Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FQS Sew Sampler & Fig Tree & Co Little Box of Fig quilts

So I belong to two surprise boxes, you know you get a box of quilting goodies and you don't know what's inside.  One I get monthly (the Fat Quarter Shop's Sew Sampler) and one quarterly (Fig Tree & Co. Little Box of Fig).  They are so fun to receive - you have no idea what you'll get but so far it's always been wonderful things and they always include fabric and a pattern to use with the fabric.
Here are the boxes.

So the first one is the Fig Tree quarterly box.  I LOVE her fabrics.  I think I have about 5 or 6 of her latest fat quarter packs waiting for just the right pattern to use them in.  But this was the fabric and quilt in the last box.

And here is the quilt from the March 2017 Sew Sampler box.  It's the Alice in Wonderland fabrics.

And while taking pictures, Needle had to get in on the action.

I'm also participating in the Quilt Show's block of the month.  For some reason at the beginning of April I was able to download both April and May's clues so I went ahead and finished both months.

I have to admit that those arcs were a pain in the neck but I really like how they look.  I love this quilt so far.

Now I need to start working on the guild's challenge quilt.  Since I'm the committee chairperson, I better have a quilt to show.  The theme is to pick an iconic song and create a quilt (any size) that represents that song.  Not only will people get to vote on their favorite quilt, but we'll also have a contest to see if people can guess the song by looking at the quilts.  

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Graduation Gift and a Mystery Revealed

My nephew graduates from high school this year.  I decided to let him pick a pattern and colors and I think he did great.  This is his quilt.

Simple straight line quilting.

Saw a tutorial on Pinterest how to make the label in the binding.
This is a pattern from Connecting Threads called Move Over.  I added one extra set of colors to make it a bit wider and also made it a little longer.  Wanted it to fit his dorm bed.  I also used a great wool flannel for the back.  A pretty simple pattern as long as you keep your strips in order.

I also finished our guilds mystery quilt.  It's not due until August so I'm ahead of the game here too.  I found some fabrics in my stash for the front and back!  Love when that happens.  The fabrics were actually from a kit that I got from a friendship group member that passed away a few years ago.  I realized I wouldn't make her pattern so de-constructed her kit.

Only one of these was on my 2017 Goal list of quilts I wanted to finish this year.  The Mystery Quilt was #11.   So 5 of the 15 are done.  Woo Hoo!

Also when my mom passed away my sisters and I went through all her needlework stuff.  She crochet and knitted and cross stitch (and card/scrapping, and...okay - she was crafty) and she had this tulip table runner started.  I decided to finish the bunch of florals she started and stop there.  I made a pillow with it.  Just in time for my spring decorating.

This past weekend was the local quilt show, Best of the Valley.  I entered two quilts and ended up getting a third place ribbon on one.  (The friendship group challenge - stack 'n whack quilt)  Amazingly I didn't take any pictures.  I got there just a couple hours before the show closed and had to docent the last two hours, and of course I had to do some shopping.  It's a great show, so if you are ever in the central valley of California in April, please make a point to come to the show.  I always love to read what the judges say too.  Some things I agree with.  One of the comments was that I should have quilted more in the applique of the Coxcomb quilt.  I had thought about that when quilting it but that was my design choice to not quilt more in it.  Judging is subjective and I understand that and don't get too worked up over their choice of winners.

Thanks for looking.  I have a lot of little projects to work on.  Well, the Quilt Show block of the month is a biggie - that should take a while with a lot of curved flying geese paper piecing blocks.

Friday, April 7, 2017


I spent the last week in Arizona to meet my new and only Great Niece.  I took my dad as he wanted to hold his great granddaughter.  My sisters and my brother also went so it was kind of a mini reunion.  Here's she is.  She is such a good baby.
I got to babysit her for an hour and what fun it was.

I had never been to Arizona so I got to see some great things.  We spent a couple hours on Lake Saguero.  Saguero is the type of cactus all around the lake.

So stinkin' cute.

There was some fishing.  This is my brother-in-law (aka Grandpa now)

My nephew Garrett with my dad.  Garrett is another nephew, the brother of the baby's dad.  
 We also took a trip to Sedona.

And to the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  Who knew cacti could be so beautiful.

Me and my two sister.  
And we got to visit some old friends.

