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While Everyone is Watching the Super Bowl...

 I finished this baby!  It's from our guild class last month (January) called "Look Ma, No Curves" with instructor Deb Karasik.  I love how it turned out.  Still no name for it yet.  As usual, I'll take suggestions since everyone else is so much better at it than I am.  I spent so much time going around each peak with my walking foot and I should have done it all free motion.  I am horrible at straight lines. Oh, I can check off two of my resolution quilts because I used my red and aqua fabrics that I had collected and finished a class project.  YES!

Now, I will work on some mindless little seasonal candle mats.  My hubby is at a Superbowl Party that I had no desire to go to. 

Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the colors... very cheery. Kind of kaleidoscope-ish.

  2. How about underwater starburst as the name for this quilt. LOVE YOUR COLORS!

  3. I like the colors too. I have seen some valentines decorations using these colors. Still the name that came to me was "Fire and Ice".

  4. The colors remind me of the stones in Navajo jewelry. :)

    Awesome quilt. I DO hope you're planning to enter it in BOTV!! Don't let the deadline sneak by without entering!!

  5. Super quilt? Super bowl? I'd pick the quilt, too. Nice work!

  6. it is wonderful! i watched the bowl-- next time, i should make this.


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