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10 Days of Quilting

And things got made!

I finished quilting and binding my Good Fortune quilt.
This is my friend Janice Minyard's quilt next to mine.  Color makes the difference in the quilt.  Hard to tell they are the same.

I didn't leave the house much, but I did get out to see the elephant seals.  They were all there with their babies.
And we ate.  My friend Deo came for the last weekend and made a beautiful charcuterie array.
I hope we'll be able to do this again next year.  We might be selling the house so it may not be possible.  But if it's still ours, I will definitely do this again.

Thanks for looking.
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Goals done are great - dreaming about new goals is fun.

I make annual goals here on my blog and as usual, I go through and check which goals I finished that year.  Here's a link to my goals for 2018.  6 of my 10 goals are done. 

Circle of Illusion - haven't touched it.
Orca Bay - haven't touched it
Twirly Balls - Done
Rainbow Nest - Done
Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery - Done
On Ringo Lake - Done
Jamestown Landing - half done
The Quilt Show Halo Medallion - Done
Local guild mystery - Done, made 2
Use up a fat quarter pack - I cut 2 up for this years' Bonnie Hunter mystery and also for the Blockheads 2 block of the week.

Here are my goals for this next year. 

2018 - A year in review

You never think you do a lot until you try to put all the pictures together at the end of the year and then think to yourself, I did a ton of stuff!

And the ornament exchange between my siblings.  We have to make a home made ornament for the siblings.  The older kids also get an ornament instead of money or other gifts now.  Welcome to adulthood.  :)
Thanks for looking.
Tomorrow I will work on my 2019 goals and a review of how I did with my 2018 goals. 

Annual Material Girl Challenge Quilts and some Good Fortune

My friendship group has an annual challenge.  It's not a requirement to participate.  This year the people who signed up exchanged 20 Flying Geese blocks to each person who signed up.  There were 10 of us.  We had to have the geese done in the Spring when we met and then we have until our Christmas party to put the quilt together.  We had our Christmas party this past Saturday.  Here is my quilt.   

See all those 2" squares in the border (finished at 1.5")?  I thought for sure my shoebox filled with those squares would be empty after I finished.  But it didn't even make a dent. 

Here's our annual group shot.  We missed all those who couldn't be with us this year. 

I've also been working on the Bonnie Hunter mystery Good Fortune.  Here are my first 2 clues.

I cut way too many strips on the second clue here.  Hopefully I'll be able to use them in the future clues.  I don't have a lot of the fabrics.  (Neutrals yes, but not the blue.)

Anyway, my litt…

Texas Was Great

I took a long trip in early November to the great state of Texas.  The first part of my trip was to visit my sister who just moved to New Braunfels.  She took me all over that part of Texas.  We went to San Antonio, Austin, and all points in between.  I had great barbecue at the Salt Lick.

Also went to a Cracker Barrel (not that impressed this time) and she took me to a Buc-ee's gas station.  WOW!
We took a tour of the Alamo.  No pictures taken but learned a lot about Texas history there.

San Jose Mission

We went to Austin to have dinner with my nephew but before we saw him we took a tour of the State Capital Building.  I highly recommend this tour.  Learned a whole lot more about Texas and the people from Texas.

She took me around New Braunfels.  We went to some outdoor market I think in a town called Wimberly.  We had a relaxing great visit.  She was sick with a cold for most the trip so I appreciate her getting up daily to schlep me around.

We then left for Sugar Land to visit …