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Best Sisters Ever

Here's a picture of me, my two sisters and my niece.

I made a quick trip up to Ripon yesterday for a meeting at the rest home about my mom. All the kids and my dad were there. My little sister (the one on the left) came from Seattle last Saturday and my other sister Brenda (the one in the denim jacket) is here from Boston and her return trip home has been put on hold. She is able and feels she needs to stay there for a while which I am very grateful. I know it's hard for her. Emotionally and I'm sure she's homesick too. She's was gone on a trip before she came to California. Since we were all there, and my dad found a turkey in the freezer, the sisters decided to have a turkey dinner.

Anyway...that's not the only reason they are the best sisters ever, but look what they made and/or got me.

For those times when I need a little help.

To use when those creative juices are working.

Those are from Brenda. And when Beverly was here earlier this year she had this cool catalog with these charm necklaces. I gave her my order and she got it but never sent it so she brought it with her and gave it to me as an early birthday present.

There is a bone charm, a sewing machine, scissors, my initial and a heart that says grandma.

And about three years ago my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Beverly found out that the burgundy ribbon represents myeloma cancers. So she got us girls each one of these bracelets.

My mom still continues to go downhill. We did get a picture of us girls with her. It's hard to see my mom like this. She could not smile and keep her eyes open. It was one or the other. By the end of the day she couldn't even hold her head up by herself. She still can't eat and is not getting enough fluids. She is now on comfort care. She loves to have her hands held.

Thanks for looking.



  1. After reading this, I have the biggest lump in my throat. May angels surround your family.

  2. What a lovely family you have. I know it is hard watching your mother decline. I've been through much the same with my mother. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. No words...just a hug and some prayers.


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