A friend of ours from high school and church in San Jose.

And a great neighbor from San Jose -one of my moms best friends.
Another reason for the trip was to hand deliver the wedding quilt (posted picture on 3/5/17) and the I spy quilt (posted 2/12/17) for my sister to keep for when her granddaughter visits.  Also to bring a knitted afghan that my mom made for her future grandchildren.  (Made before she passed away.)  

We rented an AirBNB house so it was perfect for us to entertain and stay together.  It was a great trip and I so enjoy spending time with my sisters and family.  

Sorry - no quilts to post although I did finish my nephews graduation quilt yesterday when we got home.  I just haven't taken pictures yet.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I did go to two quilt stores while gone.  I got a couple 1/2 yard pieces of fabric - but nothing to write home about.  The stores were okay - just nothing that absolutely needed.  

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Catching Up

Feels like I'm always catching up.  So much to do.  I finished machine quilting the final two quilts that I had pinned a couple weeks ago.  I'm still working on the binding on one, but here is the one for my nephew and his wife.

It's a free pattern called Bravo Indigo from Michael Miller Fabrics.  My colors are navy, white and yellow.  I didn't use the Michael Miller Fabrics, I used the grunge fabric by Moda.  Here's a link to the pattern.

I was afraid that they would be afraid to use it so I made sure there was some soft and fun fabrics on the back.  I got this  Texas A&M fleece.  I also used batting so it's pretty fluffy and heavy. They have  a cabin so I'm sure they will use it there.

I did catch up on the Fat Quarter Shop designer mystery quilt - blocks 8 & 9.

And I'm caught up to February on The Quilt Show's mystery.

I also machine embroidered 5 labels and 2 Christmas projects to work on eventually.  The labels I will work on attaching this week as well.  So much to do.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Two more quilt tops done

Two weeks ago I pinned 6 quilts.  I finished 2 easy ones right of way (see previous post) and this past week I finished two more.  The first one I finished was this one.  It's not my top.  It's for a lady from my friendship group who doesn't quilt much anymore but has a few tops she wants finished.  I just machine quilt for her.  (She's a hand quilter.)

I got the ruler machine quilting foot for my Bernina and decided to try using it with this quilt.  It will take a while to get more comfortable using them, but I can tell I was better at it by the end of the quilt.  Practice, practice, practice.  I will probably use a straight edge ruler for one or both of the 2 remaining quilts I have to finish.

I then decided to work on this English Paper Pieced quilt top.  I started this more than 10 years ago, usually piecing in the car when my husband and I would go to Cambria on the weekends.  The fabrics are all from quilts I've made over the years.  The top has been done for over 2 years and finally figured out how I wanted to quilt it.  I also have been hoarding a piece of Merimekko fabric for years that I decided to use for the back.

Two more quilts to go before I can piece again.   I have a lot of BOM's to catch up on once I get to it.  The next two quilts are pretty modern and I'm researching magazines and Pinterest for ideas.  Still haven't decided.

Tomorrow I have a play to go to.  Dirty Dancing is playing in Fresno.  So I have another day to research before I get down to business of quilting again.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Valentines Day quilt

I can't tell you how long it's been since I've had this kit.  I know I bought it on clearance at least 2 years ago.
It's already hanging in my bedroom.  It's supposed to have heart buttons but the buttons they gave me are more on the burgundy side instead of red and I didn't really like them.  So I am leaving it like this.  That is ric-rac going through the blocks.  And I used only the blocks with dogs in them except one that has cookie in it.  That's in honor of my mom.

I also finished this little one.
It's for my grand niece but it will stay at her grandma's house because her mommy said quilting just 'wasn't her thing'.   So I asked my sister if she wanted a quilt at her house for when her grandkids visit and she said yes.  I already had the hexagons all cut and ready so I wanted to make it and get it out of my stash.

I have 4 more quilts pinned and ready to go.  Just need some inspiration.

Also during the Superbowl party my friend had (all quilting ladies quilting all day) I finished another block of my applique block of the year.  It's called that because it takes me about a year to finish one block.  The gingerbread men will eventually have button eyes.

Thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

En Provence is Finsihed

I finished quilting the En Provence quilt from the Bonnie Hunter 2016/2017 Mystery.
Didn't take any close ups.  I did bind in a very light purple; one of the lights I used in the top.  I did a lot of ditch stitching and some other little quilting in the lighter areas.  But not much.  It's so busy you wouldn't be able to see any fancy stitching.  But it's done.

