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Doxie Love

At Road 2 Californai 2010, I took Joanie Zeier Poole's class, it was all about designing, adapting and marking quilting designs.   I finally finished it.  I don't know what took so long.  I'm calling it Doxie Love.  I used the doxie's design from the fabric in the middle border as an inspiration for the quilting.   As it's Valentine's Day, I pushed to finish this one on Valentine's Day.  Here's the blog entry about the class.  (scroll to middle of page)   Road 2 California 2010

Speaking of Valentine's, it was a quiet one here.  When I got to work my boss Greg had a bunch of kisses and Dove candies all around all our desks.  What a sweetie!  I got him a card and a big Hershey's kiss too. 

My hubby left yesterday for Cambria to spray weeds at the house there so our Valentine's wasn't very romantic.  He did make me breakfast before he left. 

Anyway, I have another finish for the year.  It wasn't on the resolution list but it should have been. 

Went to a friends house on Sunday to quilt with a few Visalia ladies, worked on my Lincoln watch quilt.  Not thrilled with it - only have 30 blocks done of 120 (that's working on it 2 days -Friday night and Sunday afternoon).  I will persevere and finish it though. 

My next need to finish will be my quilt from the Terry Waldren class last year. 

Thanks for looking and hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's!


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