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Catching Up

I still don't have my Bernina 750 back.  It's only been about 3 weeks and the repair guy isn't supposed to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks.  So I'm working with his 590 which isn't my machine.  You know how you 'know' your machine and all it's quirks and what it likes.  But I'm trying to figure this one out.  I was able to finish a couple of quilts. 

 These were block of the months from our guild that I won last November or December.  I will donate this to our guilds boutique in October. 

I would love to take credit for this rainbow quilt but a friend of mine actually pieced it and gave me the back and said if I would quilt it I could donate it to our guild's charity quilts.  So I did.  Kept the quilting simple with lines and some x stitching across the blocks to help stabilize it.   I think whoever gets this quilt will be happy. 

 For the Memorial Day weekend I went to a friends house to sew for 3 full days.  It was wonderful.  Her and her husb…
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My Seattle Trip

Last year when I took my dad to Arizona, we had some trouble with Southwest Airlines (didn't have a wheelchair for my dad when we got off the plane after many promises).  Anyway, we each got a $150 coupon to use in the next year so I decided to go visit my younger sister Beverly in Washington.  We had a fun filled few days.  Here are some of the fun things we did.

Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum (which is located near the space needle).

These were just a few of my favorite pieces.  So amazing what he did with glass blowing.  This is where we went the first day I got there.  We went to the Museum, we walked to Pikes Place and had dinner and then went home.

The next morning we got up and drove north to the Mount Vernon area where we were able to see the tulip farms.  Another inspirational day of color and beauty.

After that we went to my nephews college campus and he gave me a tour.  I was able to get a picture with him that he would not let me post on Facebook but he didn't …

The saddest picture ever....

Yep my sewing machine is at the shop.  And it looks like it will be there for a while.  I have two quilts pinned and ready to quilt and two tops that are ready to pin, and blocks finished for other projects.  Just so sad.  I wore out my presser foot lifter.  The gears are stripped.  I've had the machine for about 4 years and I use my machine a lot.  It's a Bernina 750.  I love that machine and I hope it comes back like she was. 

Luckily I have my old 150 which is great to piece with but it's so small I really can't quilt with it and I definitely can't use the ruler foot and do any ruler work.  Luckily the guy fixing my machine said he has a spare 590 that I can use since he won't have mine fixed for a few (5 to 6) weeks but not because he can't but he will be having surgery next week and won't be able to work until then. 

But even so, I've been gone a ton the last few weeks because of work, ( a two day quick trip to Fort Worth), then up north to ta…

My Halo Medallion

This was the The Quilt Show's Block of the Month for 2017.  It was designed by Sue Garman who was one of my favorite quilters of all times  Our guild was fortunate enough to have her as a speaker and teacher before she passed away.  (Haven't finished the quilt from that class yet-but it's on my lit to finish this year too.)   This quilt is pretty much all paper pieced.  And because I spend so much time piecing it I felt the quilting deserved as much time. 

Here are some close ups.  I got to use my machine quilting rulers a lot on this quilt for the curved cross hatching.  Got better the more I did it.  Used some stencil work for the big setting triangles in the center and the rest I used the rulers to draw the spine of the feathers but the rest was done free motion.  And a lot of  'in the ditch' quilting.

I didn't buy the kit from The Quilt Show but was able to find most of the fabrics that they used.  I just loved the spring colors.  I have several friends wh…

Work, Work, Work

My how time flies.I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I posted.I have not been idle though.I finished making and quilting the guild’s mystery quilt.I’ve already given out 4 clues and I think they will have either 2 or 3 more left to do.They should have all the components of the blocks by the end of this month.Here’s a sneak peak of the quilts.

I’d love to show you a picture of both quilts, but I can’t yet – that would ruin the mystery.I made two since the guild members like to have a small and larger option.My small one I made with Christmas colors and the large one I made with Halloween/fall colors.However, there is really nothing Haloween-ish about the fabrics I used on the top except for the colors.I did use Halloween fabric for the back though.
I also started machine quilting the Quilt Show’s Block of the Month from last year.Here’s a sneak peak of the center.I just finished quilting the curved flying geese arches last night.

In the mean time I’ve also played with m…

Finished quilt and other projects

I thought I had posted these already but I guess that was just on Facebook.  Anyway, I finished my On Ringo Lake quilt.  I just did an all over meander to quilt it.  I didn't spend a lot of time custom quilting it as it was a pretty busy pieced quilt.  So here it is in all it's glory.

I'm really happy with this quilt.  I love the colors. 

And remember on my retreat over the new years?  And I played with my friends 10 needle embroidery machine.  Well I used those three fall blocks and made this little runner. 

When I got home from her house and looked at my fall fabrics I was so happy to see this fabric - it goes perfect with the designs. 

I also took a guild class where we made these Hawaiian bags.  They are huge and will hold a few large quilts - perfect for taking show and tell to guild and a great bag for quilt show shopping.  I have one already but the handles were wearing out since I've used it for years. 

And over the past month, I also purchased myself a 10 need…

2018 Goals

I follow a blog called Quilt By Faith and her mantra is 'goals are good'.   They are sometimes and I'm hoping this year it will be true for me. 

As I mentioned in my last post, my guilds challenge this year is to finish at least 10 quilts that we put on a list of quilts that have been started.  I thought I filled out all 10 but I didn't.  I only had 7 on the list and I've already finished 2.  But that doesn't mean I won't put more here. 

Here are the two I've finished from that list - the Christmas ornaments as seen here.  And I also had my friendship group challenge on the list and that was finished and shown... wait - I never posted our Christmas party with all the quilts we did.  That will have to be another post but take my word for it.  I finished the challenge quilt - the challenge was 'travel'. 

So the other's on the guild list are some of the same from last year - the Circle of Illusion,

 Orca Bay

and the

Twirly Balls quilt

  I also …