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Here's a montage of the quilts I've finished this year.  Only a little over 1/2 of these were on my resolution list for 2011.

Not a bad year.  The 3 whisper quilts are part of a challenge and I can't show anyone until mid year 2012.  But I wanted credit for getting these done.  I didn't include all the ornaments I made this year too.
I need to work on my 2012 resolution list.  I hope to have that posted by the 1st.  I want to focus on some scrap therapy quilts this next year on top of the other quilts I want to do. 
For the records, I want the 2011 resolution list posted here because the list on the right will change when I update in a few days. I'm excited - tomorrow I get to see my grandson.  We're having our little Christmas tomorrow.
Thanks for looking.  Have a happy new year.

The last finish of 2011

All ready for summer.  Pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  Finished this on Christmas day.  
Thanks for looking.

2011 Ornaments

Each year, my family exchanges ornaments, hand-made ornaments.  Here's what I got this year.

Here's what I made.

The rest are for my sisters, sister-in-law, mother, mother-in-law, step-daughter and oldest nephews.

That's it for the night.  I will post tomorrow a picture of the quilt I finally finished.  Yea!
Thanks for looking.

Loose Threads and boy meets Santa

We had our Loose Threads Christmas get together last night.  I brought my camera but didn't get any pictures but no one really brought any quilts anyway.  We mostly gabbed and nibbled and then exchanged gifts.
This is what I gave the girls.
 I embroidered them on my machine from a design pack I bought on OESD  They are so beautiful in real life. I was going to make ornaments from them but thought they were pretty enough to be framed.

I got the final 2 birthday strips from Grace and Sara.  Grace made me a National Hamburger Month (which is May) and Hamburger Day July 28th strip.
 Sara made me a sewing machine strip for National Sewing month which is in September.  I have a set of some really cool holidays quilts now.  Can't wait for next year to display them.

My step-daughter made my week by sending me the following pictures of my grandson.  He had his first visit with Santa and apparently it all went well until Santa decided to take Jack's thumb out of his mouth.

Makes me …

Material Girls Christmas Party

Another great day with my Material Girls.  Today was the day we reveal our annual challenge.  This year it was all about hexagons.  I showed mine a few posts ago, the I Spy quilt I made for my grandson.  Here's what the other girls made.

The beauty of our challenges are they won't get mad or kick you out of the friendship group if you don't participate.  It's purely voluntary and it was a way for us to challenge ourselves to try something new.

So some of us brought show and tell.

Some Grandson cuteness

I have been busy crafting except that they have all been gifts so I can't show yet.  So in the meantime, enjoy looking at this cute little boy - these are from his 1 year old photo shoot.  (His uncle is a professional photographer.)

Off to my friendship group Materials Girls lunch.  Will definitely have show and tell later.

Thanks for looking.