilt wasn't able to fit so only a part of it got a little attention.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Block of the Month update

I know - two posts in one weekend after a month of silence.  What can I say, when it rains it pours.

I finished all my block/pillow of the months today.  Between cleaning house (my art girls are coming on Tuesday so good inspiration to clean house) I was able to finish these.  First, my Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month (#10).
 And then Pat Sloan's Vacation Time Block of  the Month mystery.
 Fat Quarter Shops Snapshots mystery.
 And Shabby Fabrics Pillow of the month.  Made my first rouched flowers on this one.

And I got the piping/binding on this one.
I also got 3 blocks for my Material Girls friendship group block exchange done.  Can't show those though.

Thanks for looking have a great week.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A ton of finishes

Kind of only 2.  You'll see in a minute.  I was busy the last few weeks with guild business and then I had three of my quilts and a guild charity quilt to finish.  First my quilts.  Remember in December when I started the Bonnie Hunter Mystery this year?  This is the last time I posted about them.  I wasn't thrilled with the green sashing.  I saw on Facebook where someone took all those sashing pieces and made a separate quilt.  I liked what I saw so I went ahead and did that.  But here's what I did with the other blocks.  I didn't use any sashing.  Just the blocks and I did use the border pieces.  I just quilted an all over stipple and got it done.  Pretty bright and outside of my 'wheel house' let's say.  But I'll put it to good use somewhere.  
 And just in time for St. Patrick's Day, I finished this little lap quilt with the sashing strips.  Just stitched in the ditch and a feather in the border.
But my favorite of the quilts I finished was this Wheel quilt.  It was a pattern I got from Joanna Figueroa (of Fig Tree & Co) Craftsy class.  I used Me and My Sisters LOL fabrics and a white from Blank Fabrics.  (I want to buy a bolt of that white.  It is so pretty.)  Anyway if you want to take a good Craftsy class, that is another one I would recommend.

 I did a lot of marking and specialty quilting.  Tried some new design in the sashing.  Thank goodness for the Frixion pens.  I love those things.

And another little St. Patrick's Day little quilt finished.  I got this kit 2 years ago while at a retreat.

And for my art quilt group, I had to create a quilt inspired by the Impression artist.  

Not quite finished.  I'm going to do a small turquoise piping and brown binding.  It's a mini version of a Laundry Basket pattern. 

And for my guild, I pinned and quilted this little quilt for their charity.

Our guild had Pat Speth, the Nickel Quilt lady, as a speaker and workshop at the beginning of the month.  I started a red-white-blue quilt and hope to finish it soon.  I have a few other things that I need to get finished first.  (That would be all my block of the months.)

And since I like to end on a cute note, look at this little guy.  He's a catcher like his pro baseball player uncle John.
He said that was the best part of the day.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Block of the Month Updates

It's that time of the month to finish all my block of the months.  The first one I worked on this month was the Fat Quarter Shop Designer mystery.

 Then our guild has their monthly block of the month.  Since this was an easy block I thought I might as well.
Pat Sloan's 2015 Vacation Time Mystery.  

 Fat Quarter Shops Snapshot Block of the Month
 And Shabby Fabrics Pillow of the Month club pillow.

Quilting and piecing is such great therapy.  It makes me happy.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quilting Diva Retreat and a finish

The title is deceiving. I didn't finish anything at the retreat, but while talking to friends there, realized I never posted a picture of this quilt that I finished a few weeks ago.  I had originally machine quilting the binding down and it was horrible so I took that stitching out and hand stitched it down and then forgot to take a photo.

It's a Thimble Blossoms by Camille Roskelley pattern called Fireworks and a kit from the Fat Quarter Shop.  It is a fat quarter friends pattern.

The Quilting Diva's retreat was this weekend.  It's a bunch of gals who only meet once a year at Wonder Valley.  Such a great group of ladies.  All so kind and nice.  They all gave gifts throughout the weekend and I totally forgot to make anything.  Next year they expect big things from me.  :)

I didn't bring my sewing machine this weekend.  I focused on some hand applique projects.  I did get pieces that I cut at the Coxcomb class at Road all sewn down except for the big center red circle.  I need to get all the other green pieces down before I can sew that one down.
I finished a 2nd egg on my wool Easter applique runner and starch turned more than half the pieces of one block of the Christmas block of the year quilt.  Sorry - didn't get pictures of that or of anything else this weekend.  It started raining today so I got out of there right after lunch.  Glad for the rain.  Came home and took a 3 hour nap.  Just now getting up my energy to do a little stitching on the machine.

Last weekend I spent time with my dad and my brother and family.  It was my nieces 12th birthday.  I can't believe she's 12 already.  I got there Saturday noon we took a little hike, then when shopping on Sunday and model home shopping and then friends from San Jose came and we all went out for dinner in honor of her day.  It was a great weekend.

I was instructed by my doctor to go carb/sugar free for 4 weeks.  I'm just finishing week 3.  I don't feel any different.  I do miss chocolate, pasta and my morning oatmeal.   But I can do it for one more week or so.  You would think I would have dropped a ton of pounds but I only lost 5 the first week, gained 3 the next week and about the same this week.  I am also now on a low dose of blood pressure medicine.  I can tell the difference with that.  My feet and ankles aren't swelling up like they had been.  yeah!

Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Forgot to Post this quilt

Finished it a couple weeks ago.  It was a kit from Nancy Rink Designs.  One of those quilts you keep looking at a show and know you just have to have it.

Calling it Brick House.  Because of the color and I'm so bad at naming quilts.  Now I just need to label it and put a sleeve on it because I'm entering it in Best of the Valley.  Sent all my entry forms today.  No turning back.

Thanks for looking.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Road 2 California 2015

Two friends and I headed to Road to California last Wednesday.  It was supposed to be 4 altogether but one of my friends started a new job and didn't have enough vacation available to go.  (I know how's she's feeling now-more later.)  We made a few stops at quilt stores on our way down.  Candy's in Northridge, one in Montrose, another in Pasadena and there was one more and we happened to hit it on it's last day open.  There wasn't much there but what was there, was 40% off.  I took one class by Anita Shackelford on Coxcomb applique.  I learned a lot and she was patient with the couple of newbie appliquers in the class.  I never got a picture -but did start one block.  Will post when it gets finished.
I also took Tiffany Hayes (Needle in a Hayes Stack) Downton Abbey Mystery Class on Friday night.  It was fun - I got the fabric pack of  Lord Grantham and this is the finished quilt.  (Finished the binding this morning.)  And during the class she had drawings for some fabric packs.  And I won!  I got a fabric pack of the new Egyptian Downton Abbey Fabric.  It's so pretty.
And of course I did a lot of shopping.  I put it all away before I took any pictures but was able to get these out easily and get some pictures.
Easter Fabrics - so I can use when I get my Material Girls exchange blocks.

Text fabrics for a challenge I need to work on.

Some Pam Kitty /PK like fabrics for a couple of projects

There was more but it's all mixed in the stash now.  I also purchased a lot of thread.  About 6 big cones of Superior So Fine, 3 cones of Magnifico and some perle cotton threads for wool applique.

The day before I left for Road, the mall I work at foreclosed and the bank now owns the mall and they hired a new management company.  I was told to still go on my trip and that I would have a job when I got back.  It was still a little nerve wracking because of all the stuff that I needed to copy and save (which I did get a lot done in the half day I knew there was going to be a change, and luckily the old management company still let me have access to the accounting program on Monday.  But after that, it was all gone.  We're still in the transition period.  I don't have the new accounting systems/computer and we are all kind of in limbo and doing what we can do in the mean time.  As far as my vacations go, I have to accrue it again,which means I won't be able to take the week off of work to go to Sisters this July.  I'm hoping I'll have at least 2 days so I can drive up on the Thursday, and meet up with the others, and then book it home on Sunday.  According to Google, it should only take about 10.5 hours of driving.  If I can talk a friend into going with me, we can share the driving so it won't be so bad.

That's it for now.  I have one more quilt pinned and ready to go and a charity quilt for guild I need to whip up.  Then I need to work on getting my quilts ready for the Best of the Valley quilt show.  I have all the pictures ready, I just need to submit the paperwork.  And then I need to put labels, sleeves on and then block all of them.  Yikes.  

Thanks for looking.  Sorry I was so wordy.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Block of the Month Updates and a finish

The finish first.

Last October I took a class from our guild from Melinda Bula.  This was a bugger for me to quilt, but it's done.  Yeah!

I've been working on Fat Quarter Shops Designer mystery quilt for the last 8 months.  I got a little behind at the holidays and caught up this weekend.  Here are blocks 7 & 8.  (I am making 2 of each block so I'll end up with 2 quilts at the end of the year.)

Then they decided to have a free block of the month that has some adorable blocks and although I swore I wasn't going to do anymore block of the months, I couldn't resist this one. I have a ton of Pam Kitty Garden and Love fabrics that I'll use.
So last year I did the Pat Sloan block of the month and tried to resist this year but just couldn't.  So I went through all my fabrics and found this line that I am going to use for the BOM
And last year at the local quilt stores big quilt event, they had the Kimberbell sisters as guests and fell in love with their stuff.  And right after that, Shabby Fabrics announced their pillow of the month club so yep, signed up for that one too.
And of course our guild has a block of the month.  You make a block, turn it in and get a ticket and then they draw.  If your number comes up, then you get all the blocks.  I liked the focus fabric of this months so I thought I'd do it this month.

So that's what I've worked on this weekend.  (Well the Melinda Bula has been in my pile of quilts to be quilted since November.)

I also got my ironing board covered this weekend.  Finally.  The old cover was so brown and ugly.
Here it is with the new cover.  The fabric is some remnant fabric I bought so my sister-in-law could cover this wonderful little foot stool my dad made for me.
I've used it several times already.  Thanks dad and Marcy.

I do have to work this Monday (Martin Luther King birthday) and then on Tuesday but I have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off so I can go to Road to California with my friends.  I am taking Anita Shackleford Coxcomb applique class and a Downton Abbey mystery class.  Can't wait.  Going to see some friends I haven't seen for a while too.

Thanks for looking.  Updated my to do list too.  It's long this time because I went through all my fabric packs and am listing them.  It was eye opening to see the list.  I even took pictures of all of the kits so I can have on my cell and won't buy more fabrics.  Ha!