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Some Miscellaneous Items

First and foremost - a most recent picture of my grandson.  3 months old and wearing 6 months old clothes.  He's a really chunky monkey. 

Second, about a month ago, I brought my car in to be smogged - because I couldn't renew my registration without a smog this year.  It wouldn't pass and it would cost me about $1,300 just for the new cadalytic converter and more if you include the labor to replace it and the car isn't even worth that much.  (Kelly Blue Book is $2,000).  The part is so expensive because of the California state requirements.:( So I had to buy a new car.  My old car was a Toyota Corolla.  It had 226,000 miles and I had it for 8 years so it did do me good.    So instead of paying for a repair that would take me months to pay off,  I decided just to get a new car.  I looked at the new Corollas, but for the same price and a few more "extras" I ended up getting a Nissan Sentra.  Here's my new baby.

Now it's back to full insurance and car payments. Yuk - but I really do love the car.  It has bluetooth built in for the cell phone and it has a jack for my ipod and the menu pops up on the car screen on the dash.  And my favorite thing is I finally have cruise control.  I commute over 40 miles one way to work, so a gas efficient and comfortable car is very important.

Now here's a gross/funny/weird story - you be the judge. 
Two nights ago my husband brought our Jack Russell Terrier, Guy,  to me and said look at his penis.  And hanging out from it was a piece of string.  So I tried to pull it out while Jeff held him but it wouldn't budge.  We figured whatever it was, was wrapped around and stuck in there so the next morning Jeff took him into the vets.  He said he had to figure out a way to explain to the doc how this happened.  We had cut a piece of the hanging stuff off to see what it was and realized it was from this old blanket that he uses to "love" on, and he must have just had a piece of string wrap around his thing while he was playing.  So into the garbage that blanket went because we can't afford to let this happen again.  They had to knock him out and remove it.  It's a good thing we caught it when we did.  It would eventually have cut off his circulation and done a lot of damage to that whole area.  Poor guy.  He was still pretty groggy last night when I came home.  But this morning he wanted to chase the ball so he's back to his old self.

These are some miscellaneous things that I wanted documented on my blog.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Barbara,

    You will love your new Sentra. I bought a new one in 2003, and it has been sooooo reliable. Good choice.


  2. Poor Guy! I remember Squirt got hung up on this Stuffed Love Dog and Larry had to try and get him unwrapped. He tried to bite Larry. We got him fixed after that.

  3. That's right. Nissan Sentra has always been known for reliability and fuel economy. They can also interchange parts with other Nissan models so you won't have difficulty in replacing some parts. It has always been recommended by many, especially for those who are on a budget.


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