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Cindy Needham Design Workshop

Just a warning. This will be a photo heavy post.

This past week I got the privilege to attend the Cindy Needham Design Workshop with 2 of my best quilting buds. We learned so much and had so much fun. Cindy is an excellent teacher and well organized. Each morning we started with show and tell, and then a lecture. The first day was her thread bar class. We got to play with all these lovely threads. Any of them. All of them.

We separated a piece of practice fabric and was encouraged to try all the different types of thread, thread she told us all about. She showed us samples of what the threads would look like and how to use them. This is my practice piece. Look closely. I see an owl with a graduation cap. (If the photo was turned around.)

After we played each day we stopped at 4 and had design time which I really found helpful. People brought in tops and we sat and discussed different options for machine quilting. After design time we were on our own and could sew however late we wanted to.

Her lectures included different background designs, using stencils (or parts of stencils), feathers, and of course design--pulling it all together.

Here are my samples and pieces.

This is a panel that I brought. This will be donated to our guild for the boutique.

A sample of mixing stencils and feathers.

And my sampler however it became a lesson in divide and conquer and then feather the heck out of. All done with silk thread which was lovely to work with. My machine really likes it.

Here are some of the ladies in the class.

One of Debbie's. Check her blog (link at right) and see her other pieces.

Janice's 2 pieces.
One of two ladies who came all the way from Canada. Loads of fun and talent. This is Maryann

This is Jeanette. The other Canadian quilter.

Joanne from Idaho.

Priscilla from Springville. I have seen her at Best of the Valley but never got to know her.

There were more but I think that's enough for the day.

Here is Debbie, Janice and I with Cindy Needham.

Oh and in our free time on the first day I quilted and bound this quilt, also for the boutique.

I was able to stop in Ripon to see my mom and my older sister Brenda was there on the way in and both she and my little sister were there on our way back. I will be heading back for a meeting with everyone and the rest home on Tuesday.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Your pictures turned out great! I had a wonderful week. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  2. What a quality workshop! Definitely worth attending.

  3. Thanks for posting pics, looks like great fun!

  4. Lovely samples, must have been a great class for all of you!


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