Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fall Quilt Finish

I showed a picture of this quilt when I was pinning it.  Here it is all quilted and bound. This was on my resolution quilt list on the right.  So I get to say another one is finished!

 And here is a little close up.  I should have pressed it before I photographed it, but I was in a hurry as I was packing fall stuff up today.

 I also whipped this little runner up this week.  I didn't want to start a big project as I'm preparing for the Bonnie Hunter En Povence mystery which starts this week.  Found this paper piece block from We All Sew's Sugar Plum Runner quilt along and adjusted the block to make a runner.  Probably give it away as a gift or save it for next year's guild boutique.

Two weekends ago, I went to Wonder Valley Ranch and had a retreat with my friendship group.  We were a small group but we had fun.
They treat us well there although if more people aren't going to come we will just go to our house in Cambria for a long retreat.  The only problem with that is we would have to do our own cooking and cleaning.  I got a lot done on the retreat too.  I did make two of the Santa Belt pillow tops (didn't get pictures before I sent them but you can see one here.  I also made this little bag to hold my sewing supplies together.
and this little basket
I also got caught up on my Fat Quarter Shop's designer mystery blocks.  (No pictures.)

Last weekend I went to my dad's to have a Thanksgiving dinner with him and my brother and his family.  My aunt and uncle and cousin were on their way south for a wedding and stopped by so I was I able to see them too.

Here's my cousin Carla and my dad, with one of his trash cans that he gave her.

And here is my dad and my Aunt Betty and Uncle Wayne.  Betty is my mom's younger sister.  It was so nice to catch up with them.

Thanks for looking. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and try to stay warm.  And with that I'll leave you with a picture of one of my dogs keeping warm. This was a day before I started turning on the wood/gas stove which is where she spends her evenings now.  My husband took this picture with his old crappy phone so the quality isn't great.

Monday, October 31, 2016

A finish and what I'm working on.

First - I pinned and marked this quilt I whipped up this week while watching Dancing with the Stars.
I have had this Fig Tree Pattern and also her fabrics for several years and was in the fall mood so started it this past week.  The applique is done using the washable Ricky Tims Stable Stuff and school glue stick method.  Then machine appliqued it down with Aurifil's clear thread.  It went fairly quickly although pretty sticky.  

I also finished my Material Girls annual challenge quilt a week ago.  Our challenge this year was to make a quilt using Stack 'n Whack.  I wanted to something unique so I designed this myself.  This took me almost a year if you count from fabric purchasing to the end.  I bought this fabric on my way to the Road to California quilt show in January.

I really need to work on my photo taking skills.  

Anyway, the circles are the Stack 'n Whack and I used the light border fabric for the Stack 'n Whack circles.  I'm a month early for our challenge.  We reveal at our holiday party where we also choose the next years' challenge.  I'm happy with this quilt.  It's much prettier in real life.

It's also the time of year where Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville fame announces the colors for her annual mystery.  Here are the fabrics I've chosen--minus the magenta fabric which is her constant color this year.  I have all this in my stash.  Yeah!  I have magenta fabrics but not enough to use only one fabric (which is what she means by constant).  I have plenty of fat quarters and may just end up using those.  My goal was to not buy any fabrics this year.  I have a pink but it's kind of blah.  Still need to decide.

If you are interested in participating in her mystery, please see her website here.  She is usually inspired by a vacation she takes each year.  This year it's called En Provence.  If I remember correctly the first clue comes out Thanksgiving.  Even if you aren't going to participate, it's fun to follow everyone who participates via her links on her blog and on the Facebook page.

Thank you for looking.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Boutique was a Success

Last Saturday the guild I belong to, Common Threads Quilt Guild, held their 5th Annual Boutique.  And we had another successful event.

Here's a picture of the Fraternal Hall before the crowds came.

And here's a picture of the room full of people.

The guild netted over $8,000.00.  Which is better than last year so we're happy with that.

I was in charge of organizing the consignment quilts.  This are for large quilts where 20% of the sales goes to the guild and the rest to the quilt maker.  We did quite well this year.  6 quilts, one tree skirt, 3 wooden trash cans (made by my dad) and one wood cutting board (also made by my dad) and 3 potting tables (made by another members husband and neighbor).

2 of those quilts were mine.  Yea!  Just in time since in the last week and a half, I've had to have to have over $1,600 in car repairs.  These are the quilts I sold.

Other than that, I've now had time to focus on my quilts for me.  I'm almost done machine quilting  my Material Girl challenge quilt.  Very happy about that.

Heading to Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara on Sunday with a few friends.  I hope I don't forget my camera.  I need some inspiration.

Thank you for looking,

Sunday, October 2, 2016

A few more finishes.

Mostly stuff for our guilds boutique.  But I did get the triangle quilt done too.

And here are a few more items for the boutique.

Does not show upside down in my file - just here.
Anyway, I also finished an apron and a Finding Dory baby quilt.  I will try to get pictures but forgot to take before I packed them away.   I also made 55 To/From tags using yo-yo's and buttons.  I need to take pictures of that too.

Anyway - busy week and the boutique is this next Saturday.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Productive Labor Day Weekend at the Coast

A few friends and I spent the weekend in our little house in Cambria.  I had pre-cut a bunch of stuff to work on and I think that helped me get so much done.  Almost everything I made is for our guild's boutique in October.  (Let me know if you are interested in attending - I'll get you the info.)

