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Loose Threads Meeting

We finally had our January meeting on Monday (was delayed due to fog) and we revealed our "photo" quilts which only 3 of us actually did the project.  Sara did it I guess since she included photos in her piece to Anna below) but she went to go visit her new granddaughter.  Here's what was done.  The fractured piece on the left is Anna's, mine's in the middle (shown on a previous blog post) and the flower is Janices.  She used excel to tile print the flower.  Came out great - she got the directions from the latest Quilt Life magazine.
The project was to use a picture and the inspiration word was Joy.

Then Anna had a birthday and this year we're all making 6" strips for each other but instead of putting them all in one long strip - we're making vertical pieces that we can hang together or separately.  Anna asked for pieces no longer that 44" and with tabs and they had to reflect the maker.  Mine is the leaf piece, 2nd on the right.  I used a free pattern from Deb Karasik.
left to right:  Grace Hoya, Sara Kelly, Karen Taber, Janice Minyard, me and Barbara Sawyer.

Karen taught us folded or origami flowers.  Here's a couple of her samples.  We're to use it somewhere on our piece next month and our inspiration word is "Soul".  I've already found a bunch of quotes that use the word soul and hopefully will get inspired by them as well.

Still working on quilting my Deb Karasik glass project.  About 1/2 way through.  Tomorrow night is guild.  Looking forward to hanging with my quilting peeps.

Thanks for looking.