I did go to the Road 2 California quilt show in Ontario last weekend.  What a great show and I took 2 very fun classes.  One was Anita Grossmon Solomon's 2 color pineapple class.  I'm making mine in orange and black.  The other was an EQ7 class - applique and foundation piecing.  I am amazed at all the things I can do in that program that I never knew about.  The smart thing would have been to go home and play more, but I haven't yet.

These are the ladies I roomed with.
From left to right:  me, Kathy M., Diane M. and Janice M.  The hotel screwed up our room again.  This is the 3rd time the hotel has screwed up or canceled our reservations so we will try another hotel next year.  The only room they had available was $50 more a night.  But we needed a room so what could we do.

And the lady in black is our friend Anna K. who was with 2 other ladies in another room but did see us each night for show and tell.

And not only was it a beautiful show with so many great quilts, there was shopping!

I actually bought more fabric and some thread but that was for a friend so it doesn't count.  And not shown here are some machine quilting rulers (for domestic machines).

I'm currently working on my nephew and his wife's wedding quilt.  I think they have been married about 5 years.  It's a pattern called Bravo Indigo.  I also got a quilt from my friend Janice that is pinned and ready to quilt.  She decided she didn't want to finish it so she said if I wanted to quilt it and keep it or donate it, it was fine with her.  I plan to use it to play with my new rulers.  It's a pretty modern quilt so it will be fun to play.  I also received a quilt top from an older lady in my friendship group who I occasionally do some quilting for.  It's her challenge stack 'n whack quilt and she left me some great quilting areas.  So I will have a couple busy weeks ahead of me.

Until the next finish....thanks for looking.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Goals

My resolution list (or list of fabric packs or kits) listed below posts was not inspiring me to finish anything on the list.  Maybe because the list is too long and should be even longer since I didn't add a lot of packs/fabrics added in 2016.  So I've narrowed down my list to 15 quilts that I want and/or need to get done.  These are all UFO's or quilts I need to make for gifts.  This does not mean I won't work on other quilts but that I want to try and get all these done by the end of this year.  So here it goes.

1.    Bonnie Hunter En Provence Mystery -top done – need to pin and quilt.  Check out what everyone else's tops look like here at Bonnie Hunter's blog.

2.    Bonnie Hunter Orca Bay-started and scraps set aside so I won't use on anything else

3.    Circle of Illusion – circle done – need to work on how to set it.  Thinking applique in corners.

4.    Halloween embroidery-Embroidery done-need to make something with them

5.    Kurt/Liz Bravo Indigo quilt-Fabric cut and some HST done.

6.    Addy’s I Spy quilt-Fabrics cut
Like this but with red star points and probably pink outer border.
7.    Tumbling Block-all hand PP done and border on – just need to square up and quilt.

8.    FQS Mystery-won’t get all the blocks until June-keeping up monthly.

9.    Quilt Show BOM - Halo Medallion -Just started in January.  Have 1st block done.

10.  Guild Challenge-pick an iconic song and put it in a quilt-Haven’t started but have idea
11.   Guild mystery-have clues.  Haven’t started
12.   Orange/Black Pineapple- Anita Grossman Solomon R2CA class quilt -class in mid-January

13.   Christmas Ornaments 2017-finished 1(of 5 needed)
14.   Twirly Balls-from Sue Garman class in 2015- blocks done – just need to design setting

15.   Miniature Diamond Log Cabin-have a couple sections done.  

Sounds overwhelming when you type it out.  Besides the gift quilts, none of these HAVE to be done so I won't get upset if I don't finish them all.  It will be my challenge.  I have a ton of scraps so I will probably work on some smaller scrap quilts if time permits.  (Orca Bay is one of the scrap quilts.)

Going to Road 2 California quilt show in a couple weeks.  Taking 2 classes.  Anita Grossman Solomon's pineapple class and an EQ7 class.  Going with a few friends and always have a good time.  I have a list of things I need to get.  I finally got my Bernina domestic machine ruler foot so I need to get rulers.  I don't need any fabrics at this point, but that won't stop me from looking and possibly buying.

Thanks for looking.