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Terry Waldron Class Project DONE!

Tried to get a close up so you can see that I actually did some beading on there and there are dimmensional butterflies that I got for a Christmas gift.  Had fun playing with this.  I use my embroidery machine for the Danish looking horse thing and free formed the rest, a la Terry Waldron.  And this is a resolution quilt - so one more off my list.  :)  Check out my friend   Debbie 's blog - she has her class project posted too.  Hers is much prettier and her quilting is out of this world and her's has a real sentimental story.

My husband met with our tax guy today and we are so screwed.  Jeff is still reeling.  We have to make some adjustments this year so we don't get dinged again next year. 

And I usually don't talk much about my work, but I'm being audited this week--it's an internal audit (we hire a company to do this each year) and today was madness getting ready for it.  Still didn't get it all done but they will be at our office for at least the next 3 days so I will be able to work on what they need while they are here.  (On top of my normal duties of course.)  Oh well, it's only once a year - I have survived and passed with flying colors every year. 

I will be attending my nieces 8th birthday party this weekend - so excited.  I get to be the official photographer.  I can't wait. 

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love it! It turned out so good. You are a real creative quilter.
    And on the tax thingy. Look at it this way... you must of had a good income year. We had a really bad year. We will meet next week with our tax man. I just hope we can afford to pay him!!!!
    Have fun at your niece's party.

  2. How truly stunning! It is definitely a beautiful piece of art.

  3. What a delightful quilt. I especially love the little table cloth hanging down from the foreground.

  4. Sorry to hear about the taxes, hate doing them every year! On the bright side, your quilt turned out beautiful:)

  5. Wow! Barbara, I just LOVE your wonderful quilt! You need to submit it to a show somewhere... I'm sure it would win. So glad that you liked our class because I loved being there with all of you, too.

  6. Love your resolution quilt! And good luck with your taxes...

  7. I like it,particularly the stripy binding.


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