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More Guild Boutique items and some family pics

I've been busy getting things made for my local guild's annual boutique.  This is our main fundraiser so we can have awesome teachers and to provide fabric and supplies for our charity quilts.

I went on a retreat two weekends ago so I got a lot of tops done.  I've been quilting the items during the week.
A lot of little gift bags - perfect for a gift card and some candy

Cord tacos -perfect for keeping your phone cords from getting tangled

Little pillow made from left over blocks from a quilt a friend was making at the retreat.  I backed it with minkee fabric.  Oh so soft.

This was a kit from one of Fat Quarter Shops monthly surprise boxes.

Picked up this fabric on the Sisters Oregon trip in July.

Another Fat Quarter Shop runner kit.  Pardon the toes. 

A dress I made for my little granddaughter

My step-daughter and grandchildren on their first day of their new school in their new home town. 

My nephew Shane and my dad
My niece on the left, my little sister in the middle and I shopping.
August was a busy month.  Had a retreat for three days, then the next weekend I went to my dad's because my sister, her husband and son were visiting.  My dad couldn't make it to Shane's graduation so we had to get a shot of my dad with him in his cap and gown.  My dad felt so bad.  He and my mom never missed a graduation from high school or college for any of the other grands.

I'm keeping busy as you can see with my guild boutique items.  I have more things in mind to make, I just need more time.  This three day weekend was cut short because I had to clean house which included doing a lot of laundry.  With the first load, it just stopped with a tub of water and the smell of burning electronics and rubber.  So off to look for a new washer that we can get right of way.  (I had a lot of laundry to do.)  That took over a 1/2 day and then to install it.  Go get new hoses, etc.  Finally got everything working and then about 7:30 on Sunday night the power went out in our area.  It finally came back on about 11:30--right after my hubby got the generator up and running to keep our fridge, freezer and swamp cooler running (because the last notification we received from SCE was that it would come on today (over 24 hours later).  Plus it was so hot.  Uck.  I would not do well in the wild.

So today went without a hitch.  Did a ton of laundry and cleaned the house.  And I got some quilting in.

Thanks for looking and bearing with me with all this chit chat.


You've been busy as usual. Can't wait to see a photo of your granddaughter in the dress.
You are very generous in your donations for the boutique. Wishing the guild success!
Sorry about the washer and power. Glad you had a good time with your family.
Sewmuchfun said…
Great family pictures! Glad you got the new washer ;)