Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Close Ups on request

Marie Du Toit of asked for close ups.  I'm not a great photographer so this is the best I can do.  Considering I was just going to do an all over, this custom design really gave me a lot of practice. 

Hope you like it.
Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another No Name Finish

The pattern is Lincoln Watch and the fabric is Coventry by Jo Morton- Coventry means the state of being ostrocized or being banished.  Don't like Lincoln's Watch for a name.  Suggestions always welcomed.  When I first started making these blocks from hell, I didn't think I'd like the quilt, because each block separately is pretty ugly.  However friends encouraged me and when I had about 10 (of the 120) done I laid them out and squinted and saw the pattern emerging and kept on.  My husband loves this quilt so this will his.  I quilted it heavily.  I even added more in the lighter parts of the blocks I showed earlier.  The border is full of feathers. 

With the leftover fabrics I whipped up this quick quilt for our guilds Charity committee. 

Two more days of work and then I'm off to the beach for 4 days of sewing with friends.  Can't wait - I have the most of my stuff packed already.  :)

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A peek at what I'm working on - and my art group projects

pattern:  Lincolns Watch - Fabric:  Coventry by Jo Morton
 This is what I have been working on.  I've quilting the inside with feathers and swirleys up in the points (suggested by Janice Minyard), the inner border I used a stencil I had.  I had to go around this bad boy 4 times for this little border.  I plan on doing a feather design in the main border.  Being challenged by my friend Anna's ( said that she is not going to cop out and do an all over design and challenge herself to customize even if the quilt is busy.  My original idea was to do an overall design.  However I'm glad I didn't because I really like how this is turning out.  

My art friendship group met last night.  Only 4 of us were there and 3 of us did the project (pin tuck with inspiration word wave).  I was the one who didn't get the quilt done.  I couldn't think of anything in time and when I did, I didn't have enough time to work on it.  I hope to have it done when we meet the next time as well as the next months' project.  Here are what the other girls did and what we get to work on for next month. 
Sara Kelly (

Grace Hoya - that is stabilizer she is using to mark her border. 

Janice Minyard

Jancie showed us how to make thread lace.  Here's a sample.

and in process.  Inspiration word is Rejoice
Thanks for looking.  I'm hoping to get the border quilted by the end of this weekend and the binding on at least.  My hubs and I aren't doing anything for Easter so I'll have all weekend to sew.  I also need to get ready for my Cambria retreat next weekend.  4 days of sewing with friends.  Can't beat that.  I need to figure out what I want to work on and get things ready and packed. 

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best of the Valley Quilt Show 2011

Our local quilt show was this weekend.  It's called Best of the Valley.  I spent all day at the show -selling our guild's opportunity quilt tickets and docenting and of course shopping.  I took pictures of all the quilts from my guild members who entered.  I was very happy to report that a lot of won ribbons!  Yea Common Threads members.  Here's a link to the facebook album of the quilts.  
In Harmony (Best of Show - Machine Embroidery)
Common Threads Quilt Guild Best of the Valley entries

I myself did very well at the show.  I won Best of Show for machine embroidery, a first place for my Deb Karasik class project and an honorable mention for my Pine Brrrr quilt.  The Claire with the Kaleidescope Hair didn't win a ribbon and the comments weren't all that great - but I'm okay with that.  It was not made all that well I just thought it was groovy.  Here are pictures of my quilts.

Claire with the Kaleidescope Hair

Pine Brrrrr (Honorable Mention)

Didn't get a picture of this at the show - it won 1st place
But what was really cool was my friend Janice Minyard was the featured artist.  Here she is in her booth.  It was fun seeing her older works - stuff I had never seen before.  (Who knew she hand quilted at one time?) 
Of course I did a little retail therapy.
I didn't do too bad.  The orange fabric is to make a little quilt for my in-laws.  They asked me today to make a little quilt for their Orange Cove reunion raffle.  (In 2 weeks.)  The bling quotes - one for a friend, the red and cream kit - finally get to use my tri-rec ruler.  A necklace that matches the earrings and bracelet I bought last year and two fat quarters of fabric I just thought were very pretty.  I was looking for some of the fabric with Scrabble icons on it and didn't see any - maybe on the shop hop next month.

Last weekend I spent up north at my folks house and my younger sister, her husband and son were down from Washington state during their spring break.  On the way there I stopped to see my grandson.  What a little cutie.

That's my granddog Beast.  My niece was there with me and she took all the photos.

At my folks house, they were both sick with the cough and cold and my sister was recovering from the cough and my brother-in-law was fighting it.  Luckily the rest of us were okay.  And so far...all I have is allergy problems.  We went to see 2 movies - Diary of a Wimpy Kid which I thought was funny and Hop which I loved.  It's fun to go to kids movies with kids!   And we ate a lot.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Loose Threads-March 2011

So my art quilt group met this past week and our project was pleats with inserts (trim, other fabric, etc.)  Anna was even kind enough to give us all a baggie full of fun trims.  The inspiration word was passion.  I'll show my piece and the others' and explain mine later in the post.  Pictures from iphone so not best quality.
Anna's ( to see better pic)

Barbara Sawyer sample

Barbara Sawyer (almost done)

Karen Taber

Sara Kelly (
All were incredible (Sara's is not quite done but keep checking her blog for when she posts a better picturej.  You can also see a better picture of Anna's on her blog).  Passion was the word however, my only passion is quilting so anything would work.  However, when we got the trim the month before, the first piece of trim I saw was the one I used for the mustache and that idea stuck in my head and that is all I could think about doing.  It's kind of a silly piece but I like it.  I guess I'm going to name it 'Boy Crazy". 

So my sister and her hubby and son are coming for a visit and I get to take 2 days off of work to play with them. But before I do that, I'm going to visit my grandson.  I ordered pictures finally from his professional photo shoot - this is one that I just love. 
I haven't seen him since January so I'm super excited.  I bought him a little easter bunny today (not real) and I'll be able to give him the book and whistle I got for him when we were at the Grand Canyon.  My niece Claire is going to come with me too.  I'll be taking lots of pictures I'm sure.

On the quilting part of my life (other than the art part above) I finally finished the top using the Jo Morton Coventry fabric using the Abraham Lincoln pattern and templates.  I pinned it last night and will start quilting it next week.  I also have pinned some postcards that need to be quilted - hopefully will get those quilted and done tonight.  Now I get to think of what I want to work on next.   So many choices.  Do I dare show you my cabinet with projects....Sure why not.
There are two layers plus two single cabinets on each side of these two rows.  Yep, I have a lot of choices.  Remember this is just project boxes.  I have a bigger cabinet full of fabrics sorted by color.  :)

I also finished my scrapbook page of my niece - it's her Interview at 8. 

Thanks for looking.