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RKQ - Record Keeping Quilter

During the day I am a bookkeeper for a medium sized shopping center. Recenlty the CFO of the company gave me the title RKQ. He dared me to put it on my business card. I didn't and won't but what I did was put it on my work email in big letters after my name. I got so many comments and laughs from that. It started when I was telling him I was taking another day off and he asked if I was going somewhere fun and before I had a chance to answer he goes, "wait, it's another quilty thing, huh?" The answer of course was yes and then he laughed and came up with this title. I'm pretty proud of it. He appreciates the art of quilting. I have made him 2 baby quilts for each of his daughters when they were born. He always asks me questions about what I'm working on and I appreciate that too.
Tonight I finished a purse for myself for the 4th of July holiday. This pin tuck purse is so easy to make and I love the look. I think I might need to get the bigger size as this one is pretty full.

We had our Loose Threads meeting last night at my house. We all did Assignment #1 from the Fearless Design for Every Quilter book written by Lorraine Torrence and Jean B. Mills. I think this book is going to make me really stretch my artistic skills. I didn't take pictures of my samples but here are a few pictures of what the other ladies did. The assignment was to show examples of symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance. Then we showed our examples to the group and we all critiqued per the lesson plan.

This is Sara - her motif was a paisly design. This was her radial balance sample.

this is Grace - and her mirror symmetry sample.

This is Anna's sample of asymmetrical balance.

This is my dear friend Adena ( (Her blog) showing us her example of translational symmetry. I'm sure she has other pictures on her blog now since she also took pictures.
All fun and such a learning evening.


Anonymous said…
I meant to tell you that your purse is cute! I want to learn how to make that pattern! It's sooo popular!
Luv 2 Kreate said…
I LOVE your 4th of July purse...too cute. What pattern is it from? Or did you design it yourself?