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I'm a Lucky Girl

Our local quilt store is celebrating 20 years and part of the celebration was a quilt challenge using 1/8 yd cuts of some bright colors from their logo. (You had to buy the fabrics for $5). Since I'm always up for a challenge I bought the fabrics and made this fish quilt from a paper piece pattern I picked up on our cruise to Alaska in 2005. The challenge fabrics were perfect for the quilt and the rest all came from my stash.
In case you can't see what was on the paper it's a certificate that says I get 20% off anything in the store for ONE YEAR! Can you believe that? I'm thrilled. Thrilled that I won 1st Place Overall. There were 41 quilts turned in for the challenge. You can see pictures on Thimble Towne's Facebook page. I had some pretty stiff competition.
Thanks to Jeremy and Greg and the staff at Thimble Towne for a great place to shop. Love you all!
Thanks for looking.


  1. You are more than Lucky. You are a great talent and a gifted artist!

  2. Luck had nothing to do with it. It's an awesome quilt. Congratulations!

    Can you say, "Best of the Valley"?

  3. Congratulations! That is some serious spending gift card.

  4. Congrats Barb! Way to go, you deserve it! Love the quilt!

  5. Yea!! The piece was amazing, even though I didn't pick it out as yours. Great challenge.

  6. You went "fishing" and caught the biggest one. Terrific interpretation of the color challenge. You deserve the big win!


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