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Loose Threads Latest Challenge

The art group Loose Threads met last night where we revealed the quilts from our latest quote challenge. The quote this time was,
"If it wasn't for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song." Carl Perkins
Here's Anna's. She wasn't quite sure how to finish the ragged edges and wanted input on whether she should bead or add any more. I suggested she use it as an area rug but she wouldn't do it. I really like it.

This is Graces piece. She's also not quite finished either. She's going to add some of the black rocks that was the inspiration for the quote challenge.
These rocks. Grace actually cut a few open and warned us there are actually rock in each rock so don't use an saw to cut.
Sara's piece is interactive. She downloaded and got a QR Reader tag so when you scan the code, it opens a video of water trickling.

As you can see I didn't get a project done. I have been traveling a little more these last few weeks and really wasn't inspired to be too creative. Just basic sewing to relieve stress. Barbara Sawyer has had some eye surgery and wasn't able to make one. Janice and Karen weren't able to be there. Karen did email Anna a picture of what she's done so far.
I was up north visiting my folks this past weekend which was emotional and tough (mom not doing good) but on top of that I got a text from my husband telling me that our little girl Doxie was not keeping any food or drink down. She fell off my bed a few weeks ago and then early last week we found a half rotten dead cat in our pasture that our dogs must have thought was a treat. She must have either perforated her bowel or had a blockage. But by the time we figured that out it was too late. I was able to spend one more night with her and loved on her before my husband took her to the vets to be put to sleep.
Here's my Duchess on her last night. She was 12 years old and pretty much blind since birth. The breeders would have put her down as a puppy if we didn't take her. She was a smart and fiercely independent little girl who I miss terribly. As my husband said she is out chasing rabbits with Eli, Kat and Sparky, our other dogs who are also buried under our walnut tree.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Loose Threads pictures. And I love your picture of your baby. She was a lucky girl to have you as her mama. My heart goes out to you Barb.

  2. Rough week!

    Glad you had a nice break with your Loose Threads. Maybe tomorrow will also be filled with good things. :) Hope things start to calm down for you!

  3. Prayers and blessings to you and your dear Dutchess. I know from personal experience how difficult it is when our little friends have to say good-bye.


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