Still needs to be quilted.  Left overs from Mr. Chillingsworth quilt below.

An applique of some sort will be on the big white row and still needs to be quilts as does the one below this.

Next time (if ever) I make this quilt I will borrow a ruffler.  That was a bitch to make.  

I need to make a few more of these.  I've already been asked to make one for my sister and family friend.

Needs to be quilted.

Need to make a pillow insert since it's an odd size.
Mr. Chillingswoth - needs to be quilted.

May be used for family gifts.  

Infinity scarves all warm and cuddly.
This little pumpkin potholder will be given to my friend Debbie.  A few years ago we had a block exchange with my friendship group Material Girls.  Sheila backed out after a few of us started and I got the blocks and made a little something for Debbie with her block.

And I made this little dress for my granddaughter.  Since two people were at my house that have made a lot of clothes before I knew I had to make this while they were there.

I also finished some binding on 3 table runners for the boutique.

 I also finished this a while ago.  Don't remember if I posted it.  Not sure if I'm going to donate to boutique or keep for myself.

Like I said a very productive weekend.  Now I just have to get busy and start machine quilting.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's been happening..

Wish I could report that I've completed a lot of quilts but that would be lying.  I have been busy, actually designing stuff and getting quilt tops pinned.  I don't normally show things in process but I might need to start.

First I finally finished this top (after I got the right ruler it all came together beautifully).
I used the design wall at the local quilt store since I don't have one at home.  The great thing about that is you get a lot of opinions on where to put blocks.  The top is all done and a border added.

The second one is from a class I started a few years ago with Sue Garmen - it's her twirly balls block.  I decided to make mine from all different colors.  I'm working on the last block now but here are the other 8 blocks.
Still not sure how I'm going to set it.  I don't have a lot of the background fabric left and the other colors I just used fat quarters so there isn't a lot of any of those either.  It will come to me what to do.  These are all hand appliqued and they are blocks I work on during my lunch hour.

The third quilt is a Stack 'n Whack quilt.  My local friendship group has a challenge each year and this year was Stack 'n Whack.  This is what I was playing around with.

I've added a row since this picture was taken and i got rid of the striped side setting triangles.

This is more like what the final project will be except that I don't have enough of the border.  But thanks to my great internet search skills I was able to find 2 yards.  The border fabric is what I made my stack n whack blocks from (the circles).  I will have to make 4 corner circles too for the border.  I'm liking what is going on and it's giving me some nice areas to quilt.

I did make some more items for my guilds boutique.  We had a sew day at the local mall and had all these things cut out.  Didn't finish a lot at the sew day, but went home and finished the rest.
Microwave Bowl Cozies

Gift Bags.  
And then last month, this happened.

This little guy started Kindergarten.   (I blurred out teachers name).  He looks so grown up.

A girl I work with husband sent this to her to give to me.  I thought it was pretty funny and I plan to use it for many things in texts or emails.  :)

Don't know if this is an actual book.  There is an author called Barbara Holland but I couldn't find this book in her list of books she's written.

I have about six labels to make.  I really need to take a day out of sewing to set up my machine for embroidery.

I pinned 2 quilts yesterday (the triangle one and the one from the Fig Tree little green box-not pictured above) and I also cut some baby quilts for the boutique to take with me to the coast next weekend when I go on a 4 day retreat.  It will be a pretty small group of us girls again.  Should be fun.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Phillipa Naylor at Superior Threads in Utah!

What a week last week.  A friend and I signed up for four techniques classes at Superior Threads in St. George, Utah with Phillipa Naylor.  If you ever have a chance to take a class by her, I highly recommend it.  Not only is she a good teacher, she's very funny and fun.  You learn so much and she's so generous with her knowledge.

My friend Janice (on right) and Phillipa in the middle.  
We learned precision piecing, curved piecing, machine applique (all her tips and helps) and finishing techniques.   Even though it was technique classes, I was able to finish my precision piecing and mitered border piece with the spare time to use on the finishing technique classes (piping and binding two of those finishing technique's she taught).

Here's the curved class piece.  Mine is the bell pepper one and Janice's is the other.

We stayed in St. George two extra days to visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon.  So amazing.

Weeping rocks at Zion

Canyon at Zion

Court of the Patriarchs at Zion
It was pretty warm that day.  We did a couple hikes and were pretty exhausted at the end of the day.  (Blistered feet too.)

And the next day we went a little higher and cooler to Bryce Canyon.

Natural Bridge

Who knew they were called hoodoos?
Both so different but so close to each other.

On the way home from Bryce, the lady from a Hurricane Quilt shop told us this story about a quilt walk in Panguitch.  So we made a point to stop there to see the statue.

We also stopped at several quilt shops when we could  We stopped at one in Las Vegas (the only one open on a Sunday) and about 4 stores in St. George  and in Hurricane Utah.  We tried to stop at one in Cedar City Utah but it was Pioneer Days and the store was closed.

Here's my loot.  Oh and because we signed up for the class at Superior Threads we got to go shopping there too.

Picked up some license plates along the way.
What a trip.  I would do it all again.

Thanks for looking.